Day Two

Robert awoke with a start, feeling a presence in the bed behind him. He remembered Jessie, and the glorious night they’d spent together and a big grin swept across his face. Very carefully he turned over so that he was facing her. She looked so peaceful and had a look of pure contentment on her face. She had no bedclothes covering the top part of her body. He could see her breasts rise and fall with her breathing.

Reaching forward to gently rub a nipple, she stirred but did not wake. Carefully he leaned over and started flicking his tongue over the erect nipple. Jessie moaned, but still she did not wake up. Robert then remembered that she had been traveling for the past couple of days, also the time difference between countries would probably have given her jet lag.

Propping himself up on his side, Robert staring down at her, thanking God for bringing her into his life. He couldn’t believe that things had happened so fast, but he wasn’t complaining. There were so many things he wanted to do to her. He started to get an erection as he dreamed of what he was going to do next. Gently he brushed her hair away from her forehead, then ran his hand all the way down her face to her lips. He so wanted for her to wake up, but he felt guilty because he knew she must be tired.

Carefully, he covered her up, then slipped out of bed, watching her all the time, while he walked to the bathroom, closing the door very quietly behind him. Robert relieved himself, then splashed cold water on his face. Looking in the mirror, all he could see was a very happy man staring back at him. He hadn’t felt this good in ages. He just hoped, knowing his luck, that nothing would spoil it.

Quietly he went back into the bedroom. Jessie had curled up on her side with the covers pulled up tight. She must be cold, he thought. He went to the ottoman at the foot of the bed and pulled out a thick blanket, which he then put over her.

He pulled on his robe and walked into the kitchen. He’d make her a nice breakfast in bed. He wanted to spoil her. She was special, he knew that, but there was something else about her. A sort of innocence and vulnerability that he couldn’t quite figure out. What ever is in her past, I hope stays that way, he thought to himself as he prepared breakfast. Although I’ll help her get over any obstacle she may run into.

Breakfast finished, he laid everything out on a large tray, making sure everything was ‘just so’. Then walked back to the bedroom. She was still sound asleep, he really didn’t want to wake her up, but it was already nearly 10am and he knew they should start the unpacking sooner rather than later.

Sitting down next to her on the bed, smoothing out the blanket that rested on her shoulders. "Jessie," he whispered. No response. "Darling… it’s time to wake up." He saw her eyelids flutter. He bent down and kissed her forehead. 

She awoke with a big almost feline stretch. "Good morning you sexy man."

"Good morning my love, I’ve made breakfast, I do hope you're hungry? I wasn’t sure what you would like, so I made a little bit of everything."

"Mmm that sounds great, smells great too."

"Good, excuse me a second and I’ll be right back."

Jessie sat up, putting a couple of pillows behind her back for support, then leaned back. Strange, she thought, I don’t even feel shy about only being half covered up.

Robert walked back in carrying the large tray. He saw Jessie propped up on the bed "My dear, you look absolutely delicious, I don’t know about breakfast, but I wouldn’t mind eating you!"

"You, my dear sir, are a sex maniac, not that I’m complaining of course."

They grinned at each other as Robert placed the tray on the bed, then removed his robe and slipped into bed beside Jessie.

"Now then my dear, what would you like? There’s fresh orange juice…"

"Oh yes please," she interrupted, "I’m parched."

"There you are," as he poured her a glass and held it out to her. "We have, toast and butter, with jam or marmalade. Then we’ve got, pancakes with syrup, sausages and scrambled eggs…"

"Robert, are you trying to fatten me up or something, I’m never going to eat all of that!"

"Relax my love, there isn’t that much, besides we both need our strength for today."

"And what pray tell did you have in mind?" she asked huskily.

"Why unpacking of course," he smirked.

"Bugger!" She said banging her fist against the bed… "I thought my luck was in then."

"Ah, well, we do need to build up our appetite though, don’t we?"

"We do? I mean, yes of course we do."

