Day One

It had been an awful long nightÖ. Again! Thought Robert McCall. It was 5am on a crisp winter morning, snow had fallen, giving everything an eerie quietness. Robert had just arrived home. He was looking forward to at least a few hours sleep. As he prepared for bed he ran through in his head the events of the previous night. He had been on a stakeout. A very uneventful stakeout. His third night in a row. He was beginning to feel that the woman who had asked for his help was actually just extremely paranoid. Any way, he thought, time to get some sleep. He would deal with the lady later.

He was awoken by the sound of shouting and banging. He threw the covers off, grumbling "What the hell?" He looked out of his bedroom window and was greeted by the sight of two removal vans, along with four burly removal men. One of them shouting orders to the other three. They were carrying new, still wrapped furniture. He remembered that the apartment below his had been sublet. He could hear more shouting below him. Obviously there where more removal men in the building.

He looked at his bedside clock. "Bloody hell!" he muttered to himself. Heíd been asleep for five hours. It felt more like five minutes. He decided to take a shower to liven himself up. As he stood in the shower, letting the warm water soak into his tired neck and shoulders, his phone rang. "I donít bloody believe this," he remained under the water. He decided to let his machine take the call.

After Robert had finished his shower, he toweled himself dry and put on his robe. He stood in the bedroom, pondering. He felt lonely, it had been a long time since he had the pleasure of a womanís company in the shower. And his bed, he thought moodily. He remembered the quite pleasant woman he had met at OíPhelans the previous week. Pete had introduced them to each other. She was a friend of Peteís and had been waiting for a blind date that had never shown up. He laughed to himself. They had got on very well, she had given Robert her phone number. Maybe he would call and invite her out to dinner.

The sound of banging coming from below shook him from his reverie. Great, he thought. Thatís all I need, noisy neighbours. After checking his messages and finding there was nothing of any importance, he decided to get dressed and go for a walk in the park to waken himself up.

After a pleasant stroll, he stopped off at the store and bought a few essentials. As he walked up the stairs towards his apartment he was greeted by boxes on legs walking down the stairs toward him. Oblivious they carried on coming towards him. "Erm, excuse me." he said. 

"What, oh sorry, hang on a mo!" came the sound of a female, British voice. The legs started to walk backwards up the stairs. 

"I can give you a lift with those boxes if you like?" Robert said, as he watched the struggling legs. 

"No, no, thatís quite all right, Iím quite good at juggling things! Besides, theyíre not heavy." 

He carried on up the stairs as he watched the boxes go backwards.

When he got to the landing, "Here you go, let me help you?" Putting his own bag down as he took the top box off the pile. He turned round and put it to the side. He looked back to the boxes, and came face to face with a very attractive but obviously quite harassed lady. She was his height, had mousy brown hair, streaked with grey. Piercing blue eyes and glasses perched on her nose that seemed to be losing a fight with gravity. "Please let me get those," taking the remaining two boxes out her arms. Feeling quite embarrassed with himself for staring.

"Really thereís no need, I can manage," said the voice. 

"I insist" Robert said, more forcefully. "You really should let the removal men sort these out for you, thatís what theyíre paid for!" He turned around from dropping the boxes on the floor, to be confronted by possibly the most striking woman he had seen in a long while.

She seemed to be trying not to stare at him, her cheeks where flushed and she didnít know what to do with her hands. "Er, thanksÖ um thank you very much." she managed, folding her arms in front of herself.

"No trouble at all, you looked to be having problems?"

"Well, er yes, but, I, ermÖ I'm sorry, I really shouldnít have been trying to take those boxes down by myself. Its just that the removal men where acting all macho, saying that I wouldnít be able to manage and that I should just stick to making them tea and walking round with a tray of biscuits!"

"And you thought, how dare they, and decided to do your fair share?"

"WellÖ yes. Was I stupid?"

"No not at all, although I think a lot of people who have paid to have furniture moved would have just let them get on with it," he grinned.

