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Mixed Doubles

Robert McCall stood at the top of the long outdoor staircase that led from the courthouse, and despite the overcast and cool day, he felt heartened and warmed by Karen Andrews' smile and her gracious thank you. Karen had shown a good deal of quiet courage in the past few months. At times like this, he was glad that he had taken up the mantle of 'The Equalizer'. As he looked on, Karen and Detective Janet Bishop exchanged victory hugs.

Almost six months before, Karen had called the number in his advertisement. She sounded very frightened and Robert had arranged to meet her at once in a small restaurant next door to the Morgan Library where she worked. Twisting her hand nervously into her long, dark blond hair, she haltingly told him her story.

In her late twenties, Karen had moved to New York from her native Oregon two years before. Nine months earlier, she had met Arnold Webster, a successful accountant. Webster, worked with his father but his hobby was American Civil War Memorabilia and he spent hours reading and researching at the library. He had seemed an intense, but nice, polite young man and Karen had dated him for seven months before they moved in together.

Once she moved into his apartment Webster had changed, becoming jealous and overprotective, making it more and more difficult for Karen to see her friends. Almost immediately she knew that she had made a mistake, so she located a place to sublet and had moved out. Within days, Webster found out where she lived and had begun to harass her.

Karen had gone to the police, and Detective Bishop had been assigned to the case. But, as Webster never threatened her, he just followed her and stared, Detective Bishop hadn't been able to do anything. Even though Karen explained that he had slapped her once, she had not reported it at the time and there was no evidence.

Finally in desperation, Karen had called Robert McCall. Robert had done some checking himself and had discovered that Webster had a history of attaching himself to women. Robert found two of his old girlfriends who were still in the city and spoke to them. Webster's behavior each time had bordered on the obsessive; both agreed that he was capable of violence. They had finally gotten rid of him by moving back in with their families.

Robert had set up surveillance on Webster and had quickly discovered that he picked up prostitutes. Webster was well known amongst the neighborhood streetwalkers for calling them by the name Karen and striking them when he couldn't perform.

Armed with these facts, Robert had called upon Detective Bishop. Reminding her that the last time they had been thrown together a woman was nearly killed because there was no evidence of abuse; he asked her to work with him to help put Webster away. Robert had been surprised when Detective Bishop, sensitive to Karen's plight, had agreed to assist him.

Robert had formulated a plan using a ploy that had worked, countless times before. Karen had convinced Webster that she had become involved with another man and, as predicted, he had become incensed.

Mickey had played the part of a timid boyfriend to perfection. Following the couple home from a restaurant, Webster had broken down the door to Karen's apartment with a baseball bat and begun screaming that he would kill them both.

Confident in Mickey's ability to protect both Karen and himself from Webster, Robert had filmed the whole incident from a hiding place. Detective Bishop had been there to witness it and, two patrol cars waiting for her call, had arrived in the nick of time to see Webster standing over a trembling Karen. The patrolmen had also been on hand to save him from having the crap beaten out of him by a very angry Kostmayer.

After his arrest, Webster's very wealthy family was given permission by the court to enroll him in a private Mental Health facility in Connecticut, where he had resided until the court date.

It had taken six months of work, but when the judge assigned to the case, Judge Lauren Carella, saw the tape, she was outraged by Webster's violent attack on Karen. The overwhelming evidence, and a lawyer friend of the family, persuaded Webster to forgo a trial and accept the judge's verdict.

Judge Carella had sentenced Webster to eighteen months in a correctional facility for harassment and the attempted assault and battery of Karen Andrews.

The most important factor for Robert was that Karen would not be forced to face likely humiliation on the witness stand. Even though she had only a very limited history with men, an ambitious defense counsel could have made life very difficult for her with personal questions. Karen had already faced the possibility and had confided to Robert that, come what may, she was determined to go through with the case.

Robert had become very fond of the brave young woman, looking on her almost as a niece. Two weeks ago, she had moved into a new apartment in a different neighborhood, and now after today, the last piece in the puzzle was in place for her to begin a new life.

"Karen," Robert looked at her and beamed. "I would like to invite you and Detective Bishop to a victory dinner tonight at my restaurant, O'Phelan's, at eight."

Karen smiled quietly and looked up at Robert. "Thank you, Mr. McCall. I do appreciate it." Robert saw her glance at Janet Bishop, as she had done so many times over the past month, looking for her approval and support. During the period leading up to the trial, Karen had been greatly comforted by Janet Bishop's solid practicality, and a strong friendship had developed between the two women. Robert was surprised how kind and gentle Detective Bishop had been when dealing with Karen.

Janet patted her on the back and smiled directly into Robert's face. "Dinner? I'm in!" she replied.

Just then, a young uniformed officer called her over to talk to him, she excused herself and they moved to one side. Karen seemed uncomfortable. "Thank you, Mr. McCall. I'm grateful, but I think I need to be by myself tonight," she said quietly. She put her hand on his arm, "But I will call you soon and I'll treat you and Janet to a thank you dinner at my place. Can I have a raincheck?"

Robert smiled, "Of course, Karen. Just remember the invitation will remain open for tonight if you change your mind."

"I'll remember." She said.

Detective Bishop waved at them, "Well, I've got to get to back the precinct right away. See you both at eight!" she called as she rushed down the steps.

As they watched her run to her car, Karen waved and Robert said, "I'll give her your regrets tonight, Karen. She will understand."


Mickey Kostmayer put the package of noodles back on the shelf in the grocery store. He had only gotten home from his debriefing at Langley that afternoon. He was fed up with packaged food as he had eaten nothing but freeze dried meals for the past three weeks.

He scowled, he had called Robert McCall when he got in, hoping for an invitation to dinner; Robert's home cooking would have been just the thing, but there had been no one home. When McCall didn't return the call, he had been driven out to fend for himself. He knew he could go to O'Phelan's, he might well meet Robert there, but he wasn't in the mood to see a lot of people.

After wandering the shelves of the small, local store for ten minutes, he still had nothing in his wire basket but a six pack and a packet of condoms. He was feeling horny as well as hungry and he had been giving thought to calling up an old friend. She worked for American Airlines and, if she was in town, he would be sure of a warm welcome. They had a simple agreement, good sex and no strings. Just thinking about Janey was enough to make parts of his anatomy twitch. Her life was as unsettled as his and the arrangement suited them both, for now.

Impatiently, he moved to the cash register, resigning himself to ordering in pizza. He was conscious of a woman standing behind him as he paid for his shopping. Studying her discreetly, he saw her dark blonde hair. She looked vaguely familiar. Meeting her green eyes, he searched his memory for her name. It came to him suddenly, Karen. Her name was Karen. She had been a client of 'The Equalizer' months ago. Mickey remembered that then she had always worn ill fitting clothes, something to do with her crazy ex, he had surmised. But now, she was wearing a smart skirt and jacket, it was easy to see and admire her curvaceous figure.

He recalled the details of the case. She had been having problems with an abusive ex-boyfriend who wouldn't take no for an answer. She was a nice person and Mickey had thought her attractive, but she had had such a bad time with her ex, that he had said and done nothing. Control had sent him off soon after and he had forgotten about the librarian.

He picked up the brown bag, and was pleasantly surprised when she said, "It's Mickey, isn't it?"

Smiling, he said, "Yeah, and you're Karen."

"That's right."

She looked around nervously. "Are you here because of Arnold? Has anything gone wrong? He's still in jail, isn't he?"

"Relax, I live close by, I don't know anything about Arnold. Last I heard he was getting some sort of psychiatric care. I only got back into town today."

"He was. We went to court today and the judge sentenced him to eighteen months in jail. Mr. McCall said he would keep an eye on me, so when I saw you, I thought that he had escaped or something."

"Not that I know about," Mickey reassured her. " I didn't know you lived in this neighborhood."

"I moved here once Arnold was in the program, he doesn't know my address now."

"Oh, I get it. Anyhow, it's okay, my being here has nothing to do with Arnold. I was looking something for dinner."

While they were talking, the shopkeeper had packed her groceries into three large brown bags. She paid and began picking up bags.

"Hey, is your car outside?" He asked.

"No, I don't live far, I'm walking."

"Those bags look awkward. Do you need some help?"

She looked thoughtfully at the bags, "I think I bought more than I intended. Do you mind?"

"No problem." He picked up two of the bags, along with his own much smaller one, while Karen picked up the final one.

At the door he stopped, the rain that had been light when he came into the store, was now much heavier. He looked at the sky, in the fading light it was hard to tell, but he didn't think it would stop any time soon. "How far is your place?"

"Only a couple of blocks."

"Shall we go, or do you want to wait and see if the rain stops?"

"I'd like to be home before dark, if it's all the same to you."

With a shrug Mickey headed out into the rain. It made a pleasant change from the desert where he had spent the last three weeks.


Karen, cursed to herself softly. She couldn't find her keys in her handbag and the brown grocery bag was about to disintegrate. Mickey was waiting patiently, which made her fumble even more. At last, she pulled out her key ring and found the right one to open the outside door. Once inside she checked twice to make sure the door was shut before she led the way up the creaking staircase.

She let Mickey into the small, fourth floor apartment. Turning, she closed and secured the door before going into the kitchen. She put her bag on the counter and gestured to Mickey to do the same with his. She looked at him, his hair was plastered to his head, water was running down his face and his jacket and jeans were soaked. "Look, take off your coat and I'll get you a towel. Then I'll make us some coffee." She saw him almost refuse, but then something changed his mind and he nodded.

Rushing into her bedroom, she stripped off her wet clothes, tossing them into the laundry basket, before putting on the first things she could find. Wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt she went to the linen closet and found two towels. She wrapped one around her hair and carried the other one into the living room.

Mickey turned to face her. He had taken off his jacket and shoes and socks and was looking at her collection of CD's. "We have similar tastes, I like the golden oldies from the fifties and sixties. I've got this one too." He pointed at a Platters "Greatest Hits" album.

"Here," she passed him the towel, "put on some music if you want, I'll make that coffee." While she filled the machine with water and measured out the coffee, she could hear him fiddling with the CD player. Soon she heard Sam and Dave issuing softly from the speakers. She went back into the other room and saw that Mickey had taken off his sweater. The blue shirt he wore underneath looked dry, and he was rubbing his hair with the towel. She saw his automatic resting on top of his sweater. His eyes followed her gaze, "It's okay, the safety is on."

"Sorry, I'm not used to seeing guns at such close quarters." She changed the subject, "I might be able to find you something to change into if you want." She pointed at his damp jeans.

"No. It's okay, they'll dry soon enough."

She went back into the kitchen and seeing the coffee was ready she called out, "How do you take your coffee?"

"Strong and black, no sugar."

She poured the coffee into two pottery mugs and carried them into the living room. She handed him a mug and because there wasn't anywhere else, she sat at the other end of the couch, tucking her feet up under her.

She pulled the towel off her hair and realized abruptly, that she must look awful; her long, naturally curly hair would be sticking out at all angles. She combed her fingers through the unruly mess and then shrugged; it was a waste of time.

"You say we like the same music, so who's your favorite artist?" she asked.

"I don't know I like lots of people, mostly 50's and 60's classics. But I like Al Jarreau too."

"I love him, his voice is so...." She trailed off not finding the right word.


Karen reached for her coffee mug and realized with a shock that it was empty. Looking at the clock she was again surprised to find that over an hour had passed since she and Mickey had started talking.

Getting the court case over had been another big step towards regaining her confidence. She could finally live without the constant fear that had plagued her for the last eight months. For the first time in ages, she was hungry. "I bought all that food because I wanted to celebrate being free at last. Will you stay for dinner? I'm a good cook."


"Oh, I forgot, you must have a date or something. I saw the things you bought in the store."

Mickey said, "No. No date. I didn't buy them for tonight, more for just in case." He smiled at her, "I'd be glad to stay for dinner."


An hour later, Karen passed a bowl of salad and a basket of bread to Mickey for him to bring to the table. When he got back to the kitchen she gave him some glasses and an opened bottle of red wine. Finally, she carried two plates of spaghetti to the table.

She had guessed six months earlier that he worked for the government but now she had learned enough to realize which government agency he actually worked for. It explained a lot, especially the air of controlled menace that he exuded. He had been so kind to her before that she had never felt nervous around him.

They sat to eat at the small table in the living room, and all through the meal the conversation never flagged. After they had finished eating, Karen made a fresh pot of coffee and they talked more.


Mickey looked at his watch, "Damn, I hadn't realized it was this late. We have talked for hours."

"Yes, we have. Time goes so fast when you're having fun."

Karen stood to clear the table and her head began to spin ever so slightly. Picking up the empty wine bottle, she remembered that she had drunk more this evening than she was accustomed to. Mickey insisted on helping with the dishes and Karen was secretly relieved, she didn't feel up to the task alone. An Al Jarreau album was playing and they both hummed along as they stood side by side in the cramped kitchen.