"I’ll just put this little lot in the oven, then I shall be back to put you through your exercises," Robert got off the bed and took the tray back through to the kitchen.

Jessie raised an eyebrow at him, looking at him quizzically.

When he came back he noticed that Jessie had snuggled back under the covers.

He slid in beside her, holding her tight before easing his hold so he could brush her lips with his own. "Are you happy my love? He murmured.

"Oh yes dear, very."

Nuzzling her neck as he worked his way down to her breasts. "Now then, I’ve been dying to do this all morning."

Gently licking all around her nipples, first one then the other and back again. He slowly started to move his hand down her stomach, playing with her pubic hair. His mouth driving her crazy, licking and sucking her nipples. 

Jessie moaned as Robert started to rub between her legs. "Oh Robert, that’s lovely."

Robert started to rub deeper, she was already quite wet, and he spread her wetness over her clitoris which he started to rub with more intensity as Jessie writhed in pleasure.

Robert shifted on the bed so that he was kneeling between her legs, as he rubbed her clitoris, he spread some of her wetness down to her anus, before gently working a finger inside.

"God… that’s wonderful!" gasped Jessie. 

Robert worked another finger inside, whilst keeping up the intense but gentle rubbing of her clitoris. Jessie was overwhelmed with pleasure, but she was trying so hard to control herself. She wanted to cum with Robert inside her. Robert could tell she was trying to keep control. "Go on cum for me darling, I know you want to."

"I want you inside me," she managed, finding it hard to breathe.

Robert stopped his ministrations and reached for something in the bedside table.

He started again slowly, till he was sure she was almost ready to cum. Then he opened the bottle of lubricant he’d taken out of the table and spread some on his cock and her anus. "Are you ready for this?"

"Mmm yeah, I want you inside me."

Robert slowly pushed the head of his cock into her tight ass.

"Oh, yes, that feels good." 

As he gently pushed it further in. He could see a slight look of pain on Jessie’s face. "Am I hurting you my love?"

"No, it’s getting better, carry on."

When Robert was in as far as he could go, he very gently moved in and out, so that Jessie could get used to it. When he felt her pushing her pelvis toward him, he started to thrust harder into her and began rubbing her clitoris again. She was so wet. Jessie’s eyes were locked onto his. She could feel the intense pleasure starting from deep within. Robert could see that she was near to orgasm. He reached to the side and picked up the other item he’d taken from his table. A small vibrator. He showed it to Jessie, who leered naughtily at him, whilst pushing her ass against him. He turned it on then thrust the vibrator into her cunt, moving it in and out with the same rhythm he moved his cock in and out of her ass. Jessie couldn’t take any more and she shouted as she orgasmed against him, her back arched and hands gripping the sheets.

Robert continued to thrust his cock into her ass and the vibrator in and out of her wet cunt. Jessie was still shaking and moaning underneath him, but showing no signs of wanting him to stop. "Cum for me again darling."

He watched as her hand went down between her legs. My god, she’s so exciting he thought. She started to rub her clitoris as Robert continued to fuck her ass and cunt. "Oh Robert!" she moaned "You bring out the worst in me, I’ve never felt this much pleasure before, you’re going to be my undoing."

"Ah, but what a wonderful undoing it will be," he laughed.

He could feel the tightness creeping up on him and he slowed his thrusting slightly, he wanted to give her the best ride of her life.

He watched intently as she fingered her clitoris, her eyes where half closed and she was undulating her hips against him. She’s going to cum again, he thought. He started to pound his cock deep and hard into her ass as he slipped the vibrator smoothly in and out of her cunt.

"Oh yes… Robert!" she shouted as wave after wave of orgasm spread through her.

He then let himself go, moaning and thrusting against her while she was still shaking and pushing up against him.