"Ah well, I think I may just do that from now on, itís taken a lot out of me, what with all the traveling and unpacking," she said, while sitting down on the top step.

"Oh dear, listen, why donít you come with me, you can find refuge in my apartment while your furniture is settled and Iíll make you a nice cup of tea. I also think an introduction is in order, my name is Robert McCall and I live in the apartment on the next floor up."

"Well itís very nice to meet you Mr. McCallÖ"

"Robert, please."

"Itís very nice to meet you Robert, my name is Jessica Fox, Jess or Jessie for short."

"Nice to meet you Jessie," shaking her hand, "Just follow me and leave those boxes for the removal men." He held out his hand to help Jessie up from her perch on the top step.

After he had settled Jessie onto his settee, he set about making tea. "Whereabouts are you from Jessie? Your accent sounds northern."

"Iím from Cumbria originally, but Iíve spent my last twenty years or so in Manchester."

Robert looked at her carefully, she didnít look very old, late 30ís possibly early 40ís with the grey in her hair. She was wearing blue jeans and a nice if somewhat baggy peach coloured cable knit sweater, with brown moccasin style boots. She seemed quite well built, but not chunky, she actually had a very appealing figure. He noticed she had rings on her wedding finger. Was she married? He thought, if so, why isnít her husband helping with the move?

He finished the tea and brought the tray into the den. Jessie immediately proclaimed herself Ďmotherí and poured the tea. After taking a sip, she let out a sigh and relaxed further back on the settee. "Thatís a good brew, best one Iíve had in ages!" 

Robert chuckledÖ 

"Whatís wrong?" said Jessie, not sure what had happened. 

"Iím sorry" grinned Robert " I havenít heard any one talk like that for a long time, I apologise for my rudeness."

Now Jessie was gigglingÖ " I suppose Iíll have to try and tone it down slightly, or the nice American public wonít be able to understand a word I say!"

Had she only just moved here? He thought. "I gather then that you have only just moved to New York from England?"

"Well, yes I have.  Itís that obvious, is it? I feel like a lost sheep to be honest, I was very skeptical about moving here on my own, but I've just landed a large contract with a big publishing firm in the city and they suggested the move. Sort of a get away from my past and distractions back home," Jessie put her head down, obviously she thought sheíd said too much.

"Are you all right? I'm sorry I didnít mean to pry." So she was on her own, what about the rings?

"I'm fine, just fine, and you werenít prying, its just that so much has happened this past year, I suppose Iím only just coming to terms with things."

"Well if you would like a friendly ear to talk to, please donít hesitate, there is no need for you to lock yourself away alone downstairs, when Iím up here alone."

"Thank you, I may just do that. However, I think I should go, I've taken up for too much of your time." Jessie drank the last of her tea and got up to leave.

"It was my pleasure, erm..." Robert followed Jessie to the door. "I was just thinking, seeing as youíve only just moved in and you wonít have unpacked things yet, would you like to come for dinner this evening? Nothing fancyÖ just a good home cooked meal, my way of saying hello and welcome."

"I couldnít possibly put you through all that trouble, besides," looking shy "I was going to suggest I take you out for dinner, my treat for helping me today."

"It was no trouble at all, but yes ok, I would be delighted to go out for dinner, but I do have to insist it is my treat."

"Ok Mr. McCallÖ"

"Robert, pleaseÖ."

"Ok Robert, Iíd like that very much, thatís very kind of you."

"Now then, what kind of food do you like? I can make reservations for 8 oíclock if thatís ok?"

"8 oíclock? Oh I forgot Americans tend to have dinner quite late donít they? Well I suppose Iíll have to get used to that. No 8 oíclock is fine. Er, I like most kinds of food, except seafoodÖ I'm allergic!"

"Ok, Iíll see what I can do, so if I call for you at 7.30? We can take my car, then I can give you a quick tour of the city after dinner."

"Sounds wonderful, 7.30 is great, it gives me plenty of time to get a bit more sorted downstairsÖ oh, Robert."