In the confined space, they kept bumping into each other as they moved around. When Mickey's arm accidentally brushed against her breast, Karen froze for a moment, not sure how to react. Mickey behaved as though the accidental contact hadn't occurred.

As he washed dishes, she watched him. He was very attractive. She liked the way he wore his hair, longer than was fashionable, but it curled just above his collar so nicely. She couldn't see much of his torso through his shirt, but his tight jeans emphasized his muscular legs. It was probably the wine talking but it had been months since she had felt comfortable looking at a man like this.

"Penny for them." Mickey said.

Karen jumped, realizing that she had been day dreaming. "Sorry?" she asked, feeling confused.

"I said penny for your thoughts. You were way out of it there."

"It was nothing, I was just thinking how pleased I am that Arnold is out of my life." she said hurriedly.

"I know McCall said to call him if you had any problems, but I'll give you my number and you can call me. If I'm in the country, I'll be here quicker."

"Thanks, Mickey, I do appreciate it. I want to get on with my life and forget about him for good."

They had finished the glasses, plates and flatware, and Mickey was just beginning to wash the cooking pots when the ancient faucet decided to misbehave. Karen had warned him it could be temperamental, but he was totally surprised when cold water gushed into the sink, ricocheting off the pans and soaking him thoroughly.

The sight of him standing there, soaking wet again with his hands covered in tomato sauce and suds made Karen laugh. Realizing that he couldn't do anything, she leaned past him and turned off the water. Then she reached for the buttons on his shirt, intending to help him out of it. She had undone three of the buttons before she came to her senses and stopped in confusion. This close to him she was achingly aware of his sex appeal, of his warm, soft skin under her hands and the way her body was responding to him. In the background she could hear Al Jarreau, exhorting someone to 'Teach Me Tonight'.

He wiped his hands on a towel and, before she could move away, he rested his hands on her waist pulling her even closer. She looked up at him and saw in his eyes, something that scared and excited her at the same time. When he bent his head to her she lifted her face, letting his lips meet hers in a light kiss.

He released her immediately, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that."

"Mickey, it's okay. I liked it."

"I really ought to leave."

"What if I don't want you to leave?" She had shocked herself by saying out loud the words racing through her mind.

"Are you sure, Karen? Really sure?"

She couldn't bring herself to answer, so she nodded. She rested her hand against his chest. "I want you to stay, Mickey. I want to remember what it is like to have fun with someone. I don't want to be made to feel guilty for enjoying sex anymore."

The dishes forgotten, he took her hand and led her into the living room. He leaned forward and kissed her lightly, controlling his passion. "Karen, you've got to tell me if I do the wrong thing, I don't want to do anything to frighten you."

He kissed her again and when they parted for a moment to get their breath back, she said, "I trust you, Mickey."

She undid the rest of the buttons on his shirt; his skin was lightly tanned. She thought she could see faint scars here and there and wondered how he had got them.

With his earnest encouragement she began to stroke his skin, timidly at first but then, when he only reacted with pleasure, more confidently. Greatly daring, she put her hands on his shoulders and pushed his shirt off and down his arms, allowing it to drop onto the floor.

Her heart beat faster as his hands began to explore. Lightly, through her t-shirt, he traced a path from her shoulders over her collar bones, brushing lightly over her breasts. She gave a gasp of surprise and when he repeated the motion, her nipples began to harden with excitement. He continued to caress her, while his slow, gentle kisses on her face and neck aroused her.

He touched her lips tentatively with his tongue and she opened her mouth for him, inviting his exploration. As their kisses became more intense, he picked her up and walked slowly into the bedroom.


It was almost seven before the Honorable Lauren Carella finally entered her chambers after a long and exhausting day. Most of her days were like that, but at least tonight she could take some comfort in the fact that she felt justice had been served in her courtroom. For a change, the defendant had not escaped on some legal technicality. The police had remembered to read the suspect his rights, and the prosecutor had been well prepared. She had been only too glad to sentence Arnold Webster to eighteen months in jail. Her only regret was that she could not give him a longer term. It was her opinion that sadists like that deserved to be locked away. At least for a while, he would no longer be able to use his girlfriend as his own, personal punching bag. Making sure a bruto like Webster was brought to justice was the reason she had gone to law school in the first place.

With delicate fingers, she began unbuttoning the long, black robe that she wore with such pride, and walked toward her desk, still savoring the thought she had been responsible, at least partially, for making the world a better place. At least for today.

It had been exceptionally long day and she was tired but so very pleased. Still smiling to herself, she removed the robe and placed it carefully on the hat rack behind her. She settled into the soft, leather chair that her Popa had given to her when she had been appointed judge, and prepared to tackle the few pieces of paperwork that required her immediate attention.

Just one glance out the window combined with unnatural darkness pervading the room and she could tell that there was another storm brewing outside. She wanted to finish the reports as quickly as possible in order to beat it home. The sky was an ominous black and she could hear the dull rumble of thunder in the distance. A brilliant flash of lightning split the sky, filling the entire room with its glow.

That was when she saw him. He was sitting, slouching actually, on her leather sofa, his head resting lazily on his right fist, legs crossed, the mocking grin on his face so broad that she could see his blue eyes twinkling even in the diminished light.

"How did you get in..." Lauren's voice trailed off. "Never mind," she said, shaking her head. She had learned long ago to not even bother to try to figure out how he did some of the things he did.

He looked at her, and she saw amusement mixing with the laughter in his eyes. "Well, that's not exactly the reaction I was hoping for, but I guess it's a start." he said.

"And what exactly were you hoping for?" she asked, a slight trace of an Italian accent still evident in her speech despite the fact that she had lived in New York since she was twelve.

He arched an eyebrow and smiled innocently. "Dinner?"

"Dinner," Lauren repeated, looking at him skeptically. "Really?" she asked, knowing from past experience that food was probably the last thing he had on his mind. She hoped so. She removed her glasses, got up from her chair, and walked across the room, knowing without a doubt that his gaze was focused intently on her swaying hips the entire time.

She locked the door then made her way over to the couch and sat down on his lap. "Well, then, how about an appetizer first?" she asked, as she slipped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss, a lingering, breathtaking kiss that, she hoped, told him that she was as much in the mood for romance as he.

"I've missed you," she murmured against his neck, his warm breath near her ear caused chills to run up and down her back. "And, I missed you at my party," she said, as she absently played with the lapels of his jacket. She was still a little hurt that he had broken their last date.


Control watched as her fabulous mouth curled into a pout. He leaned his head back against the couch, squeezed his eyes shut, and sighed heavily, still feeling guilty for missing her birthday. "Lauren, I really am sorry about that," he said sincerely. "I had to leave the country on short notice."

He offered no further explanation, aware that she knew better than to press him for one. In the past, she had told him that she found all of the secrecy maddening; equally, she freely admitted that the air of mystery surrounding him was also one of the things she found so exciting. He didn't choose now to get into the whole story of how there was a double agent in the Company, and how he himself had been shot. And he tried not to remember that agents had been killed on the day of her party.

"I see you found your present," he remarked, quickly changing the subject as he glanced at the beautiful gold bangle bracelet adorning her right wrist.

Her expression brightened as she too looked at the exquisite piece of jewelry. "Yes, thank you. It's so lovely it almost made me forget that you stood me up. Almost," she added hastily, her strengthening resolve visible in her posture, as she sat with a straight back on his lap, separating their upper bodies. Evidently, she wasn't about to let him off the hook so easily. Control smiled.

"Standing up a judge is a serious offense," she reminded him, as she ran her hands through his hair, and he felt her long fingers brushing it off of his forehead. "I think they even have a name for it." She pretended she couldn't recall the term. "Oh, yes. I believe it is called contempt. Does that ring any bells?"

Control's eyebrows flew up. "Contempt," he repeated quizzically. "Sounds vaguely familiar." He paused briefly then asked, "Does it carry a stiff penalty?"

She giggled at his choice of words. "I guess we'll have to see exactly how stiff." She snuggled closer to him. Then she found the lapels of his suit jacket and used them to push his navy blue jacket off of his shoulders. He grinned as he shrugged out of the coat and nonchalantly threw it onto the arm of the high back chair that stood just a few feet away.

Control considered Lauren Carella: she was the epitome of elegance and grace. Men found the aura about her irresistible, but it was never threatening to women. She was forty-five, but could easily pass for someone ten years younger, auburn hair untouched by gray fell loose on her shoulders. She had gentle but seductive eyes that shone with intelligence and a sultry mouth. Her figure was incredible, a throw back to the movie stars of the 40s and 50s, with shapely legs and large breasts that were still firm and full.

She was a woman that oozed the rare combination of both sensuality and brilliance. Managing her courtroom with total confidence, she exuded a commanding and powerful presence. Honest and fair, she had an attitude that demanded, and usually got, respect.

Control had known her for eight years, having first met her when he had been present in her courtroom on Company business. He had been attracted to her immediately, spending most of his time observing her. He had been mesmerized by her every move.

After the case was over, he asked her to dinner and they had ended up in bed their very first night together. The connection between them was magnetic, going much deeper than just a mutual physical attraction. They not only appreciated one another's bodies, but also the power and intelligence each possessed.

They were neither one interested in any kind of long-term, exclusive relationship, choosing instead to enjoy one another's company in a casual manner. It was an arrangement that worked well for both of them. No strings, no commitments, just an opportunity to have a good dinner, some stimulating conversation, and some equally stimulating sex.


Placing her hand on his jaw, Lauren gently lifted his chin and lowered her mouth to his. He felt her trace the outline of his lips with her tongue as she undid the knot of his tie and slowly pulled it loose from his collar. As she continued to tease him mercilessly with her mouth, there was a loud knock at her outer office door. "What can that be?" she muttered as she slid off his lap.

"A surprise?" he grinned.

Looking at him questioningly, she walked toward the door. Control followed her at his own pace. As she walked through the outer office, she started to smell the most mouth watering aroma. She ran the last couple of steps toward the door and opened it quickly.

Lorenzo Trigiani, owner and chef of one of New York's best small family-owned Italian restaurants stood there beaming. He had a rolling serving table with him that was letting out small puffs of aromatic steam.

"Lorenzo!" Lauren shouted as she threw her arms around the short, stout man and hugged him with obvious pleasure. Control stood in the doorway of her office leaning on the door frame, a grin of delight on his face. He stayed there until Lauren and Lorenzo had finally finished hugging and greeting each other in a loud and heartfelt Italian fashion.

"Surprised?" Control asked.

Lauren laughed and pulled Lorenzo and his wheeled table into the room.

"My favorite restaurant, and my favorite chef. Oh," she glanced toward Control, "you are wonderful." Control felt his heart swell with happiness. He really did care for Lauren and he knew he sometimes took her for granted.

The three made their way into the inner office. "You two hardly come to Trigiani's anymore," Lorenzo pouted, "and when the Padrone come in today and order a meal to be brought to the beautiful judge's chamber - ho avuto cura speciale! I take special care." He started to clear off the coffee table and then to take the serving trays out. "The dishes you love," he took the top off one silver bowl after another, while Lauren oohed and ahhed.

She picked up a spoon and tasted one of the dishes. "Oh, just like my Nonna's," she smacked her lips "Squisito!"

Lorenzo glared at Control. "Why you not marry this beautiful girl, have babies, be happy?"

That same question, Control sighed, every time - Lorenzo asked him the same question. "I'm not good enough for her I'm afraid. I am unworthy." he answered with a wistful smile.

Lauren sighed theatrically, "Yes Lorenzo, I'm afraid he is not Italian." Suddenly she looked at Control, "You're not? Are you?"

Control shrugged, "Who's to say?" he grinned

"And Lorenzo, I am a little too old to have babies now." Control saw that Lauren was enjoying herself immensely.

"Non, you are a young girl." Lauren blushed with pleasure. "My wife Rosa had our last child Gina when she was fifty two," he beamed, "plenty time for you to have babies yet Bella."

Lauren's delighted laughter filled the room.

Lorenzo finished laying the table with the silverware and crystal. He kissed Lauren once more, then looked at Control, "I go now. Call the restaurant tomorrow and tell me when to pick this all up. We clean up for you." He went to the door and smiled at Lauren who had walked over to Control and was kissing him again. "Arrivederci - goodbye for now." He left grinning.

Control allowed Lauren to take him by the hand and lead him to the table that was brimming with food. She indicated for him to sit down and when he did, she tucked a napkin into the neck of his shirt and patted it into place.