They stayed where they were a minute. Each slight movement they made clamped down all muscles in after shock. He removed the vibrator from her cunt, and reached for the moist towelettes in his bedside table. He gently wiped between Jessie’s legs, then wiped the vibrator before putting it on the table. He then wiped his cock, before reaching for Jessie’s hand and wiping her fingers then his own. She was oblivious to what he was doing. She seemed to have a glazed look on her face along with a big grin.

He stretched out next to her. She couldn’t move, and was still having trouble breathing. He pulled her close and could still feel her shaking. "All right my darling?"

She just moaned "Mmm."

He laughed while she snuggled into him, her head resting on his shoulder and her leg draped over his. He knew she was going to fall asleep, ah well, he thought, we’ll just have to have breakfast for lunch!

It was 3pm when she awoke. It felt strange, she knew where she was but there was no sign of Robert. "Robert?" she said in the direction of the bathroom, then a little louder, "Robert, where are you?"

She felt quite vulnerable, naked in another man's bed, but no sign of the man! She got up and quickly shuffled to the bathroom. She turned the shower on and stepped under the hot needles of water. Letting them ease her aching muscles. It had been a long time since she’d felt like this. Sex with her husband had never given her tired but well stretched muscles before, in fact she couldn’t remember what it had given her. She’d never felt anything like the intensity of making love with Robert. She grinned to herself, I could get used to this… what a wonderful way to help me get over everything that’s happened.

She finished in the shower then wrapping a towel around herself as she walked back through to the bedroom. There was a note on the bedside table. She walked over and started to read it.

My darling Jessie

Thank you for putting a smile on an old mans face!

Sorry to leave you in bed, but I thought you could do with the sleep.

You will find breakfast/lunch in the oven.

Please make yourself at home.

I shall return to you soon my love.


How wonderful of him. He’s not old though, not to me. I shall have to reassure him of that when he gets back from wherever he is.

"Right then," she muttered to herself as she found her clothes and started to get dressed. She was hungry and couldn’t wait to have something to eat. She found the oven filled with warm pancakes and sausages. She took a plate and helped herself. Then started walking round Robert’s apartment while she ate. Very nice, she thought, he has exquisite taste. I’ll ask him to help with my apartment, if I ever get round to unpacking!

When she was finished eating, she returned to the kitchen and washed the pots. Wondering how long Robert would be, she thought about going to her apartment to start with the unpacking, but that just made her feel depressed. She got comfy in an overstuffed armchair and switched the TV on. Might as well find out what I’m going to be watching, she thought as she flicked through the channels. There were so many, she didn’t know where to start. She found a TV guide on the coffee table and started to thumb through it.

It was nearly 7 o’clock when she heard Robert’s key in the door. She’d been half asleep curled up on the settee. She got up quickly, moving towards the door to greet him.

They held each other tightly, then kissed. Robert was holding a bag and there was a box just outside the door. He was grinning mischievously as they broke their kiss.

"What have you been up to? You look like a naughty school boy!"

"Oh well, I had a few errands to run and a couple of people to meet," he was still grinning at her.

"What’s in the bag?" looking at his hand.

"Well, the bag contains items that will help with item in the box," he was being very secretive she thought.

"All right then, what’s in the box?"

"That my dear, is my housewarming present to you," he said as he took her hand, brushing his lips over the back of it.

"You’re being very allusive."

"Why don’t you open the box? But you must be careful."

Robert guided a very quizzical looking Jessie to the box, his hand on the small of her back. She knelt down and hesitantly lifted the lid.

"Oh, Robert!" she started crying. Inside the box was an eight-week-old chocolate coloured Labrador puppy nestled in to a blanket, staring up at her with big eyes and wagging his tail. She picked him up in her arms and cradled him against her, rubbing the top of his head with her cheek, still crying.

Robert stood over her with his hand on her shoulder. "Do you like him my love? Did I do the right thing?"

"Oh yes darling, I don’t know what to say, you’re making me so happy, what have I done to deserve you."

He hugged her from behind, leaning his head over her shoulder. She made him extremely happy as well, he couldn’t deny that. "I have another surprise for you my dear." he whispered in her ear.