"Yes Jessie"

"Please donít book any where too fancy, Iím still waiting for my clothes chests to be shipped over, so I donít have a great selection of clothes with me."

"Not a problem dear, donít worry I will save a more fancy restaurant for later!"

Wow, thought Jessie, is he taking me out on a date? Heís very sexy, just my type. But do I want to jump into anything new, my first day in a strange city?

"Well thenÖ" smiling at him, "Iíll see you at 7.30, bye for now."

"Yes, bye for now." Robert closed the door on her. He slumped back against itÖ Have I just asked that poor woman on a date? Ah well, she was quite respondent to me, so maybe there is a good chance we can be at the least very good friends.

The dinner turned out to be a great success, Robert had made reservations at a very nice out of the way restaurant, that served great steak. When he had picked Jessie up, heíd been quite surprised at the transformation. She was dressed in black trousers, slightly flared at the bottom, with rather nice high heel boots and a black full length wool coat with a large fur collar that seemed to snuggle up to her neck. He couldnít wait to see what she had on underneath. When they got to the restaurant and he offered to take her coat, she had slipped out of it to reveal a very sexy teal coloured waistcoat, that showed off bare arms and a cleavage to die for! He saw that his first impression of her being well built was off putting, she was actually very well toned. He was having a hard time not staring at her. He found that as he helped her slip her coat off and his hands had brushed against her bare arm, tingles of electricity shot though him.

As they were led to their table, he walked behind her and noticed that nearly every man in the room turned to look, even stare at this enchanting woman before them. It also gave him the opportunity to check out her rear view. Wow, he thought, what a woman, he found himself grinning. He had never felt so turned on by a fully clothed woman in a long long time! He could feel an unmistakable twitch in his groin. Behave yourself Robert, he chastised himself mentally.

They talked while they ate, learning more about each other. Jessie had been married for ten years, but they had divorced three months earlier. She didnít want to talk about it, he could tell, so he didnít push her for information. She missed her parents and her dog, her parents were looking after him, seeing as she couldnít bring him with her.

Jessie talked about her work as an author, but she wouldnít tell Robert what her pseudonym was, they were both laughing as he tried to coerce it out of her with the promise of a large chunk of chocolate cheesecake. She promised that all would be revealed soon enough, but she still wanted the chocolate cheesecake.

Robert gave Jessie the trimmed down version of his life. Telling her that he was a retired security expert with an ex-wife and grown up son. They found they had a great deal in common. They had visited the same places in England, even had relatives in the same towns. They both liked the same television programs, same type of films. He promised to take her to the cinema in the not too distant future, which she readily agreed to. My god, he thought, when was the last time I have enjoyed a womanís company so much.

He saw that she was getting weary, "Itís been a long day, maybe I should take you home, and save the sightseeing trip for another time?"

"Oh, Robert, yes I am tired, but I havenít had this much fun since before I was married, I donít want this night to end." 

What did that mean? Was she as attracted to him as he was to her? Did she not have fun with her husband?

"Ah yes, I have also enjoyed my self immensely, but I donít want you falling out with me because I wouldnít do the gentlemanly thing and take you home at a decent hour."

"Ok, you win, but only if you promise to let me repay you, by inviting you for dinner when my apartment is up to scratch?"

"Itís a deal."

"Great, letís go thenÖ ahÖ Robert?"


"Could we have just a little sightseeing tour, Iíd really love to see the city lit up at night." 

She was grinning at him, he felt himself melt into her eyes. Oh boy, Iím really falling for this one. He had not expected to ever fall for a woman this hard again. He had had relationships after his marriage had ended, but heíd never felt this way before, even with Kay.

"Of course, Madam, your wish is my command." Taking her hand and guiding her through the now nearly deserted restaurant. He helped her on with her coat, she really was quite breathtaking he thought as she fastened the buttons.

She stared at him, oh my god, she was thinking as she fastened her coat, the only way I want this night to end is in his arms. Stop that Jess! But, damn, he was sexy. She had to take a deep breath to stop her fingers from shaking. 

