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Chapter Six

Angeline wanted only the simplest wedding ceremony and two weeks later, they were officially man and wife. Robert's son, Scott, and Mickey Kostmayer were the witnesses at the Justice of the Peace's office and the newlyweds were soon embarked on their honeymoon. Robert and Angeline toured the Mediterranean coast for two weeks, staying in small, but luxurious bed and breakfast establishments. They visited the beaches and coastlines, thoroughly enjoying the surroundings and each other. Angeline had never been on a southern coast and had never had the opportunity to lounge and play in the warm ocean surf. Robert watched with happiness as each new experience for her brought such delight to her eyes and relaxed the lines in her face. It will be sad, he had thought several times during their honeymoon, to see her face fall back into those severe, uncompromising expressions again. It will happen, though. Two weeks was all he had been able to negotiate from Control for their honeymoon. He had wanted a month for them, but Control had refused. And now, we'll never know when Control will call and she'll be gone for God knows how long. Robert took a deep sigh at that thought. Well, all I can do is try to give her as much happiness and contentment as I can, he told himself, one day at a time.

Today's outing on the day before they would return to the states ended at the beach in a small tourist town in Greece. They had spent the morning touring the sites about the town and doing some souvenir shopping. Then, after a late lunch, they had collected beach chairs, a blanket, towels, and some varied beverages in order to spend the rest of the afternoon at the beach. It had been such a lovely afternoon, too. They had strolled ankle high through the gently breaking waves together, holding hands and talking about the future. Robert had always thought that having a woman to assist him as The Equalizer would be a benefit. Sometimes women had more of an intuitive perception of things. Angeline would be good at that, he knew.

Much later, as Robert sat reclining in a low beach chair, Angeline returned to him with a bright smile to playfully kiss him and collapse in the chair at his side. She had been frolicking in the late afternoon's fading sun with some local children in the gentle waves and obviously enjoyed the lighthearted play. Robert lustfully eyed her slender bikinied form, now thoroughly tanned from hours in the sun and the surf. He had encouraged her to wear as little as possible on these various beaches where nude sunbathing was normal, and after a few moments of self-consciousness, Angeline appeared now to be completely comfortable in a thong string bikini. The tan lines accented the normal paleness of her complexion; so when nude, those areas covered by the bathing suit stood out in bright comparison. When we get back to our room, Robert promised himself, I'm once again going to spend some serious time playing with that now bright white flesh. Kissing, he thought, sucking, licking… He felt his cock rising and gazed with amusement at Angeline, who was watching the sunset and sipping at a bottle of beer, oblivious to his growing passion. Robert checked the area around them, counting the people who were intently collecting their belongings in preparation for the return to their homes, various tourist accommodations, and evening meals. In another ten minutes, they would be the only ones within sight in the rapidly growing dusk. Perfect, Robert thought. Surely, Angeline has never made love on the beach.

When it appeared they were the only ones in sight, Robert rose to his feet with his back toward her to hide the obvious bulge in his bathing suit and grabbed the blanket that had been lying folded between them. He spread it on the sand in front of the chairs and motioned for Angeline to join him. By this time, Robert noticed, she had seen evidence of his intentions and a shy smile spread across her face. They reclined together on the blanket and Robert pulled Angeline's head to rest on his shoulder.

"This sunset is incredible, isn't it?" he remarked as Angeline settled beside him, taking a deep, relaxing breath. Her eyes were bright as she regarded him, patiently waiting for him to make the first move. Robert guessed she wasn't quite as sexually adventurous as he planned on being in the next few minutes, but he knew he could convince her. He turned to his side and placed his hand on her waist, lifting and pulling her onto her side to grind his now solid erection against her. "I want you," he growled, his voice deep with desire. He grasped her buttock roughly. Angeline gasped with surprise at the unexpected contact. Then she pulled his face to hers, kissing him and thrusting her tongue into his mouth. They parted momentarily and Robert felt her hand move along his side, down to caress his cock.

"Fuck me, lover, I want you to fuck me," Angeline whispered, brushing her lips along the ridges of his ear. Robert felt wild thrills run through him at her words and quickly thrust one hand into his bathing suit to push it down, freeing his aching erection. He pulled the strings loose at the sides of her bathing suit, exposing her groin, and caressed the soft flesh before gently thrusting two fingers into her cunt. He was elated to find her incredibly wet, pushing her pelvis against his hand. Quickly, he covered her body with his and felt her guide his cock into her vagina. He thrust excitedly into her, luxuriating in her softness and the sound of her passionate moan as he filled that lovely cunt completely. Angeline wrapped her legs around his waist and he thrust into her, losing himself in this wild, lustful pursuit. Before long, he felt her writhing in orgasm beneath him, gasping his name in time with his thrusts inside her. Yes, now, his body said, now! Robert exploded into release, so excited it felt almost as if he would never stop cumming. But then, it was over, and he listened with satisfaction to Angeline catching her breath after her own intense excitement.