"You see?" she said, "Italian woman know how to take care of their men. I will serve the dinner now, you pour the wine," she looked at the bottle, "Oh, and a very good one it is. But first." She stood in front of him, lifted his head and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Thank you for all this tesoro mio - my darling." Control bathed in the happiness he saw reflected in her eyes.

She picked up a plate, "And now we feast!"


When Detective Bishop arrived at O'Phelan's at eight, Robert couldn't decide who was more surprised, Janet - that Karen wasn't coming and she would be having dinner alone with him - or Robert - at how absolutely fetching Detective Janet Bishop looked.

Janet had always been wearing a cop's sharp look of skepticism, and a sensible suit whenever Robert had seen her at work. But tonight, Janet was wearing a very becoming navy-blue silk shirt and jacket, with a dark shimmering skirt. The tall redhead's face was set in a sweet and soft smile. Her figure, which had always seemed angular, now looked graceful and feminine. Robert breathed in a heady perfume as he led her to their table.

The food was superb, and the conversation during the evening had been light and friendly, with their combative past seemingly forgotten. The rain had begun to fall even harder with the arrival of their main course, and as the restaurant had slowly emptied, a feeling of comfort and intimacy had descended upon them.

Janet had arrived at the restaurant by taxi and as it was impossible to find a cab in the rain, at night in Manhattan, Robert had offered to drive her back to the precinct where she would pick up her car for the drive home to Queens.

The rain was still coming down in sheets, and they both were drenched by the time they got into Robert's car. "Come home with me for coffee and a dry off," he told Janet, "it's raining too hard to drive all the way to Queens now anyway. In a while it will let up and I'll drive you to collect your car then. All right?"

Janet looked down and smiled knowingly, "OK McCall. Sounds good."


The pre-filled coffee machine had been switched on the moment they entered the apartment. After Robert lit a fire, he poured two warming brandies and handed one to Janet. He then told her the background histories of some of the artwork on display around the living room, and that conversation filled the next few minutes.

"The coffee is ready, why don't I go and get it?" Robert went into the kitchen.

He had been busy with the coffee things for a few minutes when Janet followed. She was smiling and Robert felt a rush of warmth for her. He decided, right then, that the night would be as special as she would permit.

"How do you take your coffee?" he asked, smiling at her.

"Oh, I don't care."

Robert opened the refrigerator and searched its contents. "Let's see. What have we here? We have milk, and half and half, and non dairy creamer, and..."

She laughed, "Why so many different coffee lighteners?"

Robert thought for a moment, his eyebrows raised and he shrugged, "I suppose I have so many different people drinking my coffee, that I have to get something for everyone." He reached into the refrigerator. "And my preference," he looked around conspiratorially, "Cream," he sighed. "But," he patted his rounded stomach, "I suppose I should get out of the habit." He smiled at Janet as he put a splash of the cream into his cup nevertheless, and tasted his coffee.

"That's just so typical!" Janet remarked.

Robert looked up questioningly.

"A man can pat his stomach, and make a joke about it getting too big, and then still have the cream! If a woman ever patted her hips," she patted herself, on her comfortably rounded hips, "and complained that she was getting too big, she could never happily have the cream then."

Robert arranged his cup and the coffee service on the tray, and smiled, "I could let you onto a bit of a secret, I mean, if you would care to hear it?"

She leaned on the counter, cradling her chin in her palm, "Do tell me, McCall," she smiled wryly, "tell me the secret."

"Well," Robert leaned closer to her, "some men," he whispered conspiratorially, "some men do like a bit of padding on their women, um...just there,"

"Ha! Yeah?" she smirked and stood up quickly, "I haven't found any men who like that."

"Really?" Robert grinned to himself, "You think so, do you?"

Janet looked at him in surprise, and after a moment laughed, "Oh, McCall, you are good. You are, really. Next you'll tell me that men like flat chested woman."

Robert picked up the tray of coffee, "Don't you know the history of the Champagne glass, and why they are the size that they are?" he asked as they walked into the living room.

Janet helped clear the top of the coffee table of the brandy glasses. "Nope, do tell, McCall." She crossed her arms, over her own almost nonexistent chest, "and this had better be good."

"Napoleon is said to have had the glass fashioned after Josephine's breast. He said it was the perfect size."

She burst out laughing, "The little glass, or the long fluted one?"

Robert frowned, "All right, don't believe me." He shrugged and sat down.

She sat next to him on the couch, "I believe you, McCall," Janet said sweetly, and she poured her coffee and refilled his cup.


Janet looked at Robert McCall over the edge of her coffee cup. She was surprised; she was actually having a good time. Who would have thought it? When they had first met, all those months ago, she thought he had been involved with that flaky Susan Foxworth. He had come into her office with a superior and belligerent attitude, telling her that she hadn't done her job. Damn, did he annoy her. Later, when McCall had been arrested under the suspicion of beating up Foxworth's ex husband, she had almost cheered. Well, things certainly have changed, she thought.

Janet was trying to concentrate on what Robert was saying, but he just sounded so good and looked so darn handsome that she had trouble keeping her mind on the conversation. She was glad she had decided to dress up; something had told her that it would be worth the bother tonight. She was also very pleased that Karen hadn't been there to join them.

Robert put his coffee cup down and Janet did the same. He stared at her with a calm, warm smile on his face. He was waiting for an answer! Janet realized with alarm. She put on her police poker face and said, "I was just thinking about the case."

Robert's face reflected his confusion, but then he laughed uproariously, "You have not been thinking about the bloody case, Detective Bishop. You haven't been thinking of work at all. Not with the look you had on your face just now." He moved toward her, took her chin in his hand and kissed her gently.

Janet felt the heat of a blush spread over her face and continue down over her body. It pooled as a fire below her waist.

That's when she finalized her thoughts. She decided to go for it. Her dry spell had gone on long enough. This was not the loud fellow cop, who might spread rumors. This was not one of the smug, self satisfied, lawyers that she met every day. McCall was different.

Moving closer to him, their legs touching, she put her arms around him as Robert did the same to her. Their position was awkward and Janet saw that her skirt was riding up. She tried to pull it down but only managed to ram her elbow into his chest.

"Sorry" she stammered "I didn't mean to..."

Robert rubbed his chest and grinned, "Detective, you haven't done that much harm. A cracked rib or two perhaps..." Then he chuckled.

Janet blushed as a thought came to her, "Well, I just feel stupid! A detective, a woman my age, groping on a couch."

His voice was deep and velvet, "I don't feel the least bit stupid," he whispered, as he gently pulled her closer to him, "and I have the detective almost sitting on my lap."

"This is very nice," she said, and blushed an even deeper crimson.

"I am rather enjoying myself, as well."

She suddenly kissed him quickly, "That's for being so damn nice tonight."

"My pleasure," he whispered.

His voice was so sweet, her breath caught in her throat. "I haven't done this sort of thing for such a long time," she murmured into his neck, "years and years."

"I am not going to force you to do anything you don't want to do, Janet." He kissed her lightly on her neck, right over her jugular vein. Her complexion became rosier and she felt heat radiate from her body.

Robert pushed her fine red hair from her face. He then lightly passed his fingertips over her breasts. She gasped. "Boy," she said, "that felt like an electric current just passed through me!" She stared at him, "Is this couch wired for electricity?"

He laughed a deep, warm laugh. "No, Janet," he said as he leaned down and nuzzled her cleavage.

She ran her fingers thorough his hair and sighed contentedly, "You're good, McCall."

He lifted his eyes to meet hers. "Janet, can you please, call me Robert? At this point, I think first names might be appropriate"

She threw her head back and shook it in amazement. "What a night!"

"Yes, what a lovely night." Robert used his fingertips to slowly unbutton her blouse. "My word, you are lovely," he breathed as he removed her blouse, and started to run his palm lightly over the smooth silk of her bra, then over the exposed flesh of her upper breast. His other hand stroked the bare skin of her back.

"Robert, you're never gonna find my nipples up there," she said as his fingers skimmed high over her bra, "they are much further down. I've always had nipples that were low and lately they are getting even lower," she said and cringed.

Robert looked at her in amusement. "Janet," he said, "Really. I am a very good investigator. I have been known to find a single target within a large continent filled with people. I would have found your nipples eventually, you know. And I must add that I would, in all probability, have enjoyed the quest."

She smiled softly, "Yes, Robert, I stand corrected."

"Well, not stand," he murmured, rubbing his cheek over the silken fabric. He put one finger underneath the band of the bra and lifted it out, letting the weight of her small breast fall upon his waiting hand. "See Janet! I've found it already. Ah," he sighed as he nuzzled the soft flesh and ran his tongue over the small pink nipple.

She inhaled deeply, "There is definitely something to this."

Robert deftly opened her bra, slid it off her and looked up into her eyes, "Kiss me," he whispered.

"McCall." She stopped for a second and took a deep breath. "I have to say this now, before anything happens that can't be undone."

"Robert," he interrupted her. "Call me Robert." His voice was muffled, his mouth filled with the silky skin of her breasts.

"Robert," she continued, feeling embarrassed, "I don't want a relationship now. Really, I don't want one at this point in my life. Do you understand?"

"Janet," he sighed, "I would like to be your friend, Janet. A good friend. Can we pledge ourselves to that tonight? Only to that?" He rubbed his scratchy cheek against her soft mounds.

"Yes," she sighed, "please."

"Good... Janet?" he asked, his tongue teasing the hardening pearl of her right nipple.

"Yes, Robert," she sighed again, feeling contented.

"Janet, I have had at least three bullets taken out of my left leg in the past twenty years, and the barometric pressure of this rain soaked night is killing me. Furthermore, I am too old and inflexible to do anything decently on this couch. Shall we adjourn to my bedroom? I can think of all sorts of possibilities to be done in my bed."

Janet flinched, "I'm leaning on you. I'm too heavy aren't I?" she asked, hurt.

"Bed, Janet. Bed. Let us not forget the subject now."

Janet laughed, "Right. The bed. That is a good idea. Uh, can I use your bathroom?"

"Use the one in my room, Janet," he pointed, "It's right through that door. I'll use the guest one."

They found that they matched in height when they stood up. As they embraced she squirmed against his chest, her naked breasts rubbing his shirtfront. "This is very nice. Or did I say that already?" she asked. Then with one last look at Robert, she held her blouse in front of her and she walked into his bedroom.


Mickey set Karen down beside the bed, dropping the package of condoms he had bought earlier, on the nightstand. He waited while she lit two scented candles that stood there and turned off the bedside light. She felt the need to explain. "I like candles, they make the room smell nice."

He reached for her t-shirt and she allowed him to lift it over her head but, suddenly shy, she took it from him and held it against herself, over her bra. "Do you want me to stop?" he breathed, his eyes never leaving hers. When she shook her head, he took the t-shirt from her and dropped it onto the floor.

Karen felt herself jump when his hand touched her skin, but he was very gentle and the bad memories stayed away. When he pulled her into his arms, she was unprepared for the sensation of his skin against hers. She gave a small moan, before his mouth once more covered hers. His lips were sensuous and persuasive and in no time he was sliding her sweat pants over her hips, to join her t-shirt on the carpet.

Standing beside her, he undressed. She studied his body in wonder. In the glow of the candlelight, his tan looked darker and the scars she had seen earlier had vanished. His upper body was nicely muscular and he had very nice legs. It struck her forcibly that he was fit because he had to be, his life could depend on it.

Her eyes wandered lower following the faint line of hair from his navel until she could see his cock nestled in his light brown pubic hair. He was not yet fully aroused and she realized that he was waiting for her, taking time to make sure she enjoyed the encounter as much as he. Her eyes switched back to his face and she saw, with embarrassment, that he knew where she had been looking.

His grin was disarming; cupping her chin he kissed her again. This time, his kisses were rougher and more exciting. He trailed kisses from her lips, along her jaw and down the side of her neck.

Intoxicated, Karen didn't really notice him lowering her onto the bed. He lay down beside her, continuing to caress her tingling skin with his hands and mouth. He ran his tongue along the edge of her bra, pulling at the lacy fabric. When he caught her nipple gently between his teeth, biting her softly, Karen groaned and reached for the clasp of her bra. She slipped out of it quickly.

He knelt over her but she wasn't scared anymore; instead there was a flame burning in her that she knew he could turn into an inferno. As he slipped her panties over her hips and tossed them away, one of his hands brushed gently at the dark blond hair between her legs. Involuntarily, she arched towards him, eager to finish the journey they had started.

Instead of touching her again, his attention returned to her breasts. He began teasing, licking and sucking until she thought she would explode with the sensations coursing through her. She could feel the wetness between her legs, but still he didn't take her.

Slipping his hands under her butt he lifted her slightly. Lost in a haze of desire she parted her legs for him, gasping when she felt his tongue licking away the moisture trickling down the inside of her thighs. He pleasured her, licking and sucking her clit and then plunging his tongue inside her. She rested her hands on his head, holding him in place, her fingers tangling in his hair. Her moans of pleasure became more frequent and involuntarily she found herself begging, "Oh God, Mickey... Don't stop, please... Don't stop. It feels so good."

