by Gail

The Equalizer/JAG crossover

Mickey Kostmayer/Scott McCall (The Equalizer), Clark Palmer/Harmon Rabb (JAG)

Rating: NC-17

Mickey makes his lover beg, and they overhear another couple.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters (although Palmer talks to me all the time; does that count? No, right, I know better), and I'm not making any money off of this.

This story is an offshoot of Taken by Isilzha, which can be found at:

Please read it first if you haven't already. It's great.

Thanks to Isilzha, for so many things: writing Taken, letting me write this, betaing it, liking it, and, of course, for making me post it. She  had to make me, since I've never seen the Equalizer and got all nervous and stubborn about posting. I'm glad she cared enough about me and the story to go to the trouble.


Dumb to go out to a bar when they had two apartments and two beds to choose from, but sometimes they just felt like it. A bar was dangerous, different, familiar at the same time. They went to bars when they wanted to feel like young lovers again, wanted to see if they each could get stares and gropes, then find each other and fuck like they'd never done it before.

This time it didn't take long for Mickey to get possessive and drag Scott away from the guy who was talking him up. The guy was smart and drifted away, and Mickey pinned Scott against the wall, then got his hand on Scott's crotch. "Mine," he said in a low voice and saw Scott shiver.

"Yours." Scott's voice was strained as Mickey pressed harder. "Always yours."

"I think you need some reminding of that." He smiled at his lover.  "Come on."

Scott's eyes brightened at that. "You going to fuck me?"

"Yeah. If you ask for it nicely enough."

"This isn't nicely enough?"

"We'll see." Mickey's voice was a growl again, and he piloted Scott through the crowd, warning off potential gropers with glares and his hand on Scott's arm.

As they got to the restroom, Mickey saw a guy leaning against the wall across from the door. Strange place to hang out. He gave the two a quick look as Mickey glared back, and Mickey heard him laugh softly. Mickey put him out of his mind, pulling Scott in through the door and getting pulled by Scott in turn, and somehow, as always, both of them laughing.

There was a guy up at the sinks, but it was insane to expect the place to be empty, and it didn't matter, maybe even made it better. Let this guy listen if he wanted.

Mickey pulled Scott into a stall and locked the door. When he turned to face Scott, Scott was panting, and he pulled him into a long kiss, his hands back down at Scott's ass and crotch. Scott's hands were just as busy, and soon they were both unzipped.

"Please," Scott whispered right into Mickey's ear.

Mickey just laughed and cupped Scott's ass, hearing his gasp. He wanted more than that, and he'd get it. He moved his hands up to Scott's shoulders to turn him around and smiled as he saw his lover brace himself against the wall. He'd need it. It had been too long since he'd made Scott beg in public. Private was different, although very good, too.

"Oh, god, Mickey!" Scott's voice rose as Mickey pulled down Scott's jeans and spread his legs as far apart as he could.

"Bend over more, Scott." The guy was still there, listening. He could hear his breathing. Good. Let him know who Scott belonged to. "Come on... Yes, like that..."

His voice was a croon as his lover did as he was told. He had the small tube of lubricant he carried when they went out, and he got some on Scott, then himself before easing the head of his cock into Scott. Scott moaned, making Mickey smile even more. This was going to be very good. Not a sound from the guy other than the breathing, but there was the sound of the door opening. Someone else coming in? No problem. It would make it better if there were more witnesses.

He pushed in further, and Scott let out another moan, then another. But he wasn't begging.

"Come on, Scott. You know what I want to hear." He kept his voice low, but the guy would be able to hear it, as would whoever else had come in.

It took too long for Scott to answer. "Mickey... please. Not here. He can hear us."

So Scott had noticed the guy up by the sinks, too, and didn't want to beg. Too bad. Mickey pushed in just a little further and stopped. Scott wanted this; he knew he did. "Say it." He wasn't giving this up, and Scott knew what he had to do. Knew what it took to get his fucking. He'd do it.

