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Chapter Three

Robert woke slowly to the warmth of Angeline lying closely next to him and soft caresses across his groin. Her hand cupped his testicles and slid up the length of his now hardening cock. He moaned quietly and circled his arm around Angeline so she could rest her head on his shoulder. He thought he remembered hugging her briefly. Then, suddenly, he was awake! Her caresses had brought him quickly to full erection. As Robert opened his eyes, Angeline moved from his side and straddled his hips. It was so dark he couldn't see her, but felt her holding his cock in both hands, rubbing and caressing from the head to the base. Then she moved again and he realized the wet warmth that encircled the head was her mouth!

"Angeline, my lovely Angeline," he murmured, sliding his fingers through her hair and enjoying the silken feeling of it on his stomach as her lips and tongue moved up and down along the shaft of his cock. Then she stopped and he felt the tip of his penis gliding across moist warm tissues…she was settling down on him! His cock was sliding into her tight, hot cunt and he gasped in exhilaration. Oh, so good! She leaned forward to put her weight on her elbows and forearms, her hands sliding under his shoulders. He felt the warm softness of her breasts rubbing and gliding against his chest as she rode him. Her face was somewhere near his, he knew, and then Robert felt her breath against his cheek and her soft warm lips. Angeline ground her slender body against his as she moved up and down on his cock and he could feel the bony sharpness of her hips. He placed a hand on each of her buttocks as she raised her upper body away from him and held them tightly. Then she started posting up and down quickly on his cock, moaning with effort and excitement. Robert held his breath; glorying in the lustful excitement and extreme pleasure. He felt his cock expanding inside her, knowing his climax was near. He was breathing hard, moaning with every breath, squeezing her butt with every stroke, and then…Yes! Yes! Her body was writhing in orgasm on top of him and he could control himself no longer. He shuddered in ecstatic release.

"Ahh…Angeline, darling! Oh, love!" He clutched her hips and held her still as he finished emptying into her. Angeline slumped down to rest her body on his, her head on his shoulder, her fingers combing through his sleep-tousled hair. After a moment, she giggled quietly and placed her nose and mouth against his cheek.

"I guess I got impatient," she whispered against his skin.

"Well, I certainly have no objections," Robert chuckled, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and holding her closely. Then he started rolling them on the bed. Angeline held on tightly as he maneuvered them together so he was lying on top of her. It was his turn to laugh softly as he snuggled his face into her neck.

"What?" Angeline asked, squirming as he lightly blew on her neck, tickling her delicate skin.

"Oh, it's funny, I just have this picture of us together in my mind, mostly of you with your long legs and long arms wrapped around me. And if I wanted to escape, I would have to disentangle myself."

"Kind of like an affectionate spider, right?" Angeline said, laughing with him. She grasped him tighter around the waist with her legs and hugged his shoulders closer. "I've got you, I won't let you go!" Robert tickled her ribs and she released him quickly.

"Not fair!" she exclaimed. "Hey, what time is it?"

"Three," Robert answered as he rolled away from her. "Would you like me to return your gesture in the morning at a more decent time of day?"

"Oh, you mean wake me up by making love to me? Oh, I'd enjoy that." Angeline snuggled against him and draped an arm across his chest. "You know, we're going to need to enjoy all the time together we can for as long as it lasts, because when my leg is healed and I'm back to work, I can't begin to guess at how much we'll be able to see each other. My hours usually tend to be horrendous." She yawned. "We better get back to sleep so it will seem like a very short time before it's your turn to wake me up." Robert laughed and turned to press a kiss against her forehead.

"You're really something, you know? Really something. Yes, go to sleep, fireball. I look forward to waking you." Smiling widely, Robert settled back onto his pillow and composed himself for sleep once again.



She is so delightful, Robert thought to himself as he showered the next morning. He had done as he promised, gently waking Angeline with intimate caresses and later driving her to wild excitement. Excitement has been pretty wild for me lately too, he realized, as he felt the hot water relieve some of the stiffness in his lower back. I wonder how long this can last. She will be healed soon enough.