Her breathing grew more ragged and she found herself moving her hips to an ancient rhythm as he continued his exquisite torture. Finally with a cry, that Karen was sure they had heard six blocks away, she came, convulsing against his mouth and tongue.


When Karen had her breath back, Mickey settled next to her. He lay on his side, his now fully erect cock pressing against her hip. Taking the package of condoms from the nightstand he held it out to her. "I thought you might want to help?"

She pulled off the cellophane wrapper and shook some of the smaller foil wrapped packets onto the nightstand. Pushing him over onto his back, she straddled him, with her knees beside his hips. She could feel his cock trapped between their bodies and she wriggled provocatively. Leaning forward, she kissed him, tasting herself on his lips as she flicked at them with her tongue. She moved her hips, rubbing her already moist clit against his rigid member, teasing them both. He lay passively letting her do exactly as she wanted.

With slow, sensuous movements she trailed kisses down his neck, lingering at the hollow between his neck and shoulder. Her dangling breasts brushed against him, exciting her even more. Drifting lower she tongued his nipples, sliding her body over his. Soon, his cock nestled in the valley between her full breasts. Slowly, she rubbed against him, eliciting a groan of protest when she stopped

"I want you, Mickey," she explained. "I want to feel you inside me."

He passed her a condom and sitting back on her heels she slowly rolled it down his straining shaft. With his enthusiastic endorsement she moved forward until she knelt over him. Then, she guided him into her warm wet sheath, lowering herself until he filled her. She sat still for a moment relishing the sensation before she began to move.

As she moved faster, he put his hands on her hips guiding her movements, showing her how to improve the sensations she was experiencing. He sat up and pulled her into his arms, his lips busy against her throat, shoulders and neck. She wrapped her legs around behind him, rocking her hips until, overwhelmed, she came for the second time that night. She collapsed against him, but he didn't let her rest.

Twisting until she was lying under him, her hair spread out on the pillow, he began to move with her. Varying the rhythm of his strokes and changing position slightly each time, harder and deeper he thrust. Finally, with a shout of triumph, he exploded into her.


After the long meal, Lauren had brought out a large, heavenly soft blanket that Control had given her for their use a while ago. Control hated to feel his skin sticking to the leather, and she always spread it out on the couch for his comfort.

Control and Lauren sat back down, side by side on the couch. The room was almost dark now, lit only by the glow of the candles on the table.

"Oh," she groaned, "I think I ate too much."

Control let his arm fall onto her shoulders, "Lorenzo did go all out for us tonight. Arrabiati and Vitello Parmigiana!" He drew Lauren closer to him, "I'm glad you liked it."

"Loved it. And we haven't even gotten to the La Torta Fragole Del Cuore. A Strawberry Hearts Shortcake. Lorenzo is such a romantic." She leaned her head on his chest. "Do you remember the bed and breakfast in Connecticut?"

Control closed his eyes and let his head fall backward to rest on to the couch. "Yes, I do."

Lauren sat up and turned toward him, "Let's do that again. When did you take your last vacation?"

"When we went to that Bed and Breakfast in Connecticut."



"Then it's time we went again." She rubbed his shoulders. Then she caressed his chest and her fingers worked diligently to unbutton his shirt. She slipped it off his arms and threw it in the general direction of the chair that already held his jacket.


Lauren drank in the sight of his naked torso, wondering briefly how he had gotten so tanned. He didn't strike her as someone who spent a lot of time at the beach. Maybe it was just the lack of light in the room that was making his skin look so dark. She didn't ponder on it for too long however, as her thoughts were quickly replaced by other, more base ideas. Having him half-naked in front of her was simply too enticing a prospect to worry about something as insignificant as how he had gotten so brown since the last time she had seen him.

No longer able to withstand the urge to touch him she rubbed her hands across his bare chest, teasing his nipples briefly before becoming distracted again, this time by a scar on his right shoulder located just below his clavicle. She stilled her hands and squinted, trying to get a closer look at it, in the rapidly darkening room. The storm was growing more ominous and another flash of lightning illuminated the room, giving her a good, albeit brief, look at the blemish. It looked like a gunshot wound. She had noticed several similar scars on his body in the past, but she was sure this was a new one. She sighed. More mysteries. She drove the questions out of her mind, not sure she wanted to know the answers, and settled her palms on his shoulders, kneading the taut muscles there.


Control closed his eyes and murmured softly at her touch, the tension that had been building all day in the back of his neck disappeared as Lauren's fingers worked their magic. She was driving him crazy. Her perfume was intoxicating. Her ample bosom was brushing lightly against his chest as she maneuvered her hands along his shoulders. His body was beginning to respond to her attentions and he could feel himself start to become erect.

When she finished the massage, she raised up on her knees, lifted her skirt, straddled his lap and kissed him. He moved his hands up the back of her legs, and massaged her buttocks while his tongue hungrily explored the inside of her mouth.

He slipped his fingers inside the waistband of her panties, but before he could pull them down she stopped him. "Patience, darling," she whispered with a pleased look on her face, as she clutched his hands, climbed off of him, and sat by his side on the couch. "We're just getting started."

He allowed her to push him back onto the couch and he lay passive as she took his feet into her lap, and removed his socks and shoes. That task completed, he felt her run her hands up the inside of his legs, and move them slowly across his groin. Her fingers finally came to rest on his belt buckle. She unfastened his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers, and pulled them down his long legs. Control felt as though his whole body was humming with desire.

All that remained now was his underwear. He had on blue and white pinstriped boxers. He always wore boxers when he planned a tryst with Lauren, as he knew she liked that. Her smile looked mischievous as she reached inside the front of his shorts, coming tantalizingly close to touching his most intimate appendage. He was desperate to feel her hands on him. Instead, she simply slipped the underwear off and holding them, she lifted his legs off her lap and got up off the couch. She quickly added it to the ever-increasing pile of discarded clothing and turned to stand above him as he reclined on the couch. Control felt as if his heart would burst with the lust he felt at that moment.

He watched quietly as she lowered herself full length down on top of him, her body molded against his, pressing her breasts against his tan skin, and resumed her assault on his mouth. He felt her soft body, still covered by her clothing, warm and vital against his. He had always been partial to full body hugs and he gently embraced her. She moved from his lips to the base of his throat, down the remainder of his body, and he felt her leave a trail of wet kisses on his chest. Before heading lower, he felt her pause to flick her tongue into his navel. He was breathing harder now as he felt her soft cheek brushing against his stomach. When he was sure he could not take her teasing one-second longer, Lauren at last reached her destination. He sighed with contentment.


Slowly, in a provocative manner, Lauren began licking his semi-erect penis, focusing particular attention on the sensitive tip. It was already glistening with semen that had begun seeping out, and when she took it whole into her mouth, the salty taste trickled down her throat. She massaged his inner thighs as she worked, feeling him growing harder and longer with each successive stroke of her tongue. When she had him so fully aroused that she thought she would choke, she relinquished her hold and lowered her head in order to admire her handiwork.

Lauren couldn't help but stare. Even though they had been intimate many times over the years, it still took her breath sometimes, when she saw the size of him when he was fully erect. He was by far the biggest man she had ever been with. And not only was he big, but he knew exactly what to do with it. A lot of men didn't. Just thinking about how good he was made her tremble.

She heard Control murmur something as he looked down to see what was hindering her. She saw him smile to himself when he saw her staring at his cock. She quickly averted her eyes from his crotch, feeling slightly embarrassed, like a vacca, a lustful woman, who is so very attracted by the masculine attributes of a man.


Control pulled himself up on the couch. As much as he had enjoyed the foreplay, and the look of admiration she graced him with, he'd had enough. It was time they got down to the business at hand. She looked startled by his rapid movement. He swung his legs over so that he was sitting up with his feet on the floor. He grabbed her by her arms and pulled her to him on a crushing embrace. He kissed her deeply, passionately. He felt her struggle a bit and, as he let her go, he saw that she was smiling smugly. "Scusami, mia caro," she laughed, "I have to make sure the door is locked."

Control looked at her as she walked ever so languidly toward her office door. In their careers, both of them were in positions of power. By making him wait for her, he realized that she was trying to take the lead over him now. Control fought the urge to order her to walk faster, and get back to him. That would never work with Judge Lauren.

Lauren sashayed slowly and sensuously back and stood in front of him. "Shall I disrobe, Caro?" she asked lightly.

"Yes," Control's voice sounded thick with lust, even to his ears.

Lauren slowly started to unbutton her white blouse. He watched her fingers go ever so slowly from one button to the next. Finally he growled in impatience and reached out to unbutton it himself. The tiny seed pearl buttons were too small for his large fingers to manipulate and Lauren laughed delightedly, seeing him struggle to undo them. He felt like an ungainly fourth grader.

"I will do it for you," she said mockingly. She turned her back to him and began to saunter away. "No," Control growled. The hot anger of desire washed over him. He stood up quickly and pulled her blouse up over her head with his right hand while he secured his arm around her waist.

"What are you doing? I would have gotten it off..." she smiled over her shoulder at him, "eventually."

Control dropped the blouse and tightly wrapped his other arm around her. She leaned her head back against his chest and laughed deeply and erotically, the deep tones vibrating throughout his chest.

His mouth dry, he first nuzzled her neck, then he nipped at her earlobe and she gasped. Control leaned his mouth to her ear and whispered everything that he intended to do to her that night. Lauren stopped laughing, and he felt her whole body responding to his words.

She tried to turn around to face him but he wouldn't let her. He alone would be in charge of what they did from now on.

Control knew from past experience, that because of the size of her breasts she always wore brassieres that closed in front. He tucked her arms under his and reached for the front and unfastened it. Her breasts were freed in a second. They were heavy and full with large nipples and Control hefted them in his hands. He gently squeezed them and Lauren started to sigh. As he caressed the nipples with the palms of his hands they grew even larger. He rubbed them harder until Lauren began to make little chirping sounds and squirm in his arms.

"Let's go to the couch now, darling," she begged breathlessly.

He slid one arm around her front and tugged at her skirt with his other hand. Lauren helped him and soon the skirt and her panties were pooled around her feet. Control started to play with her breasts again and he felt her heart beating faster, and her skin became hot.

"Please," she groaned as she wiggled against his hardness, pressing against her back. "Please, I want to face you." She was squirming wildly now.

Control pivoted a bit and started to gently tap his hip against her soft round rump. His own loins felt heavy and comfortably full, and bumping her soft ass felt very pleasurable.

Lauren was writhing with frustration. "You are driving me crazy," she panted, "please. I can't stand it anymore."

Control thumped his hip against her behind harder and more rhythmically while squeezing and rubbing her nipples roughly. Lauren was gasping now, her toes curling on the carpet. She was pressing and releasing her thighs together as hard as she could, trying to release herself from the frenzy that was taking her reason away.

Control had her arms pinned to her sides and he could see that she was digging her nails into her own flesh. Her pleasure was visibly mounting, as her breathing became strained. She pushed her head back onto his shoulder and gave into the blossoming orgasm with a moan.

Control felt Lauren shudder for a quick moment and then she cursed in frustration. "Mannaggia! Damn! It wasn't enough. Please, my love, I need to feel you inside me." she begged. Control let her turn around to face him. She threw herself onto him, her arms snaking around his neck and pressed her full body into him. She kissed him all over his face and neck, "Please darling, we go lie down now?"

Control led her to the couch and she sat down then slid onto her back. Quickly, she hooked her left leg over the back of the couch and let her other leg fall off to the side so that her heel sat on the floor, her knees wide apart.

"Come," she looked up at him, her skin glowing, her heavy female scent filling his head.

Control was overcome with desire, but he stood still. "Are you sure Lauren?" he said gruffly. "Shouldn't I slowly walk away and check the door first to see of it's locked?" There was a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Please lover." She pouted, "Per carità! For pity's sake! Now! I can't take it any more," and she put her own hand onto her throbbing mons. Her fingers rubbed into it obscenely.

Control lifted her hand away. "No, Lauren, that's my property tonight." he said quietly. Then he gently inserted two of his large fingers inside her. She jumped, gasping for air.

"Do you agree with me? That you are mine tonight?" he asked, his voice deep, threatening. He saw with great satisfaction, that she was fighting with herself. She was not the type of woman to submit easily to anybody, and that was one of the reasons he found her irresistible .

She looked up at him, eyes glistening, pupils dilated with desire. "Yes, maestro, What ever you want. Anything you desire. I am yours," she whimpered. Suddenly, his fingers were completely covered with a thick coating of her body's honey.