Robert noticed, "Please, allow me," as he reached to fasten the buttons for her. Their hands touched but neither of them pulled away. They stared at each other. Then Jessie dropped her hands to let Robert finish buttoning her coat. 

When he was finished he reached down to take her hand and pulled it to his lips and kissed the back of it, looking into Jessie's eyes. Jessie nearly had an orgasm there and then! Robert could feel the start of an erection in his trousers.

He kept hold of her hand as they stepped out on to the pavement. It was cold outside and Jessie shivered, pulling the fur collar up closer around her neck. "Come on, lets get you warm," leading her to his car.

As they drove though the streets, Jessie was looking out of the windows with enthusiasm, "You act like youíve never seen anything like this before." 

"I havenít, you could hardly say that London or Manchester has the same atmosphere as New York."

"Yes, you do have a point." After that, they drove in silence. Both of them were wondering how to handle things when they got back to their building.

After Robert had parked his car, Jessie turned to him, "I really have had the most enjoyable night Robert, you have made me feel most welcome. I canít remember when Iíve laughed so much."

"I am glad youíve enjoyed yourself, the feeling is mutual I assure you. I canít remember the last time I enjoyed another persons company so much, Iím glad you decided to let New York be your home." He reached out to brush her cheek lightly, she blushed and held her head down, suddenly acting like a shy schoolgirl. "Jessie, I hope you donít mind me asking, but how old are you my dear?"

"I thought it was a womanís prerogative to shield her age from the outside world?" she giggled, "I am the ripe old age of thirty-six if you must knowÖ Now then, are you going to return the favour and tell me how old you are?"

He hadnít thought she would ask that, thinking it obvious that he was older the she was. He couldnít believe she was only thirty-six though! The grey in her hair was obviously quite premature, her attitude and personality was older than thirty-six as well. " I, um, Iím fifty-sixÖ too old for you?" 

Oh boy, she thought, straight to the nitty gritty. "Actually, not at all, you see my husband is fifty-five, sorry I should say my ex-husbandÖ In fact I think I should just say my ex! I really donít like the idea that I was married to him after everything he didÖ. Iím sorry, I shouldnít have said that. Iíve had such a wonderful night, I donít want to spoil it." Iíve already done that, she thought, heís not going to want a woman with the excess baggage I have. 

She opened the door of the car to get outÖ Bloody hell, Robert realised that she was probably going to go inside and that would be the night over with.

"Jessie please, donít." he rushed out of his car

"Donít what Robert?"

"We were having such a good time, please donít let bad memories, whatever they are, spoil it. I would like your first night in your new home to be a happy and fondly remembered one. I hope that after tonight, you will find me to be a good friend" I want you to be more than that! "If you have problems with the past, Iím sure that with your permission of course, I could help you through them."

"Oh Robert," She came back to the car, where he was stood. He reached out and gently wiped away a tear. "Iím so sorry, I guess I do have problems that I still need to deal with, thatís one of the reasons Iím here, you see, Iíve run away from the life I once hadÖ run away to a foreign land, where no one will find me. Run away, to find myself running into you." She looked at him, tears streaming down her face. She closed the distance between them in a second and she was kissing him before he knew what had happened. 

He felt her lean against him, her arms tightly around his neck. He felt the same way, his hands went to her waist to pull her closer, they kissed with hunger and the ever-growing mutual desire that overwhelmed them both.

They broke the kiss to get some well needed air, neither one of them said a word, just looked at each other, breathing deeply to get their breath back. Robert finally broke the stare, reaching out to wipe the tears away, then looking down to take Jessieís hand, to lead her up the steps to the front door. He opened the door and pushed her gently inside, before locking it again behind them. He turned to look at her and giggled "I know this sounds like an awful pun, but, your place or mine?" 

Jessie grinned happily and lustfully, "Yours, definitely yours, I donít want to see another unopened box just yet." He took her hand again as he led her upstairs to his apartment.