Robert emerged from the bedroom and knocked on the hall bathroom door. Angeline had explained that she had to bathe, rather than shower, because she still couldn't get the wound in her leg wet. She had to recline in the bathtub with her leg supported on the side. Angeline answered his knock cheerfully, telling him everything was fine and she would be out soon. Satisfied, Robert went to the kitchen and started to prepare coffee and breakfast.

As the coffee brewed and muffins toasted, filling the kitchen with pleasant aromas, Robert heard the bathroom door open and caught a glimpse of Angeline making her way toward him. She seemed to be limping less today than yesterday. He voiced this impression as she entered the kitchen.

"Yes, maybe that's so. I'm kind of torn between getting well as fast as I can and enjoying the time I'm off work because of the injury, especially now. But, Janet Bishop will be after me to return as soon as possible." She took a seat and accepted the proffered cup of coffee.

Robert studied her obliquely. He supposed he should probably get straight in his own heart and mind how he really felt about Angeline. Was he falling in love? Or, was this mere infatuation? Did he really want to offer a commitment to share his life with her? For all that, would she share his life, or would she insist on maintaining her own career and lifestyle? There were no answers. He could only suppose these things might be explored in the short time they had left together before work and duty called for her again. How long would that be, a week…two?

"I imagine you'll want to get home fairly soon?" Robert asked as he laid toasted English muffins and assorted condiments on the kitchen table.

"Whenever it's convenient for you," Angeline answered, and took sips of coffee as she continued. "My aunt will undoubtedly be wondering where I am, although I know she realizes that a forty-seven year old woman should be able to take care of herself. She has only the best intentions, but she gets on my nerves a lot. I always lived alone before I moved here. It's not that she's so bad, most likely, but that I'm so independent. I've always been a loner; not out of choice, but of necessity." She paused, seemingly looking inward for a moment, and then refocused on his face. "Robert…maybe I'm concerned about this too early, but I think we need to establish just what's happening between the two of us. If what's happening is sheer enjoyment, just for the sake of enjoyment, that's fine. I can handle that. But if there are some feelings of permanency growing in either of us, I think both of us should be aware of them." Angeline studied her hands as she continued. "I want you to know, I am not a fortune hunter. I am not looking to snare a well-to-do husband for the sake of money." Then, as she looked up at him, Robert felt as if her eyes were boring into his soul. "I enjoy you very much, Robert. I wouldn't mind just being a good time for you. But if potential for much more between us is there, I hope we can explore it."

Robert sat in a kitchen chair beside Angeline and took both of her hands into his. Angeline smiled and Robert felt his heart swell.

"I think you're right on target, my dear. In fact, I was wondering if you could read my mind. The truth is, I've been trying to sort out my feelings as well. With the pressure of your having to return to work again so soon, I have also been feeling the need to make some decisions." He lifted her hands to his lips and kissed them. "You can be sure, you're more than just a good time. I think exploring is a good choice. How much time do you suppose there is before you have to return to work, another week, maybe?" Angeline nodded and Robert continued. "I think we should spend more time together, and also give each other some space. If we find ourselves unhappy without the other, we'll know where we're headed." Robert put his hand behind Angeline's head and pulled her forward into a kiss. As he released her, he noticed her eyes bright and brimming with moisture. Yes, he thought, I think we're both feeling about the same. He took a deep breath, held it for a short moment, and then released it.

"What do you say we have a quick breakfast and I get you home?" Robert said, surprised at himself for having to force the cheerfulness. Angeline smiled and nodded her head. They finished quickly and cleaned up the few dishes together. In a short time, they were on their way to Angeline's aunt's house.



Over the next three days, Robert found himself trying to focus his thoughts and activities. His mind kept wandering, however, to Angeline and those last thoroughly enjoyable hours they had spent together. Attempts at reading his favorite historical novels were useless. Today, he tried to involve himself in one hobby or another, but ended up pacing through the apartment, wondering what Angeline was doing. He had taken dinner the previous evening at O'Phelan's, but found himself lonely and unapproachable, wishing instead that he had invited her along. Then, that evening, when Robert had looked at his empty bed, he knew there had to be a way to include her in his life. Did he love her? He didn't know, but he knew he was unhappy away from her.