"Are you ready for me?" he drank in the sight of her lush body, all of her soft curves.

"Yes," she moaned deeply," All ready for you."

Control reached for his pants that were on the floor, and from the pocket took out one of the few brands of condoms that would fit him. He smiled and positioned himself between her legs. She watched breathlessly as he tore the packet open, took out the condom and expertly fit it over his stiff throbbing shaft.

Lauren moaned with happiness as he shifted to lean over her. He opened her labia wide with his fingers and she arched her back, anticipating the pleasure. Control took a deep breath, smelling their combined musk and then he rammed himself deeply inside her.


Control entered Lauren easily. His large cock usually met with resistance when he entered most women, for very few female's vaginas were prepared accept such a large and thick penis. He usually had to apply some pressure to stretch them out a bit, but because he and Lauren had been together before, he slid in smoothly. He grunted with bliss as Lauren's inner walls clenched at him as he began to slide in and out of her.

He felt very warm and he felt sweat run down his sides. He was already panting with the exertion, and he knew he shouldn't have eaten so much.

Lauren was moving with him, her eyes were closed and she was also sweating. Control knew that he would have to try and slow down. He wanted the night to go on forever.

He shifted his position and stopped moving. Lauren's eyes flew open. Control was gazing at her. He felt so full of lust and desire that she was caught by his stare, and her body shivered. In the sweetest voice she asked, "Is anything wrong, caro?"

"No," he answered, Lauren had never been this passive before and he liked it. With his free hand he clasped her breast. Lauren gasped and began to move her hips so that he slid deeper into her.

"Stay still" he urged, "don't move at all."

She became still, her eyes large. Control thrust as deeply into her as he could, and again stopped moving. He reveled at the feel of her beneath him. Lauren's body started to vibrate, as the difficulty of remaining motionless took its toll on her.

She was staring at his face, blinking, trying to focus her eyes as she began to pant violently. The sweetness of her helplessness gave him such a feeling of power, that it filled his body with fire. He moved away from her.


Lauren looked on in horror as he withdrew from her fully. He lifted himself off of her, but remained reclined over her. His fully erect glistening member was two inches away from the tender lips of her labia. Her frustration was overpowering. No longer able to control herself, Lauren's body seemed to howl in a fury of lust. Before Control knew what was happening, she had wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling herself onto him. She lifted herself upward toward his cock and impaled herself onto him.

Lauren cried out in contentment as Control collapsed back down, ramming his shaft into her. She had known that he couldn't hold both of their combined weight on his one knee and arm. She crossed her ankles behind his rump and forced him in deeper. Control was still off balance and she felt him try to keep the whole of his weight off of her, but Lauren wanted to feel him crush her. She threw her arms around his waist and hugged him downward.

She had already started to move her hips in a frenzy of desire. She felt him set his arms higher on the couch and some of his upper body weight was lifted off of her. She was able to take a deep breath. She felt, more than heard him, gasp and grunt as she clenched her legs tightly around him.


Control started to regain his balance. Lauren had covered the spectrum from passive and weak, to a wild woman tonight, and he abandoned himself to his body's desires. As he again began to thrust into her, he felt the warmth radiate from her body. She was on fire and the sensation was exquisite as he felt his most sensitive parts become engulfed in that pool of intimate heat.

Control rammed into her harder and ever deeper. Lauren's eyes and mouth were open but he knew she wasn't aware of anything but what he was doing to her. He took great delight in the loud sounds of pleasure that she was making. With every movement of his hips, she cried out in ecstasy.

He put more of his weight on his arms and thighs, lifting his chest off her, so the he could use their strength to continue to power his movements within her. His sweat ran down his chin and dropped down on her. As he moved ever faster, urging her on, he saw her large breasts jump and quiver. He was fast becoming overpowered by the smell, feel and sight of the magnificent woman writhing beneath him.


Lauren could hardly breath, her heart was beating in her throat. The pleasure coursing through her body was intoxicating. She felt pulled onto another place. The powerful male above her was filling her body with his own energy, and power. His cock felt to be expanding inside her, becoming a solid mass of ecstasy that traveled all the way to her scalp. She felt his balls bouncing off of her, hard as rocks and she was overcome with the desire to feel them in her hand. She slid one hand between their bodies, along his thighs to caress and gently squeeze them.

She heard him let loose with a strangled cry as he began to reach his climax. The sound pushed her over the top, as she felt the spasms and the ripples of her own orgasm spread from her groin outward. Her hand moved out from between their bodies and she put her arms around him, and raked her nails over his sweat slicked back as she tried to grab onto him tightly. She no longer had any control over herself. A powerful pleasure filled her and a primitive cry escaped her mouth as she continued to orgasm for what seemed like forever.


Robert McCall stood in his living room and watched a bare breasted Janet Bishop, eagerly disappear into his bedroom. He walked to the guest bathroom and washed up. Thus refreshed, he made a quick check on the security of the apartment for the night, and locked it up tightly.

He saw that his answering machine was blinking and he thought about the prudence of checking his messages. He sighed and admitted that he would not enjoy what was to come, if he had any question as to the content of the calls.

He listened to the tape and laughed a bit at Mickey's message. No food at home again Mick? His young friend often forgot to stock his house with non-perishables, which would be there to feed him when he returned home after a long mission. Robert admitted that he was happy that they had missed each other tonight. He smiled, thinking about what must be waiting for him in his bed. He switched off the lights and went to greet his guest.

The bed was empty when he ambled into the room. "Janet?" He went to the bathroom door and knocked, "Is everything all right?"

Her voice was high with anxiety, "I'm fine! Just a minute! I'll be there in a second!"

He shook his head with amusement. How can a policewoman as brave and forceful as Janet be so insecure?

Robert arranged a few candles near his dresser mirror and lit them. He checked the Glock that nestled in the special pocket he had by his bed. He then turned off the lights and expeditiously removed his clothing. He got into bed and covered himself with the sheet to his waist.

It was a rare occasion where Robert shared a bed with a woman with whom he wasn't in love. Now, Robert thought of Janet with fondness, I want her to be the happy one tonight. He knew that he would enjoy himself, there was no doubt of that, but he wanted to make the extra effort to please her.

He looked toward the bathroom door as it opened. Janet had on his white terrycloth robe. The steam of the shower still lingered behind her as she stood in the doorway.

"I just took a quick shower," she said uneasily.

"Fine. That is just fine," Robert said quietly

"Robert?" Janet stood by the bathroom door. She looked very uncomfortable. "I don't have anything with me!" she stammered, speaking faster and faster. "I mean, I don't have my diaphragm with me. It's been so long, I doubt if it even fits anymore, and I'm not on the pill, 'cause it doesn't make sense to be on the pill when I only get to sleep with a man once every century, and I really am too old to safely take the pill anyway and I..."

"Janet." Robert interrupting her, "Janet, I have something here." Smiling, he opened the nightstand draw and produced a box. "See? A box of assorted." He held the box of condoms out to show her.

She brightened, "Assorted?" she asked, as she closed the bathroom door and walked to the bed.

Robert pulled the sheet off her side of the bed as a welcoming gesture. She sat down, her back to him, and hesitated for a moment. Robert leaned across and smoothed a hand over her shoulders.

"Come to bed." he whispered, taking care to have his voice deep and soothing.

She shrugged out of the robe and quickly slid under the sheet, clutching it to her, covering herself up to her neck.

Robert pulled his side of the sheet up and covered himself to his neck also, his hands underneath. He turned on his side and faced Janet. He slowly and gently put his right hand on her stomach.

"Oh God!" she muttered, half giggling - half quivering.

"Is this all right?" he whispered into her ear.

"Fine," she said, taking a deep breath, and Robert saw that she was still trembling, trying to quell her nervousness.

He moved closer to her and soothingly embraced her. She stiffened for a moment, and then took a breath and sighed when she let it out. She was calmer. "Sorry, I'm out of practice."

"So you say." Robert smiled and slowly started to touch her body. He caressed her breasts and gave each nipple some extra attention, teasing each small button until she sighed and squirmed under the sheet. He kissed her and she nestled closer to him, reaching over to take him in her hand. Robert gently guided her away from his semi erect member. He knew that, at his age, he had only one good erection per night. He wanted her pleasure to continue for quite a while longer before he used himself up.

He continued to move his hand under the sheet, getting acquainted with each part of her body. The skin on her neck, and hips, and thighs. By now, Janet was breathing heavily, and her skin had a rosy glow to it. Robert placed his hand on the soft hair that nestled in between her legs. He stayed there a while, stroking and playing with the curls. Janet began to pant softly and Robert dipped two fingers inside her.

She gasped with pleasure as he found her sensitive bud with his thumb. He first touched lightly, then tapped at it. Janet closed her eyes and moaned quietly with pleasure. Robert studied her face and then began to rub. Janet became breathless as he continued to move his hand softly within her. At last she spasmed and soft sounds were wrung deep from her throat.


Lauren Carella woke up. She was wedged in-between the back of the couch and Control's gloriously big and warm body. She had to move him in order to get up, and Control opened his eyes. "Where are you going? he asked his voice thick with sleep.

"I have to go to the bathroom."

Lauren stood up in front of him and stretched. She was trying act as if she was unaware of his gaze plastered on her, but she made sure she bounced as she walked to her private bathroom.

When she finished washing, she shut off the light to the bathroom and walked into the darkened room. When she got to the couch she found Control lying on his back, on top of the blanket, fully exposed. "My, my," she mused, "don't we look scrumptious?"

"Hum?" Control had obviously been deep in thought.

She nudged him over and lay down beside him. The rain was coming down steadily outside and the sound was very soothing. She dug in closer to his large body and couldn't help but cuddle closer to him. She looked up into his face and was rewarded by seeing a look of contentment on his usually stony countenance.

Control smiled down at her and inhaled deeply. He lifted her face and kissed her, "Thank you for tonight. You are wonderful."

"And you are a God!" she returned and they both chuckled contentedly.

"Lauren, I have to leave soon."

"What!" Lauren looked at him, anger was beginning to rise in her chest. "You plan a dinner and then have to go? What?" She sat up, "I am not important enough to give some time to? I warned you, I won't ever be used as a few moments of cheap fun." She felt as if she were being scorned.

Control had a tense look on his face. "Lauren, damn it. I planned the dinner and planned to stay all night, but I didn't plan the call I got from the Pentagon before I left my office tonight."

"Oh yes," the anger blossomed and she quickly got up and grabbed Control's shirt off the chair and put it on. She paced the room. "I forgot you are more important than I am. You give me a few moments of your precious time and then you leave!" She was shouting and gesturing wildly with her hands.

Control sat up. "I am sorry Lauren," he said quietly.

"Sorry?" she yelled, "Sorry? I don't see you for months and then you came here and give me a short taste of amore and than you leave? No, no. I will not permit this." Lauren stood in front of him, her hands on her hips.

Control smiled at her. "You know, that shirt doesn't quite cover you, and what I am seeing is too delicious to frown at."

Lauren looked down and saw that most of her female parts were fully exposed. She tugged the shirt closed and remembered why she could never ever stay angry with this man for very long.

Control knitted his brows, "I'll tell you what I'll do, My Heart. Tomorrow I will came and fetch you from the courthouse at," he paused, "Seven?" When she didn't shake her head no, he continued. "And I will take you anywhere you want. Any restaurant, any show, any opera. I will stay all with you all night, and we will wake up in each other's arms. Okay? Lauren?"

Lauren stared at him sternly, one eyebrow raised in thought. He searched her face for her answer. Finally she smiled a full beaming smile at him. She ran to him, got on her knees next to the couch, and hugged and kissed him.

"Better, Caro. Don't ever make the mistake of taking me for granted. I will not stand for that kind of treatment - from anybody."

"I am well aware of that Lauren. I didn't plan this interruption. I swear to you." He moved around her and got up. "Decide where you want to go and call my office. I'll get the tickets." He picked up his clothing and walked to the bathroom. "Do you have any idea of where you'd like to go?"

Lauren was sitting with her head leaning on her hands, starring at his every movement "You really are a beautiful man," she murmured. "You have such a manly grace."

She saw Control smile and shake his head, as though giving up to confusion. He always said it amazed him how she went from one emotion the next. Lauren always answered with, "It's definite. You're not Italian."

Control looked at her askew "Anyway. Decide where you want to go."

"Oh, I know where I want you to take me caro. To my own bed, for the whole night."

Control leaned on the door of the bathroom and pursed his lips. "Sounds like a good plan to me." He closed the door.


In his clothing, but still shirtless, Control opened the door to the bathroom and was amazed. The room was brightly lit, the dirty dishes had been put away, and there were three brown paper bags on the coffee table. Lauren had put the blanket back into her closet and was now sitting on the couch holding a plate of cake. She was still wearing his shirt, and her bare bottom was peeking out from beneath it.