"You are such a wonderful lover, darling," Angeline whispered hoarsely, evidently still coming down from her sexual high. Robert delighted in the feel of her arms hugging him closely to her and the tingles generated by her lips on his neck and face. He supported his upper body's weight on his elbows and regarded the woman beneath him. Beautiful, he thought, and all mine! No one else has the same emotional and physical hold on her that I have. I will do anything to keep her mine!

"I'm nothing without you, dearest," Robert whispered against her forehead and pressed kisses along her eyebrows and on her eyelids.

"Oh, I love it when you do that, kissing my eyes." Angeline smiled widely at him before loosening her legs about him and letting them relax at his sides. Robert rolled away from her and readjusted his bathing suit to a more modest position. Angeline was in the process of doing much the same thing, but Robert thrust his face onto her stomach and rubbed his chin hard against her, sending her into peals of laughter. After just a few seconds, they relaxed to catch their breath and watch the final moments of the sunset together. Tomorrow has come much too soon, Robert thought sadly. As if she was able to read his thoughts, Robert saw Angeline assume a thoughtful expression and he kissed her before she could speak. He felt her sadness as he embraced her and knew his own emotion was revealed in his kiss. It's strange, he thought, as he released her and gazed into her eyes. Sometimes we say more to each other silently than we do with words. I guess that's because we're meant to be together. With that happy thought, Robert rose to collect their things and they returned to their hotel to make preparations for the next day's return flight to the states.



Robert and Angeline returned to snow and ominously dark skies. An overall feeling of depression invaded both of them. Trying to keep their spirits up, they hurried back to the apartment, quickly unloaded their suitcases, and settled down to relax in the den with a drink. Robert found teasing and toying with Angeline's neck, ears, and hair much more stimulating than anything on television. Angeline squirmed and giggled as his attentions eventually became intensely sexual, his hands dropping down to caress her breasts and stroke between her legs. She leaned her upper body slightly away from him, making him lean with her in order to keep kissing her neck and cheek. Suddenly they both collapsed together as they lost their balance, their bodies shaking with laughter. Robert straightened and pulled Angeline into his arms, burying his face between her neck and shoulder. He kissed upwards along her neck to her cheek and lips as his hands grasped her ribs and slid upward to caress both breasts through her blouse. A surge of satisfaction swept through him as he heard Angeline’s moan of pleasure at his touch. Thoughts of ripping her clothing from her ran through his mind, but as he reached to grasp the first button on her blouse, the telephone rang.

"Let the machine get it," Robert whispered and unfastened the first button on her blouse. By the time the answering machine picked up the call, he had all the buttons of Angeline’s blouse undone and was preparing to nestle his face against her. Those perky little tits contrasted so excitingly white against the rest of her tanned skin, he thought. However, Control’s voice, wafting eerily from the kitchen, stopped Robert’s further pursuit of pleasure.

"McCall, I need to speak with Quinn immediately. She’s probably going to have to return to Northern Ireland in the next day or so and I need to brief her on the details of the mission. I would like her here as soon as possible." They heard the sound of the telephone disconnecting.

Robert had glanced at Angeline’s face when Control’s voice started and caught an unmistakable look of fear cross her face before she composed herself. He closed his eyes in frustration for a brief moment. Damn that Control! But it's Angeline I have to think of now, he realized. With that thought in mind, Robert leaned against the back of the couch and pulled Angeline into his arms.

"It seems the vacation is over, my dear," he whispered into her hair. Angeline shuddered slightly and he heard her sigh deeply.

"Yes." Her voice had trembled. "Robert, can I tell you something?" Angeline straightened and Robert saw her marshalling her emotions. "You know…I’m about as unsure of myself as I have ever been, at this point. I don’t know what to expect. I don’t really know anyone over there anymore. And even if I did recognize someone, would I really know them after all this time? Love…I have to tell someone…I’m afraid." Her eyes brimmed with tears. Robert reached forward with both hands and framed her face, wiping the few tears away from her eyes with his thumbs.

"Don’t second-guess yourself, darling. I know you’ll be okay. I know from experience that the worst part of a mission is the time before you finally get there. Then, everything seems to fall in place. You are a very capable woman. You’ve survived all this for years; you’ll do it again. I have confidence in you." Robert pulled her face to his and kissed her lingeringly. "I’m going to see if there isn’t something I can do to help you, too. I haven’t been back to Northern Ireland for years and years." He was thrilled to see Angeline’s face brighten.

"Can you really? That would be wonderful! Darling, that makes me feel so much better!" Angeline wrapped her arms around him and Robert stroked her hair as she hugged him.

"I will always help you. I told you that before. You have come to mean the world to me. How could I do any less?" Robert realized he was actually looking forward to the mission with Angeline. It would be in that type of situation that he would really get to know her, much further beyond the level of love and affection. It would be back in Northern Ireland that he knew he would see the real Angeline emerge, the ruthless one, the tough one. And, it may be…that she will come to know…the real me.

Chapter 7