The next evening, after another long and lonely day, Robert picked up the telephone and dialed Angeline's number. It was answered after a few rings by her aunt, who informed him that Detective Bishop had picked Angeline up and they had gone out together. Disappointed, Robert asked if she would leave Angeline the message that he had called and would she call back at any time, no matter how late. Then, with growing disconsolation, Robert hung up the phone and glanced at the kitchen clock. It was eight o'clock. Well, maybe they wouldn't be out too late. Janet, at least, had to be at work tomorrow.

Robert resumed his aimless pacing about the apartment for a few minutes before deciding to pour himself a drink. It was as quiet in the apartment as it could get, considering the street below and the evening traffic. He was just reaching for a glass when the telephone rang, startling him. He walked quickly to the phone kitchen counter and answered the line there.

"Robert, this is Angeline. I got the message you called. How are you?" Angeline's voice rang clearly through the receiver. Robert debated a few seconds about telling her the absolute truth, but decided against it.

"I'm doing fine. How are you?"

"Oh, okay, I guess. I just got back from a few hours out with Janet Bishop. She was looking me over to see when I could go back to work. I'm hoping I can convince the doctor tomorrow to give me another full week. Let's see, this is Thursday, so that would give me another ten days before returning." The phone was quiet for almost thirty seconds before Robert spoke.

"Angeline, what is it? Are you alright?"

"I was just indulging in a thought that has been with me all evening. That is, thinking what you might do if I just showed up on your doorstep." Robert felt a thrill of happiness run through his body.

"Angeline…" he paused for effect, and also to slow his breathing, "I would be very pleased." He heard Angeline's sharp intake of breath through the phone. "How long would it be before you can get here?"

"I'll call a cab now," Angeline answered, excitement obvious in her voice. "It shouldn't be more than an hour. See you then."

"Wait, Angeline, bring clothing for a couple of days, will you? I would like to take you out to dinner tomorrow evening."

"That sounds wonderful, Robert. I'll see you soon."

Robert hung up the phone, smiling, and let a brief fantasy of her arrival run through his mind. What would he do, kiss her and immediately tear her clothing off, or bring her in to the den for a drink, and then tear her clothing off? Foolish, besotted old man, he smirked to himself. He went to the bedroom and set about putting out some fragrant candles on the bedside stand and turning down the covers. Champagne, he thought, yes, I'll put some on ice.

Robert busied himself preparing for Angeline's arrival and before long, most of an hour had passed. He looked expectantly out the window where the building's entrance faced the street, looking up and down the street for the sight of an approaching cab. Relax, he told himself, she'll be here. He turned away from the window and poured himself a bit of scotch, sipping it slowly. Then to his surprise, the doorbell rang. Robert moved quickly to the door, anticipating the feel of Angeline in his arms. But he was badly disappointed when he recognized his caller.

"Control," Robert stammered, "what are you about this evening?" He stepped away from the door and motioned for the man to come in.

"It looks like I'm about the last person you expected to be ringing your doorbell, old son," Control said as he took a long look at Robert, appraising his open shirt collar and loosely rolled cuffs, and stepped inside to the living room. "Are you expecting someone?"

"Yes, I was. And I don't mind telling you that my expected guest is a lot better looking than you are, my friend." They laughed together and Control stood by the kitchen counter after tossing his coat onto the living room couch. "What can I do for you?"

"I was hoping you might accompany me to O'Phelan's, but it looks like you have other plans. I won't keep you." Control started to turn back to retrieve his coat, but Robert waved him to the seat at the kitchen counter.

"At least stay for a drink for your trouble," he said, smiling solicitously. "My guest won't mind joining us if you're still here by the time she arrives." He smiled wider at the thought of Angeline's arrival and walked into the kitchen to find another glass. Robert poured Control a generous drink and stood facing him on the other side of the counter. "Cheers," he said, raising his glass to salute Control. Control returned the gesture and both men took sips of their liquor.