"Oh Caro," Lauren jumped up and ran holding the plate in front of her. She picked up a piece of cake. "You must taste this fantastic cake, and Lorenzo also left a box of Godiva chocolates for us!"

He moved his mouth away from the cake. "Lauren," he said calmly, "I bought the chocolates for you. I know you like them."

"You think of everything," she pressed herself against him. "You must eat some cake." She pushed the chunk of cake into his mouth. Control held her hand there and sucked the last of the cake off of her fingers. "For tomorrow!" she laughed, " You're going to need your strength."

"What I need is my shirt," Control said. "Why aren't you dressed yet? I want to drive you home."

"I had to clear everything up," Lauren said. "Look, all the extra food is wrapped up for you to take home. Men. They never notice anything," she said as she took off his shirt and threw it at him.

"Not true," Control said as he openly ogled her body.

"Just remember what you are missing out on enjoying tonight." Lauren stepped into her skirt, pulled her blouse on and put on her shoes. She gathered up her bra and panties and stuck them in the pocket of her overcoat.

She went to the brown bags of food and put the box of chocolates into her desk drawer. "Come on, caro. Take these bags here. I need to get home. I have a very special date tomorrow," she fluttered her lashes at him, "with a very important man, and I want to get things ready for him."

"I know he is ready for you," Control whispered in her ear.

She grinned wickedly and ran her hand over his groin, "I would say he was ready. Humm. Do you have a chauffeur tonight? Or will you be busy driving?"

"I have a driver, and a panel that goes up for privacy, separating the front seat from the back." His eyes locked with hers.

"Interesting," Lauren stated as she led him out of her office.


Janet's breathing had just become regular again when she looked at Robert, her face flushed. "That was nice," she said, her disappointment almost hidden.

Robert smiled at her and chuckled, "We haven't even begun yet."

"No?" she asked in amazement, her face suddenly happy.

"No," he pulled the sheet down and showed her the fingers of his right hand, wet and glistening in the candlelight.

"From me?" her eyes were large. She touched her fingers into herself. "McCall, where were you years ago?" She snorted, "My husband couldn't get me going at all. I had to keep a drawer full of KY."

"Janet?" Robert said, "As lovely as this conversation is, I would prefer to be doing something else."

Janet, happy and suddenly not at all shy, pounced on top of him. She grabbed him round the neck and kissed him. "You're OK, Robert. I'm sorry I said all those nasty things about you."

He tilted his head back and looked at her, "What nasty things? You never said anything to me."

"Not to you. About you." She gazed into his eyes.

"Did you?"

"I just said, well, it seemed that all you ever seemed to do was rescue women. You know that Foxworth woman. And then you showed up with Karen." She nuzzled him, "and now me," She laughed, "I take it all back, McCall. You are very OK. OK?"

Robert grinned, "I do what I can..." He shook his head.

Her hands started to wander down his body, landing on his partially erect shaft.

He cleared his throat, "And Janet, I can only do so much. And only a single time per evening, I'm afraid."

"Robert please, I'll keep it low key, but it's been quite a while since I've been this close to a man, this intimately." She whispered, "I would like to get acquainted with the subject again. You know, get my bearings, find the important landmarks." She rubbed her hand over his chest. "Men's bodies are so different, really so different." She moved her hands over his arms.

"Well, if it would make you happy," Robert slid up in bed and positioned himself to lean against the headboard, the sheet neatly tucked around his waist. He resolved to control himself as best he could.

Janet stretched out next to him and started to touch him. She undid the sheet that covered him, then removed the rest of the sheet from herself and flung it to the foot of the bed.

He gave himself over to her. Her touch, her exploration. He dropped his head back onto a pillow and closed his eyes, to better enjoy it.

Janet leaned back and looked at him lying there. She tucked her hair behind her ear, put her hands on both sides of his head, and happily started on him. She touched his hair. His jaw. She felt the rough growth of beard that sprang from his chin, using her lips. She continued downward, tasting with her tongue, teasing with her lips: the hard small nipples on his pecs, the crisp hairs on his chest.

As she continued downward she came to his comfortable gut. With a feeling of lustful hunger, she grabbed his soft stomach and kneaded it with both her hands.

Janet noticed Robert raise an eyebrow and open one eye to look at her.

She smiled at him, her hands rubbing his belly. "I like it!" she said, her voice husky with desire, "Nice tummy," she bent to kiss and nuzzle it. She pressed her mouth to different places and sucked.

Robert just stared at her, amazed. After a particularly hard smack against his midsection, Robert opened his mouth to pass a remark when her kisses abruptly moved downward and she started to lick his testicles. He closed his mouth in surprise and clenched his jaw. He needed all his focus. He needed to concentrate to keep himself from responding too quickly.

Janet was breathing hard. Her hands and mouth probing, first softly then insistently. Robert felt himself grow hard. He turned his attention from Janet's exploration and took a foil wrapped package from the box of condoms. He handed it to her. She smiled as she accepted it.

Robert leaned back and concentrated on holding himself still. Janet began to fit the condom over him and the feeling of her long fingers moving over his shaft was exquisite torture for him. He almost lost control at the wondrous agony of keeping himself disciplined.

When she had finally finished, Robert studied her in the glow of the candles. Her eyes were wide and glazed. She was glowing with sweat. From her energetic ministrations to his body, her lips were red and swollen, mirroring her most feminine parts.

He grabbed her head, suddenly desperate to taste those lips, he kissed her deeply and passionately. Into her ear he spoke plainly, "Mount me." He felt her tremble at his words.

Hands on her full hips, he guided her over him. She took a deep breath and eased herself down, slowly, until he was deep inside her.

Robert almost lost control right then. She was as tight as a virgin. The smooth walls of her vagina grasped him, squeezed him. Only the discipline of years stopped him from giving himself over to the pleasure that pulled at him.

He had just managed to mentally separate his mind from his physical self, when Janet began to move on top of him. Without thinking he filled his hands with the flesh of her hips and they started to move together.


Janet gave herself over to the movement and the sensations. Time passed. Janet started to gasp. She only seemed to be able to take quick breaths in. She couldn't exhale. She began to writhe. She couldn't stop moving, trying to increase the pleasure and to flee from it at the same time. She leaned back and Robert's hands held her upright as she arched her back and began to whimper as the white light of pleasure filled her body. She leaned forward and put her arms around his neck and held on tight, as their movements together increased in rhythm.

She felt the sweat run down her body. She smelled the aroma of him. A smell of soap with the underlying twang of male.

Janet took a deep breath in and held it as she came close to the release. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, and she shook her head as the rolling orgasm took her. She gave a deep seated cry as the female parts of her body all came to life. Her vagina undulated, squeezing his shaft that was deep inside her over and over, as the large muscle that was her uterus clenched once, then again, mixing pleasure with pain, until she no longer knew anything but the exquisite sensation making her whole body, one single responding mass.


As Janet came, Robert felt the sweat rolling down his face. He had tried to control himself, and he had held himself in check. But now it was almost impossible to stop himself any longer, the sound and the sight of a woman in orgasm and the sensations and the smell of their combined musk was wearing away his resolve.

Now satiated, Janet was breathing deeply as she leaned against his chest. Still erect and hard, Robert slid out of her. He put his hands under her arms and rolled her onto her back.

Janet looked at him, her eyes unseeing, he knew that she was still feeling her sex organs throbbing, her heart beating. Her body was boneless as Robert arranged her on his bed. He spread her legs wide apart and kneeled in-between them, keeping his own knees in a wide stance for better balance. He drank in the sight of a woman ready to be taken. The musk rising from her body hit him like a drug.

He realized that he was visibly throbbing inside the glistening condom, his need was so overpowering. He lifted each of her legs and deliberately draped them, one by one, over his shoulders.

Janet began to tremble with anticipation, and he reveled in her submission. He was no longer the gentleman, no longer the civilized man. Now only the male, the conqueror was left of him. His condom cloaked member seemed to lift and guide him toward the glistening slick slit between her legs. He spread her swollen labia and impaled her in one swift aggressive movement.

Janet gasped and clutched at the mattress. Robert leaned farther forward, using all the strength in his thighs. Her body bent, knees almost touching her shoulders, Janet was panting hard for air.

He grabbed the headboard and began to thrust, long and hard, slowly, languidly, in and out. As his urgency built, his strokes became shorter and faster. Janet was whimpering with pleasure, her eyes and mouth shut tightly, her head thrown back, pushing deeply into the pillow. Robert's jaw was set tightly as he grunted. Sweat was dripping down his body. Nothing in the world was left to him, just the hunger, the pleasure, the smell and the feel of the woman beneath him.

Janet began to move harder against him. Her legs clenched him tighter, she began to moan, "I can't. I can't." Her small breasts began to undulate as her body moved faster, her moaning becoming even louder. The sound itself heightened his pleasure and he thrust into her with even more vigor.

His leg ached, as did his shoulder. Every part of him that had ever been violated by a bullet or a knife wound was calling out its own agony to him. He felt as he did in battle; his wounds edged him on farther. He became stronger with the pain. He felt his heart pounding in his chest, he felt it skip beats. He didn't care. Janet's mouth opened wide and Robert felt her radiate energy as her whole body clenched with another orgasm.

Robert felt his own release coming on him quickly and he tightened his grip on the headboard, tensing the muscles in his arms, back, and buttocks as he rammed deep into her, ever more deeply. Baritone grunts accompanied each stroke. Her orgasm pushed her vagina to embrace and squeeze him rhythmically, almost trapping him.

With agonizing pleasure, his own orgasm exploded on him. The muscles of his body all tensed and he groaned loudly as he felt his body release his seed. He gave a great groan and thrust twice more inside her, enjoying every movement.

Then he lay still. Their musk mingled in the humid air. Slick skin to slick skin, male to female, both their hearts refusing to calm down.


Karen had crept out of bed, leaving Mickey snoring gently. She stood with her body just touching the chest of drawers that stood in front of her bedroom window. She had opened the curtains slightly and could see the city streets glistening in the rain. She felt wonderful. Her body was slightly sore from Mickey's ardent attentions earlier but, at last, she had answers to the questions Arnold had left festering in her head. He had told her repeatedly that she was frigid when he couldn't have sex with her and in the end she had almost believed him. But not any longer.

Lost in her memories, she was only aware of him when she felt his body against her own. He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her backwards until they were touching from her knees to her shoulders. She could feel his muscular thighs against the backs of her legs and his cock, already hard, against her back.

"What are you doing?"

"Just thinking. I was wondering how many people out there," she pointed out of the window, "are making love right now."

"I don't know the answer to that, but we could increase the number by two, if you wanted." His voice was low and seductive.

"I'd like that very much," she breathed.

He slid his hands up over her body until he held one full, rounded breast in each hand. Her head fell back, against his shoulder and she craned her neck seeking his lips. Their kiss was long and hard. He moved his left hand lower until he found the junction between her legs. She parted her legs, opening herself to him, welcoming his touch. Slowly he stroked her, arousing her easily. She cried out when his long fingers slipped inside her, probing deeply while his thumb continued to rub gently against her clit. She tried to turn around, to face him but his arm across her breasts held her still.

Slowly and sensuously, he kissed her, biting at the curve between her neck and shoulder, all the while keeping up the exquisite pressure between her legs. Her legs began to give way and with a quiet chuckle he pushed her forward until her upper body was resting on the chest of drawers. Still stroking her, he leaned over her and murmured in her ear. "Do you want to do it like this?"

Barely able to speak coherently, she moaned, "Yes... Please... Now... I want you now."

She felt him move away for a moment and she was aware of her breasts against the cold wooden surface of the chest. Then she forgot everything as she felt his hard, rubber sheathed cock slide in between her legs. She moved slightly adjusting her position and with a swift thrust he penetrated her. She gasped with pleasure as he filled her once more. Lifting herself on tiptoes she pushed back against him, feeling his balls against her behind briefly, before he slid away.

He began to pump slowly, withdrawing almost completely before plunging deeply into her once more. All the time, his fingers kept up their slow movements on her clit, tipping her over the edge, into another orgasm, effortlessly.

Karen could feel the tension in his body as he stopped, controlling himself, waiting for her to recover her wits. The night had already been better than she could ever have hoped and it wasn't over yet.

He put his hands on her hips and held her tightly as he pushed even deeper into her. As his thrusts grew stronger, her whole body began to move with his. At last when she was sure she couldn't stand any more, he gave a shout and buried himself to the hilt in her willing body. He writhed against her as he came and she found herself experiencing another orgasm, this one so powerful that her legs gave way and it was only the chest, supporting her upper body, and his wonderful cock, softening now, but still deep inside her, that kept her on her feet.