"Another one, what is it? Robert you’re spoiling me."

"You my dear, deserve to be spoilt." He grinned at her as she blushed. "Come with me, I have something to show you. You can bring the little one here with you," he said scratching the puppy’s head.

He led her downstairs till they were stood outside her apartment. "Now then, let me have the bundle of fluff," she gave the puppy to Robert, "Thank you, now, you close your eyes."

"But Robert!" she protested.

"Please my love, just close your eyes." She did as she was told. She could hear the door being opened. "How did you get in?" she inquired.

"Ah, well, I hope you don’t mind? But your keys were in your coat pocket, I found them when I picked it up off the floor this morning."

Jessie blushed again, remembering why her coat had been on the floor. "Oh, right, so what have you been up to, Robert McCall?" she asked accusingly.

"Give me one minute and I shall reveal all."

"Oh, that sounds promising."

"Plenty of time for that my dear heart, here take my hand." He took her hand and felt it wrap around his. He led her into the apartment. "Now then, just stop there, don’t open your eyes yet."

"Ok… be quick though the suspense is killing me."

He laughed "All good things come to those who wait."

"Nonsense" she laughed, "I have no patience what so ever!"

"Just a few more seconds I promise." She could vaguely hear him moving about, but she did as she was told and kept her eyes tightly shut.

"Now then, open your eyes" It took a couple of seconds for her eyes to focus. When they did, the sight of all her furniture in place and no boxes anywhere greeted her, also, flowers had been arranged everywhere. "My God, Robert, what have you done?" she gasped.

"Well I didn’t do it on my own, I had some help. You’ll find everything in its place, see, there’s also a little basket for fluffy here… With an identical one upstairs in that bag I was carrying, for my apartment." he grinned at her.

"Its beautiful," she said looking round in awe. Everything was in its place. The den and the kitchen looked fabulous. There were even pots, pans and crockery on the shelves. She could also smell something cooking.

"Robert, it’s fabulous, I just can’t believe it." she walked over to him, taking the puppy out of his arms and putting him in the basket. She then flung her arms around him kissing him all over his face. She stopped when she heard the puppy sighing.

Still holding tightly on to each other, they both looked and saw the puppy settling down and yawning, about to go to sleep. "Obviously too much excitement." Robert mumbling against her ear. "What are you going to call him my love?"

"Erm now, let me see… Bobby!" she exclaimed.

"Perfect, just perfect" Robert was laughing, "Now then, one more little surprise."

"Another one!"

"Yes, another one… come with me."

They made sure Bobby was asleep, then he led her into the kitchen. He went to the oven and took the padded oven gloves down from a hook and opened the door.

A wonderfully aromatic smell wafted out into the kitchen. "Mmm that smells beautiful, what is it?"

"Just some treats I picked up on my way home. Indonesian style lamb with peanut sauce and a selection of mixed vegetables, rice and noodles. I hope you like it?"

"I’m sure I will, sounds fantastic."

She watched as Robert took all the containers of food out of the oven, then took plates out from the bottom compartment. "Where did those come from? I hadn’t even thought about crockery and cutlery yet."

"Mmm, well my dear, this is another part of the picture… I couldn’t very well make your apartment ready to live in without essential items like these, could I?"

"Robert," she moved over to place her arms around his neck, "You absolutely overwhelm me. I don’t know how I could ever repay you. You must have spent a fortune."

"Now then Jessie, having you in my arms is repayment enough and if I can’t spoil my lover, then who else is there?" He grinned at her, taken in by her innocent beauty. "I have to confess my love, that you have made me very happy this past twenty-four hours. In fact I’ve enjoyed myself more in the past twenty-four hours than I have in the past…" he paused, thinking. "Well, I don’t know how long it’s been, all I know is that you are a very special lady and I wanted you to know that I care very deeply about you. I’m becoming quite infatuated and obsessed with you. I hope that doesn’t bother you?"