Once they were inside, their hands made for each other straight away. He pulled her roughly towards him. "Come here you delightful woman." He unbuttoned her coat and pushed it off her shoulders letting it drop in a heap on the floor. She fell into his arms as they continued what they had started downstairs. He kissed her passionately, whilst steering her towards the setteeÖ 


She mumbled against his lips, he stopped for a moment to look at her, was everything he was doing ok? Was she having second thoughts? "Whatís wrong darling? Do you want me to stop?"

"No, never" she grinned lustfully, "I just think that your bed would be better that the settee." God, I can't believe I said that! He must think Iím terribly forward.

He couldnít help the dirty grin he gave her as he took her hand and led her into his bedroom. "Would you like to use the bathroom first?"

"Oh yes please, if you donít mind?" She needed to be alone for a few minutes.

"No not at all, but donít be long."

"Oh you can count on that."

When Jessie came out of the bathroom, she found Robert had already taken his jacket and tie off and was in the process of removing his shoes and socks. He stopped when he saw her. "Do you mind if I light those candles on your dressing table."

"Feel free."

She lit the candles with the lighter on the dresser, then moved over to the light switch, before turning to Robert, "Do you mind if I turn the lights off?"

"Please, what ever makes you comfortable, is fine with me." 

Robert was now unbuttoning his shirt. She turned the light off, then came over to him, taking his hands away from his shirt, she slowly unfastened the rest of the buttons, stroking his uncovered chest with a fingertip as she went. He was eager to start on the buttons of her waistcoat, but he found himself just staring at her as she ran her hands over his now uncovered chest. She ran her hands up his chest to his shoulders and started pushing his shirt off, he desperately wanted to start on that waistcoat, but she seemed in no hurry to let him be free of his shirt. She removed the shirt completely from his body, and let it drop to the floor. She then started on his belt buckle, he grasped her hands and pulled her arms around his neck, then kissed her deeply. His tongue exploring her mouth as he felt her melt into submission. He started kissing her neck and working his way down to her ample cleavage. He felt her shudder as he undid the first button. He worked his way down till the waistcoat was no longer a barrier between them, he quickly shoved it off her shoulders.

She stood before him with just the black silky bra coming between him and those beautiful breasts that he had dreamed of touching all night. "Sit down," he murmured. 

As she sat down, he moved her knees apart so he could kneel between her legs. Her hands went to his shoulders then pulled him forward. He kissed the outside of the bra, very delicately and slowly, he looked up slightly to see Jessieís eyes full of desire. He didnít know how much longer he could keep up the touching and kissing. He wanted her so badly. He moved back so he could lift her feet to remove her boots and socks.

With the boots out of the way, he stood up and slowly pushed her back on the bed. Then he leaned forward to unbutton her trousers. She lifted her hips up to help him pull them off along with her panties, he then pulled her forward and reached around to unfasten her bra.

She was now sat on the bed completely naked. As he stood he took in the sight of this beautiful woman before him. She was looking toward his crotch at the very obvious bulge. She slipped off the bed in front of him and was on her knees unfastening his trousers and pulling them down before he had realised what she was doing. He stepped out of his trousers, as she looked at his totally erect cock in front of her face. He gasped with pleasure as she took him into her mouth, gently licking the underside of his penis while moving it in and out of her mouth. He had to correct his stance as he put his hands on her head to guide her movements.

"Oh God thatís wonderful!" he managed, as he thrust in and out of her mouth. He could feel the tightness growing in his groin as she continued to take him fully in her mouth and out again. He grasped her head to stop her movements. If she carried on like that he was going to cum any second. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and reached down to lift her to him. "Lie down, you wonderfully naughty woman, I can think of better places to put this."

Sheíd never been this overcome with passion before. The time she had spent with her husband had been monotonous and boring. She had never once instigated sex. This was a whole new experience for her. It did help that she was so overcome with desire for Robert that she felt no embarrassment at being so forward. From the look of pleasure on Robertís face, he certainly had no complaints.