It took even more time before Scott answered. "Please, fuck me, Mickey. God, *please*, fuck me..." Mickey was moving as he heard the first plea, and Scott's begging ended in a gasp.

As he fucked Scott, making sure to keep his strokes slow and steady to make it last, he heard the sounds of someone walking quietly across the floor, then a low murmur. So the guy by the sinks was getting an offer.

"What...?" he heard. The guy had looked out of place. But he could take care of himself. Mickey thrust into Scott again and reached around to stroke his nipples, getting the reward of an even louder moan from Scott.

There were more low murmurs, and Mickey somehow knew that the guy who'd approached the out-of-place one wasn't just talking. "Let me see your face," he heard in a voice that was breathy and close to a moan. So the second guy had gotten a blindfold on the first one or covered his eyes? Hmm. That was an idea. He'd do that with Scott sometime.

"Harder, Mickey, please," Scott begged, and Mickey gave him what he wanted, hearing what he thought was laughter from one of the two. Still there, probably making out, listening to Mickey fuck Scott. Yeah. It was getting hard to hear, and he didn't really give a fuck about them; they'd have their fun or not. He was having his here.

Still, he heard the desperate 'yes' that came out of one of them, then the footsteps of two men moving to the stalls, ending up in the one next to them. Were they going to watch? He glanced up, but saw nothing. They'd make noise if they climbed up, and if he decided he didn't want them there, he'd handle it. Scott's ass was too hot and tight for him to think about anything else, and he was twisting and moaning as Mickey fucked him.  This was the way to live, the reason they came back to the bars. To feel young and reckless again, hot and fresh and new, and every fuck an adventure. He knew he was grunting now, getting close, but that was all right. They'd fuck again at home, and for the next few days this would be in both their heads, making the private sex better. Scott always begged better after one of these fucks. He got his hand down to make sure Scott came with him and got the reward of Scott's muscles tightening around him and another desperate moan.

There were words coming from the stall next to them, penetrating the fog of almost-orgasm, adding to it. Someone else was begging, and he'd bet it was the out-of-place guy. It was the voice he'd been hearing. The other one kept his too low to be more than a murmur.

"Please, more, yes, please, god, yes, more," over and over, variations on the same theme. It made him drive even harder into Scott, and then they were both coming.

He pulled out of Scott slowly, gently, resting his hand on his lover's back, whispering to him, words he'd never say any other time, but they were right now. It was right to press kisses to the back of Scott's neck and taste his sweat, call him 'baby' and 'lover', even to whisper 'Love you'. He straightened and reached for the toilet paper to wipe himself off. He'd made Scott beg; now it was time to take care of him. To get him the hell out of there and go home. It took a few moments, but Scott straightened and took the handful of toilet paper Mickey passed him.

In the next stall things were sounding interesting enough that Mickey wished for a moment he was young enough to get it up with just a few minutes' rest, and Scott gave him a smile as they did up their jeans. Mickey smiled back as he heard what came next: the sound of knees hitting the hard floor, then the low voice.

"Me first, baby. Me first, and then I'll take care of you real good, don't worry."

Mickey was willing to bet the guy would do that, and he slid the bolt and opened the door. Let them have some privacy. But he couldn't resist a laugh or a comment to Scott as they left. "Don't worry, Scott, I don't think he's listening any more."

The guy was probably too busy with a cock in his mouth to listen, and if he was, he'd gotten a show from them. He could stand knowing that he'd been listened to as well.

Mickey opened the bathroom door and went out, Scott with him.


Later that night, Mickey woke up and found himself thinking about the two guys. What had happened after they'd gone? Had the dominant guy fucked the first one in the stall? Had they sucked each other off? Gone home together? He'd never know.

He turned over and punched his pillow. Scott was sleeping soundly, face pale in the moonlight, and Mickey stared at him for a moment. He'd keep Scott happy and with him, and the rest of the world could go to hell.

The End