"God no, Robert, it doesn’t bother me at all. I feel exactly the same way. It’s almost like we are the same person split in two."

"Yes I know exactly what you mean. Now then, lets eat this while it’s still hot, shall we?"

She grinned at him, What other surprises did he have in store for her? She suddenly realised that this is why life is worth living.

They ate at the dining table. Robert had produced a wonderful bottle of red wine, he’d even bought crystal wineglasses. "I can’t believe how you managed to get all this sorted in half a day!"

"Well, like I said, I had help. All I did was instruct where every thing went, then I went on a shopping trip and left all the moving to my helpers. When I got back everything was in its proper place and all that was left was to add my little additions."

"Little additions," she almost spat her wine out, "Robert, there is a full set of crystal wine glasses here, along with matching whiskey and port decanters, tumblers…. Well just about everything. Along with all the kitchen stuff. How can you say little additions?"

"You do like everything, don’t you?" he asked, just making sure.

"Robert, everything is just out of this world, I love every inch of it all. I’m sorry, I guess I’m just not used to being treated like this."

"More the fool who would treat you any less than this my love."

They finished their exquisite meal, both clearing the plates and glasses away. "Right then, if you’ll excuse me for ten minutes? I have to nip up to my apartment for something," Robert said, leaning in to kiss and nuzzle her neck. "I won’t be long, I promise."

"Ok… actually I could do with a quick shower and change of clothes, if you hadn’t noticed, I’m still wearing the same clothes from last night!"

"You’d have a shower without me? That’s no fun!" he grinned as he walked out the door, winking at her.

Just you wait, she thought… I’ll give him a nice surprise. She cleared the rest of the pots away in the kitchen then moved into the bedroom. It was the first time she’d looked. It was fabulous. He’d even bought peach silk bedclothes for her bed. Bloody hell Robert, you must have spent a fortune. She noticed the note on her pillow, along with a single cream rose.

My dear Jessie

Welcome to your new apartment

I hope you’re very happy here

It is giving me the greatest of pleasure getting to know you

You’re certainly making me very happy

All my love


Oh my, she thought, how romantic. Where had Robert been all her life? It was time to start showing him how much she loved being with him. She’d have a surprise of her own when he came back.

Robert knocked on her apartment door, fifteen minutes later. He’d been a little longer than anticipated, but he’d had a couple of messages on his machine that he’d had to deal with. There was no answer, he tried the handle… locked! Then he remembered, he had the key! He let himself in. Little Bobby was still curled up fast asleep, but there was no sign of Jessie. He noticed everything in the kitchen had been cleared away, and there was a bottle of wine and two glasses on the work surface. He went over and found a little note. He took his glasses out of his pocket to read it.

To the most amazing man I have ever known!

Please join me, I’m waiting for you.

All my love


He walked into the bedroom with the bottle and glasses, expecting her to be on the bed. She wasn’t there. "Jessie, where are you?"

"I’m in the bathroom, please, come in."

He walked in to find Jessie in the bath, water and bubbles up to her neck. Various sized candles lighted the entire bathroom

"Please come in, there’s plenty of room for two."

"My pleasure dear, my pleasure," said Robert, removing his clothing as fast as could. Then offering her a glass of wine, he stepped into the bath with his own glass and very carefully sat down.

"This is nice. Very relaxing," he said savoring the warm water and smell of incense.

"I thought you’d like it," she stretched her foot out further until it rested on Robert’s crotch. "I thought you might like this as well," gently rubbing his crotch with the sole of her foot.

"Mmm yes that’s good, keep doing that," he leaned back and closed his eyes, "You do the most wonderful things to me my dear."

"As you do to me my love." was her husky reply. She couldn’t believe they’d only known each other just over a day. Things were happening so fast, but it all seemed so right. She realised that they didn’t really know that much about each other, but she knew there was plenty of time for that. She might even tell him about her marriage, possibly when I get to know him a little better though.

End of part two