"So how did you meet this lady friend of yours?" Control asked, watching the pleased look that crossed Robert's face.

"I met her doing surveillance on a drug dealer. She's a New York detective. A pursuit followed the identification of the dealer and she caught a bullet in her right calf." Robert laughed softly. "But no one knew she had been hit until after she had subdued and cuffed her prisoner." He laughed again, nodding in remembrance. "I've seen her a few times during her recovery." The doorbell sounded just then. "Ah, that's probably her now." Control noted the lightness in McCall's step as he quickly moved to the door and opened it. He watched a tall, slender woman carrying a folded hanging bag step forward into Robert's embrace. They hugged quickly and with amusement, Control saw the disappointment that crossed the woman's face as Robert separated himself from her. Then Control saw her notice his presence and the tentative smile she gave him. Robert had taken her bag from her and was shepherding her toward the kitchen as she limped forward with a cane. Ah yes, Control thought, the gunshot wound. It doesn't look like she's doing too badly. But somehow, though, she looks familiar.

"This is Angeline Quinn," Robert said in introduction to Control, taking her coat and hanging it in the closet. Robert noticed immediately the extremely attractive blouse and long skirt she was wearing. She had definitely gone to some effort to dress for him. He noticed Control's close scrutiny as well, but it didn't look like Control was appreciating her efforts at femininity.

"I'm Thomas Williams," Control said, using one of his various cover names. He paused and continued his inspection of her. "Angeline, did you say? Angeline Quinn? Angeline Sheah Quinn? IRA explosives and munitions expert?"

Angeline took a deep breath. Robert and Control watched a guarded look come over her face as she glanced back and forth between them. She limped into the kitchen and leaned against the kitchen counter. Robert felt a feeling of dread invade his heart. Is this what the premonition was about? Has she been brought to me to be suddenly taken away? He followed Angeline into the kitchen to lean against the refrigerator across from her.

"You seem to be particularly well informed, Mr. Williams. Just who are you?"

"A well intentioned friend of your new acquaintance here, Ms. Quinn. Are you, or are you not, Angeline Quinn of the Irish Republican Army?" Control stared intently at the woman. Robert saw her tense her jaw and fix steely eyes on Control.

"And if I am? What are you prepared to do about it?" She moved away from the counter and stood squarely, facing Control. Robert noticed her knuckles whitening as she clutched her cane, as if readying to defend herself. "There are no warrants for my arrest. It's been over ten years since I had anything to do with the IRA." Robert watched Angeline's eyes narrow and felt the fury emanate from her, much as it had that day in the surveillance van. He realized she could be very dangerous, even wounded as she was. He also noticed the lilt in her accent had thickened into a brogue.

"There are still plenty of unanswered questions about several IRA bombings, Quinn. I intend to keep my eyes and ears open and to advise my friend, here," Control waved toward Robert, "to have nothing to do with you."

"I think Robert is capable of making his own decisions of who he cares to associate with, Mr. Williams." She continued to glare fiercely at Control, evidently drawing a line in the sand. It definitely looked to Robert like she was waiting for Control to make a move. But Control stood and retrieved his coat from the living room couch. He glanced at Robert pointedly, and then moved toward the door, putting his coat on as he spoke.

"I'll be watching you, Quinn. McCall is a good friend of mine. I will not let him be used." With that, Control opened the door and nodded goodbye at Robert before exiting. Robert held his breath as he watched Angeline's head drop into her hand. Her other hand clutched the counter for balance. Then she looked up as she raked her fingers through her hair and stared directly into his eyes.

"Should I leave, Robert, or do you want to hear my side of the story?" She tilted her head questioningly to the side and he watched her wait patiently for his answer. Robert stood erect, taking a deep breath, and walked to the kitchen table to take a seat. He looked at her face closely again, seeing her pallor had grown, and realized she was probably in pain from standing for so long. He rose and extended his hand to guide her to the chair. He felt a small amount of hopefulness when she took his hand without hesitation. When she was seated, Robert paced about the kitchen.