Robert woke to the smell of coffee and the insistent urge of his bladder. He had a sleep shrouded memory of Janet getting up earlier. As he moved, all of his aches called out to him at once. He groaned, pushed himself out of bed, and naked, he staggered into the bathroom.

After relieving himself, he turned the shower on and stood under the needle spray of the hot water. He let the warmth seep into his too tired body.

He could hardly bear to look at himself in the mirror as he shaved. He was haggard and puffy eyed. He remembered a time when a long energetic night with a woman ended in an equally long energetic morning. Or day. Or days, with her.

"Long past," he muttered as he turned to put on his robe. Only when he found it missing did he remember that Janet had worn it last night. It was most likely still by the bed where she had discarded it.

An involuntary grin plastered itself onto his face as he thought of how well the night had gone. Still the stallion, he congratulated himself. Then his back and leg began to ache loudly. A frown appeared on his face. A stallion not quite ready to be let out to pasture, he hoped.

He wrapped a towel around his middle and walked into the bedroom. He caught a glimpse of Janet in the doorway for a moment, and then she returned with a cup of hot coffee.

She beamed at him and said, "I put a drop of cream in it. Just the way you like it."

He took the coffee, and then they couldn't help but came together in a joyful embrace. Robert held the cup out behind her as they kissed and murmured a good morning to each other.

Janet fished into her pocket for a small bottle of aspirin, and shook out two pills. "You were groaning in your sleep. Here, these will help."

Robert gratefully swallowed the aspirin. Janet checked her hair and makeup in the mirror over the bureau. "I've got to leave soon," she said, "I've got to sneak into the precinct house and change into the suit I keep there." She turned to look at him, "If any of the guys see me in the same outfit I left in last night," she shook her head, "they would never let me forget it."

Robert smiling, stood behind her and watched as she primped.

"How do you feel this morning?" he asked, as he put his coffee cup down.

She turned, and they wrapped their arms around each other once more. "Robert, it was wonderful..." she smiled at him, "You were so very wonderful. I feel just dandy," she chuckled. She rubbed her hands against his bare chest, "You?"

"A little worse for wear, "he said tilting his head back, looking into her eyes, "But very content, thank-you-very-much."

"I can't tell you how happy I feel," she said. "Get dressed, I'm preparing breakfast. Get it while it's hot!" she grinned and patted his groin. She looked at him in surprise, "Robert My goodness!"

"A man can't help himself if he is inspired." He grinned as he grabbed her and tightly held her close.

"Robert," she giggled. "We can't. I can't. I have to..." Her words were cut off as his mouth covered hers and their tongues began to explore.

Without really knowing how they got there, Robert found himself on top of Janet, across the bed, one hand bunching her skirt around her waist, while the other hand roughly pulled her underwear down and off her body.

Janet had already opened Robert's towel and he only slightly realized she was trying to get herself rid of her blouse and tugging her bra to free her breasts. He was wild to feel her against his skin once again. Robert opened her bra and he filled his hands and mouth with whatever part of her body he could. Janet had already wrapped her legs around him, and he could feel her hands passionately gripping and kneading his buttocks.

"Yes, Yes," she moaned as she tilted her pelvis to accept his fully rigid cock. Robert was just about to plunge into her when he bellowed and pulled away.

Janet trembled with desire as he moved off of her willing body. "What's wrong?" her voice was thick with frustration.

"Damned condom!" Robert cursed, as he crawled across the bed to the nightstand. He flung the drawer open grabbed a packet and ripped it open with his teeth

Janet was now sitting next to him. "Give it to me," she pleaded, as he rolled on his back, "I'll put it on." She shifted to her knees and moved beside his head. She took the condom and pulled it out from the foil and pivoted away to face his very stiff member. She then bent over Robert's prone body.

Right by his face, Robert caught sight of her partially covered rump. Her skirt was still half bunched at her waist. He found the side zipper, opened the skirt and slid it down around her knees. He let his hand caress her naked ass.

Janet stopped what she was doing, turned her head around and leered at him over her shoulder. "What do you think you're doing?"

Robert playfully leered back and slid three fingers between her very wet and welcoming labia.

Janet cried out with pleasure.

He then used his other hand to pull her skirt away and guide her leg over him. She was astride him now, her back to his face.

He could tell that Janet had understood what he wanted to do, and after she got into position, he saw her sit back and push her rear end even closer to his face. Soon there was the heart pounding sensation of her fondling his balls, and when she bent over, he felt her wet, hot mouth take in the whole of his cock.

He couldn't help but buck at the pleasure. He lifted his hips as she sucked harder and harder. He used his free hand to control her rump while he moved the fingers of his other hand further in and out of her. Her labia felt hot and swollen, and he was surprised that she was already very aroused. Janet started to moan deeply around her mouthful, and the vibration was pulling Robert into mindless pleasure.

He then snaked his free hand around her hip and slipped fingers between her legs to find her clitoris. He was gasping for air by now, the pleasure mounting higher and higher. To pleasure her more, while one hand slid slick fingers into her vagina, he quickly vibrated his other hand against her engorged bud.

Janet shrieked and started to shudder, her voice rising as the orgasm shook her body. She grasped the base of his cock with her hand and caressed the sensitive tip of his shaft with her tongue as she took one more lip smacking, long hard suck at his throbbing member. Robert's orgasm followed immediately upon hers as they both rode each other's bodies, overwhelmed with pleasure.

Soon after the last shudder subsided, Janet wiped her mouth, untangled herself from Robert and lay down alongside him, resting her head against his chest.


Karen woke with a start when her alarm clock sounded. Untangling herself from the man wrapped around her, she reached out and turned the annoying thing off. She had forgotten she had set it so early yesterday, when she had wanted to take her time getting ready for her court appearance. Today she could go back to sleep for at least an hour.

It seemed that Mickey had other ideas. Awakened by the alarm and her cursing, he had rolled onto his back and was lying against the pillows with his hands behind his head. The sheet covered him from his waist down but she saw the way it was tented over a certain part of his anatomy.

With a sly smile, she reached under the sheet and stroked him gently. She pulled the sheet aside and bent her head to him. She'd had little experience of oral sex in her past so now she did what felt right, going with her instincts. She licked him slowly, running her tongue up along his shaft, over his glans and down the other side, before taking him into her mouth and sucking. When he began to buck against her, she reached for another condom and slowly and sensuously put it on him.

She was about to kneel over him when he sat up and, with a movement too fast for her to follow, Karen found herself lying on her back. Mickey knelt between her legs and, slowly and carefully he slid into her. She was so sensitive, that every movement they made was earth shattering. Karen felt her orgasm building quickly and as it exploded through her, she thought she was going to faint. Gasping for breath she held onto Mickey as though he was a life preserver. She didn't remember falling asleep again.


The smell of fresh coffee filled Robert's bedroom as he and Janet reposed side by side on the bed. Only the sound of their uneven breathing was heard. Soon though, Robert felt the bed shake as Janet tried to smother her giggles.

"What?" he murmured languidly, fondling her small plump breast.

"We wasted a perfectly good condom!" she laughed, "I never got to use it. I just found it on the bed."

"Couldn't be helped." He smiled.

Janet glanced at the clock on the side table. "Oh no! I'm gonna be late!" She jumped up. "Come on McCall. The eggs will be ready and in the pan in a few minutes. Move it, Casanova!"

Robert stayed still, he hadn't the strength to move a muscle. "Let's forget breakfast Janet, and just have a nice lie down for a couple of minutes."

"No! I've got a full day ahead of me and I need food." She laughed and gave him an energetic push. "Come on big boy, you'll need your strength too. I called the precinct before you got up," she grinned at her double entendre, "anyway, I got a message from Judge Carella's office. It has to do with Karen's case."

He became focused, "Webster's not escaped, has he?"

"No. We wouldn't still be here if he had," she chided as she retrieved what was left of her wrinkled clothing. "I'd have gotten us to Karen's place, pronto. No, Judge Carella wants to see Karen and me in Chambers."

"What time does the Judge want you there?" he asked, "Shall I meet you?"

Janet finished dressing, and grimaced as she glanced at her reflection in the mirror. "The meeting is at seven tonight. It's not an emergency Robert. I can handle anything that's thrown at us." She patted his leg, "But I wouldn't mind company. Still, don't worry, I'll let you know and I'll keep you fully informed. Breakfast now. Move it, lover."

Robert watched her walk out of the room. Nice legs, he thought. Nice everything. He started to get up out of bed.

This might very well might be the start of a beautiful friendship.


Mickey nudged open the bedroom door, a mug full of coffee in each hand. Karen was still asleep, lying on her stomach with one leg drawn up. The sheet was tangled around her waist and he could just make out one full, round breast. Hell, did I ever look that innocent? Probably not.

He put the mugs down on the nightstand and sat down beside her. She stirred slightly. That boyfriend of hers had been a real screw up Mickey decided. How could he think she was frigid? Sure, she had been a bit nervous at first, but in the end, she had responded to him as passionately as anyone he had ever known.

Sleepy, warm and with her tousled hair falling around her face, he found her so desirable. Bending, he kissed her softly.

Awake now, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back. "Hi," she said shyly, when they came up for air.

"I made some coffee. I didn't finish the dishes though."

"I could taste the coffee." She picked up her cup and took a long sip. "Don't worry about the dishes, I'll do them later." She put her cup down, leaned towards him, and kissed him again, letting the sheet fall around her hips. With a deep sigh of self control, Mickey pulled the sheet up again.

"Don't do that."

"What?" she asked, feigning innocence.

"Give me ideas, or I will end up back in there with you."

She giggled, "Is that a promise?"

"No, a threat." He growled.

"What time is it?"

"Seven-thirty, I didn't like to wake you before."

"What! Oh no, I'm going to be late for work." She pushed back the covers and darted out of bed. Mickey caught a glimpse of her very alluring rear view before she disappeared into the bathroom.


Mickey was slouched on the couch a plate, with a partially eaten bagel, balanced on his chest, when Karen reappeared. Her hair was still damp from the shower and she was dressed in a long, full, black skirt, leather boots and a brightly colored cotton sweater. He couldn't help but notice that she was favoring one leg this morning.

"You okay?"


"You looked to be limping a little."

"One of my calf muscles is a little sore; I can't think why." Her grin told him that she knew exactly why her leg was sore.

She sat down next to him and helped herself to the last of the bagel. Of it's own volition his hand found its way to her cheek and he stroked her smooth skin. "If I get to see you later, I could give you a massage, if you wanted."

She looked into his eyes and swallowed quickly before she answered, "I'd like that."

"Okay, how about I buy you dinner tonight and we can see what else comes up."

"Okay," she breathed, before his mouth covered hers and she sank into his arms. Neither of them noticed as the plate tipped onto the floor.


The phone began to ring sometime later and there was a moment of chaos as Karen looked around frantically for the phone. She eventually found it under a pile of magazines that had fallen off the couch. "Hello," she answered breathlessly.

Mickey looked on as she listened to the voice at the other end of the phone. "Yes, I can be there at seven. I know where the Judge's office is." She put the receiver down and frowned.

"What is it?"

"That was Judge Carella's office. She wants to see me this evening, something about the case." She looked at Mickey and he could see her begin to panic. "You don't think she has changed her mind do you, and let him out?"

"I'm sure she hasn't. Do you want me to come with you this evening?"

"Would you, Mickey. I would feel much happier."

"No problem."


At five minutes after seven that night, Judge Lauren Carella sat back in her leather chair, trying to get more comfortable. It wasn't easy, she was still wonderfully sore from last night's Olympics.

She looked at the two woman sitting in front of her desk. "Good, I'm glad that you both agree to Webster's transfer to Arizona," she said in a businesslike manner. "An experimental program like this might be the best thing in the long run for him, and for everyone. Better then just putting him away for a few months, anyway. I hope you can put all this behind you now, Karen. Arnold won't be away for a very long time, and you need to get out some. Rebuild your life."

Karen smiled to herself. She squirmed in her seat, the sensitive area between her legs had been reminding of her of last night's doings all day. "I am trying to get out more," she said shyly, " I had a kind of date last night." She was blushing and a silly grin had appeared on her face.

Janet looked at her in open mouthed surprise. "A date! I thought you said you wanted to be alone?"

"I was going to, but I met a friend." Embarrassed, Karen was examining her hands which she had clasped in her lap.

Janet threw a happy and knowing glance at Judge Carella. "What did you do?" she asked Karen.

Karen continued to look at her hands, "Nothing much. I cooked dinner for us and we talked for ages." She looked up at the other two women, " I hadn't seen him for a while, and I had never thought about him, you know, that way." She sighed, "But it was wonderful," She giggled, "you know, I'm not really very experienced. But I swear, I can't imagine it being any better!"