Robert sat Jessie down on the edge of the bed, then pushed her down so that she was lying down but with her legs over the side. Robert then knelt down on the floor between her legs, raising them up and spreading them as far as they would go. He started to blow softly on to her pubic hair and then down between her legs. He could feel Jessie shuddering with pleasure. He started to lick around her labia and clitoris. "Oh god Robert that feels good."

He flicked his tongue back and forth against her clitoris. She was moaning and clutching the bedclothes tight in her hands. He let go of one of her legs and put it over his shoulder, then started to dip a finger very slowly in and out of her cunt. Jessie gasped "Robert donít stop, never stop, Iím gonna cum if you carry on doing that."

"Go on, I want you to cum for me." Robert quickly pushed her up the bed and positioned himself, kneeling upright between her legs, with her legs over his shoulders. She gasped as he slid into her.

He thrust into her hard a few times, then started rubbing her clitoris again. "Cum for me darling, I want to feel you cum." Robert gasped with exertion. Jessie was moaning with the pleasure, she lifted her pelvis up, her legs almost straight as they rested on Robertís shoulders. Then she was screaming into a pillow as the orgasm hit her hard. He pounded his cock into her as she moaned and shook through the wonderful cascade of orgasmic pleasure that went through her. He could feel her cunt flow with the wetness that poured out of her. His own release took him then and he exploded into her, grunting with pleasure as he felt the warmth envelope him.

He let her legs down gently, she was still trembling with after shocks. He moved to lie down at her side. Her eyes where half closed and she was gasping for breath. She snuggled into his side. He held her like that until both their breathing had settled, then she gently moved her head to look at him. He was lying on his side with his head propped up on his hand, smiling down at her. He leant down and kissed her lips gently but passionately. "That my dear, was wonderful."

"Yes it was, wasnít it?"

"I donít know about you but I could do with a drink."

"Mmm yes please."

He got off the bed and helped Jessie under the bedclothes before he padded off into the den to get the drinks. He came back with two tumblers of scotch, ice and water. Jessie sat up against the headboard as she took both drinks while Robert climbed under the covers bedside her. She then passed Robert his drink.

"Hereís to new friends." She toasted, with a big grin on her face.

"Iíll certainly drink to that," Robert clinked his glass against hers then they both sipped the drinks.

"Jessie, I hope you donít mind me asking, but I do hope that you were planning on spending the night?"

"Iíd hoped you would ask."

"Well, consider yourself asked!"

She leaned over to kiss him, a long exploring kiss. "Consider that a yes."

"Actually, I was hoping, that is if youíre not busy, if you would like to spend the day with me tomorrow?"

"Iíd like that very much. ButÖ"

"But what?" Oh no, please donít let her be having second thoughts.

"I still have an awful lot of unpacking to do," the look on her face was pure disappointment.

"Ok, how about if we both spend tomorrow getting your apartment sorted, then we can go sightseeing the day after."

"Oh Robert, Iíd love that, are you sure you donít mind helping me? Thereís an awful lot to do."

"Weíll get it done in no time."

"Thank youÖ I donít know what I would have done if I hadnít have met you."

"Oh I'm sure we would have met sooner or laterÖ and I would imagine that the outcome would have been very much the same."

"Yes, I totally agree with that."

"Good" he said taking her empty glass away and putting on the bed side table with his own, "Now then, come on, lets get some sleep, weíve got a long day unpacking tomorrow."


"Yes my dear." snuggling her into him

"Thank you." she said sleepily

"What for my love?"

"OhÖ everything."

"Sshh, go to sleep, Iím sure I can think of a way to let you thank me in the morning!" he said grinning.

"Iím sure you canÖ goodnight Robert." Boy what have I done to deserve him, she thought as she settled into his arms and drifted off to sleep.

"Goodnight Jess." I could put up with this on a regular occasion, he thought, sheís so warm and soft, I canít wait for the morning.

End of day one