The woman all laughed. "Good for you, Karen." Judge Carella said.

"I mean, he even likes the same sort of music as me." Karen was feeling very comfortable with these two women. Her eyes grew wide and happy, "We even listened to it in the bedroom!"

Janet shifted in her chair, the tenderness and swelling of her privates had not gone down much through the day, and she was happy about it. She was feeling rather chipper. "Oh oh, so he spent the night did he?"

Karen spoke quietly, "Yes he did, all night and it was wonderful."

Janet reached over and patted her on the knee, "Good for you. Just what you needed, I expect. A nice caring and sensitive man."

Sighing, Judge Lauren Carella looked toward her leather couch and remembered some of last night, and gave a thought to the night that was to come. She shifted to her other hip in the chair and beamed. "It certainly makes all the difference if they know what they are doing. Trust me."

Janet sniggered, "Amen! You can say that again!"

Karen and Lauren both looked at Janet. Lauren Carella understood right away, the evidence was clear. "You mean to say that we all had a good time last night? With men who are just the best thing since... since... " She opened a drawer in her desk and took out a gold papered box, "Godiva chocolates"!

"I love those" each woman mumbled. Lauren Carella passed them around and they all took one.

Karen took a tiny bite of the rich exquisite chocolate, "I did," she said "I had a real good time." She wiggled in her chair to physically remind herself, and sighed.

Janet sucked on the chocolate. She closed her eyes and crossed her legs, squeezing her thighs together. "Mmmm, me too."

Judge Carella licked her fingers of all trace of chocolate. "I would have bet money that there weren't three men like that in NYC!" She laughed, "Unless it was the same one and he visited all of us in turn?"

Karen's eyes opened wide, "Oh no! He stayed all night and we were busy all night."

Janet wiggled her eyebrows in amusement, leaned forward and pushed Karen on her shoulder, "All night? Come on girl, give! Just how many times did you..., you know?"

Karen thought for a minute, " I don't remember exactly! I kind of lost count."

Judge Carella put her hand on her bosom in awe, "You lucky girl! You want to pass on his phone number?"

"Well, yours was probably young," Janet said, "I had quality rather than quantity. And, I do mean quality!"

Judge Lauren Carella leaned back in her chair, taking the pressure off one sensitive part of her anatomy, onto another, "Me too, my man is very experienced. Knows exactly what it is, where it is, and has the equipment to do the job well." She squirmed, "Yes he does."

"Yikes!" Janet exclaimed. She uncrossed her legs and leaned forward, "I've had a long dry spell, I don't mind telling you. It is so difficult to find a good man," she lifted one eyebrow, "for anything. But brother, I hit the mother lode last night. I'm still sore."

"Me too!" the other two women squealed, laughing.

Lauren Carella leaned forward, her heavy breasts resting on her desk, "I've never gone wanting, but this particular man hits 'The Spot,' hits the bullseye, every time. If you know what I mean."

"Mine too!" Janet cheered.

"What spot?" Karen asked. "Oh!" she smiled, "That spot!"

Lauren smiled at Karen and shook her head, "You are so young." She pulled at her bra, "My nipples are driving me crazy, because of last night."

"My calves hurt." Karen noted.

"Your calves?" Janet frowned in concentration.

"I was on tiptoe for a long time"

"Standing up?" Lauren shrieked. "I love standing up!!"

"Well, Karen smiled, "He was standing up. I was kind of....bending over."

The two other women pealed with laughter. "Why do men like doggie style so much?" Lauren wondered out loud, laughing.

"I liked it." Karen said then put her hand over her mouth in embarrassment, "This is terrible. We are terrible." Then she laughed some more.

Janet took a deep breath when she finally stopped laughing, "Mind you, I thought I was going to give myself a black eye with one of my knees last night."

"Your own knees?" Karen asked confused.

Lauren let out a whoop, "Holding up the ceiling with your feet were you!?"

"My Goodness, Janet!!" Karen lifted her hand to cover her mouth as she gasped. "I suppose I really shouldn't be talking, telling you about this," she said to Janet, as her shyness took over and she looked at her hands again. "Especially when you've met him." She grinned wickedly to herself.

Janet jumped. "I've met him!!?? Who? When? Where?" She grabbed at Karen, "TELL ME!!"

Karen was laughing hysterically, "He helped put Arnold away."

The smile faded on Janet's face. "What are you talking about?"

Karen stopped laughing when she saw that Janet had stopped laughing. "He works with Mr. McCall. Mickey Kostmayer."

"Oh," Janet said breathing a sigh of relief, "I got confused for a minute." But then a thought hit her. "Kostmayer? Hey! I remember him!" She gasped, "He's gorgeous!" She turned to Lauren, "He always wore these skintight jeans. What a package that guy has! And legs. And butt!"

"Wait a minute, " something had occurred to Karen, "didn't you have dinner with Mr. McCall last night!?"

Janet nodded smiling smugly.

"AAAAHHHH!!! You and Mr. McCall!!!" Karen screamed. She grabbed Janet by the arm, "Did you make him talk to you all night?" She turned to Lauren. "That man has a voice that can make your panties slide off by themselves."

"Karen!!" Janet scolded, laughing.

"McCall from the case?" Lauren asked, "The Equalizer?"

"It's true!" Karen said.

"I remember his voice." Lauren said, "I had to fight to keep mine up whenever he spoke to me!"

"His voice isn't the only thing he has that's large and powerful!" Janet blurted out, and the three laughed even harder.

Judge Lauren squirmed in her chair. "There is no way that either one of you could know my guy. First, he works for the government, all hush hush. Second, if you knew my man, all it would take is one look at him and his baby blues and his wide shoulders and his large, graceful, talented, hands..."

"Talented hands??" Janet interrupted, mouth gaping.

"Ten large digits of delight," Lauren smiled, "and you would be falling at his feet throwing your legs up in the air in front of him." She sighed, " And he's hung like an elephant."

Janet and Karen gasped.

"Really?" Janet asked.

"No!" Karen, said wide eyed.

"Yep." Lauren smiled.

They all sighed.

"Could it be the weather?" Karen asked suddenly. "Like in a full moon or something?"

"For men to show that kind of talent?" Lauren asked.

Janet shrugged. "It's possible. I don't know. Maybe we should have another go at them. Do research. See if the miracle of three perfect lovers reoccurs."

"That sounds like a plan!" Lauren banged her gavel twice. The others clapped. She looked at the clock on the wall. "God! It's so late! I told him I'd meet him at seven," She leaned back in her chair, "oh well." and picked up another chocolate.

Karen smirked, "I left Mickey in the waiting room. I wonder if he is still there?" She took another piece of Godiva.

"Oh, oh." Janet said searching for one with nuts in the box of chocolates, "Robert said he would show up here tonight, to see what was going on."


Robert, Control and Mickey were sitting in the waiting room. They all were looking rather uncomfortable.

McCall looked to Mickey, "So Mickey, how do you happen to be here with Karen?"

"She got the message from the Judge and wanted some company, so I offered to come too."

"But the message arrived this morning. How did she know how to contact you? I didn't know that you two had become friends." Robert's voice had taken on his headmaster tone.

"I met her in the grocery store last night." Mickey said sourly.

"And you gave her your number?"

"Not exactly..."

"What exactly?" Robert was beginning to see, and he was not pleased.

Meanwhile, Control sat unhappily on the couch. He rued his lack of precaution when he arrived today. If he had only checked more carefully, he would have been able to escape the room before Robert had seen him. He realized that he had been too preoccupied with the prospect of a repeat of last night with Lauren. He shook his head. Sloppy. Sloppy.

Mickey was becoming annoyed. "We had dinner. Okay?"

"Just dinner?"

Mickey stood up and walked to the other side of the room. "Come on McCall, what do you take me for?"

"Karen is an attractive young woman, who has gone through a very difficult time recently. I should hope you wouldn't take advantage of her."

"I didn't do anything..." he said loudly and turned to face the wall, "she didn't want." he said almost silently, under his breath so that Robert wouldn't hear it.

"Fine," Robert turned his attention to the other man in the room, and peered at Control, "That still doesn't explain why you are here."

Control slumped farther into the couch. "Coincidence. I told you. There is a case pending, and I need to discuss it with Judge Carella."

"Right," Robert said snidely, "There hasn't been a bloody coincidence in your life for thirty years Cont....."

He was interrupted by uproarious female laughter from the Judge's rooms. The three men look at each other. "What in the world?" Robert asked. The two others shrugged.


Janet wiped a tear from her eye, and tried to stop laughing, "Let me get this straight, he was wearing a helmet and nothing else?"

"That's the story he told me once. He swears that it was his oldest friend that it had happened to," Lauren said, her face flushed from laughing.

"Oh boy, when I get the chance, I'm going to have to try that." Janet took another tissue from the box on the desk and dabbed gently at her eyes.

Karen stretched, "So the full moon does bring out the beasts?"

"Can't tell for sure." Lauren said, getting up and smoothing her skirt.

They heard men's shouting from the outside room.

"Sounds like Robert," Janet said, rising from her chair, "I've been on the receiving end of his righteous indignation enough times as a cop to recognize those dulcet tones."

The three women went to the door and peeked into the outer room. Robert and Control were standing toe to toe.

Control looked into Robert's face and said, "Robert, be reasonable."

The women closed the door and looked at each other in amazement.

"Is that your guy?" Janet asked the Judge.

"He knows Mr. McCall?" Karen wondered.

"And that's Kostmayer?" Judge Lauren asked Karen.

"Yep." they all answered. They opened the door a crack again and looked out.

"Be reasonable?" Robert snapped, "You tracked me down.."

"No." Control said calmly.

"Calm down, McCall," Mickey yelled.

"Let me finish!" Robert shouted out, he turned back to Control, " You track me down, and tell me a cock and bull story about our meeting here today being a bloody coincidence, and then you just happen to bring up my contacts in Bulgaria?"

"It's called conversation, old son." Control stepped back and took a deep breath as he rubbed his lips with his hand.

"Conversation?" Robert bellowed, "You haven't had a conversation since the blasted Berlin Wall went up!"

Judge Lauren Carella muttered something in Italian under her breath, and walked into the room. The two other women stood behind her as she cleared her throat. Her very presence demanded respect.

Surprised, the three men turned towards her.

"I take it you three know each other?" She said.

"Long time." Robert said.

"Old friends." Control said.

"Yeah." Mickey said.

Judge Lauren strode into the room and went directly to Robert. She smiled very warmly as she gazed at him intently, "So nice to see you again, Mr. McCall." She took his hand and caressed it rather than shook it. Pleasantly surprised at the warm reception, Robert responded with an equally warm smile.

Then she turned to Mickey and joined Janet in looking him over from head to toe.

"This is Kostmayer," Janet said.

Mickey put his hand out to shake the judge's hand.

"Nice to meet you," Lauren whispered, ignoring his gesture. She circled him 360 degrees, licking her lips. "Kostmayer is it?"

Mickey was swiveling his head trying to keep Judge Carella in sight, while also trying to keep from being swallowed up by Janet's eyes.

Janet stopped inspecting Mickey just in time to see Karen blush deep red and giggle as she said hello to Robert. She just stood stammering, wearing a grin that threatened to break her face in half.

Janet went to Karen and pulled her away from Robert and nodded toward Control with her head. Standing close together, they both turned to Control and stood rock still, staring. Control was looking off to the side at Lauren, who had grabbed Mickey and Robert tightly by their arms.

"What do you think?" Karen whispered.

"If he'd just open that jacket, I could get a better view." Janet murmured.

Control couldn't figure out what was going on. Lauren noticed that he was looking at her with a confused expression and she smiled at him. She wet her lips with an exaggerated tongue movement and Control's lips grew into a smile. Other parts of his anatomy grew also. He moved his jacket open and put his hands on his hips.

"Mother of Mercy!" Janet whispered.

Karen stared and turned her head sideways. " I don't know. It looks like it might be painful."

"It looks yummy," Janet sighed. "Karen, you are so young."

She broke her longing glance from Controls pants front, to look across the room and see Robert's smiling face as Lauren leaned her huge bosom against his arm. " Oh, oh. I'll see you later Karen." She walked to Robert, nodded her goodbye, took his arm away from Lauren and led him to the elevators.

"Good-by Judge," Karen said as she took Mickey's hand and pulled him away from Lauren's grasp and herded him toward the staircase.

Lauren smiled seductively and walked to Control. She stood next to him and crooned. "So happy you could make it." and placed her hand on the small of his back and guided him into her office.

Totally confused, each man looked at the woman they were with and asked, "What?"

Come along Robert," Janet said, "we need to go."

"And do research..." Lauren Carella said to Control.

"About full moons." Karen explained to Mickey as they walked down the steps and out into the darkened streets of Manhattan.