"Would you have told me eventually of your association with the IRA?" he asked, his voice harder than he meant it to be. He watched Angeline shudder slightly as she heard the edge to his question. She placed both her elbows on the table and looking down, held her head in her hands. After a moment, she began to speak quietly.

"Robert, have you ever believed in a cause, fought for a cause, risked and lost everything for a cause, only to find out that all the reasons for believing in it didn't make sense anymore?" She didn't wait for an answer. "That's what happened to me. I was brought up in the IRA. I believed in the IRA. I fought because my father and my brothers fought and because my mother was killed when I was three in a street fight. I lived and breathed the Irish Republican Army until I was thirty-five. But by that point, I had lost my mother, my father, my five brothers…and my husband. I found I no longer believed that the cause of the IRA deserved the deaths of so many people close to me. I was sick to death of the killing and I wanted out!"

Robert watched in stunned silence as he listened to Angeline's story and heard the incredible agony in her voice. He came back to the table and sat down beside her. Angeline, however, did not appear to perceive his closeness. She kept her head down and continued with her tale.

"I found some powerful people and did what I had to in order to convince them to pull some strings for me. It took another two years, but eventually, contact was made with powerful IRA backers here in the states that would be willing to sponsor me and help me get started in another life. They asked me what I wanted to do. I told them I wanted to atone for all the deaths I had caused. So they helped me become a police officer." She laughed cynically. "Here I was, guilty of murdering hundreds in my country, suddenly the law in another. Well, let's say I advanced quickly, what with my knowledge of firearms, street tactics, and such. I went from junior SWAT Team marksman to detective in a very short time. You see, there were IRA proponents in the Buffalo Police Department, too. But I did my job well and as time passed, no one ever questioned whom I was or why I seemed to know so much about street combat and disarming explosives. I even asked them if I should change my name, but they said, no, there were hundreds of Quinns in the states. They said I would never be noticed. And so it went on that way. After several years in homicide, it was assumed I would eventually take over the department, but I was tired of Buffalo, and I applied for a transfer. When I got here, Janet Bishop took me under her wing. I did my best and within a short time, I was doing troubleshooting for her, working in both homicide and drug investigations. And then, Robert, I met you."

Angeline lifted her head and gazed into his eyes. She looked dazed, he thought, probably from all the pain she had to remember and give voice to. But then her gaze narrowed and those incredibly piercing eyes fixed upon him.

"Would I have told you eventually, Robert dear? I don't know…probably not. Probably not unless we came to be a lot more to each other than we are at this point in time. But if you'll forgive me, I hadn't anticipated you purging your soul to me any time soon, either." She smiled at his rather shocked look. "You see, to someone of my experience, some of the things you've said to me, the way you handled yourself in the dangerous situation of our drug dealer arrest, your obvious wealth and status, and this 'Equalizer' business, all point to a prior career that certainly did not include sitting on your arse for a living…did it." She looked at him pointedly, but did not allow him the opportunity to speak. "And so, Robert…I ask you not to judge me before you really get to know me, as I continue to hope I will know you." Angeline stopped speaking and leaned back in her chair, evidently waiting for his answer.

Robert sat thinking and looking at her intently, one hand stroking his chin momentarily, and then covering his mouth as he leaned forward to hold his face in his hand with his elbow on the table. His thoughts focused inward, thinking of his own bitter dissatisfaction and outrage against the Company and the many things he had forced himself to do, despite his better judgment and against his moral standards. Perhaps we're more alike than I would have ever believed, he thought sadly. He looked down at the table and thought about the terrible sadness of her life…and his. Then Robert looked up at Angeline again, seeing tears now in the eyes that had been so penetrating and pitiless. It's probably not going to be easy for us, Robert thought, hope beginning to return to his heart. But the tears in her eyes as she waits for my judgment say more than words can.

"Angeline," he began, emotion roughening his voice, "I will never be your judge. I will not condemn your past life or hold anything from your past against you. You are right about me. There's much about my past that I never intended to tell you, although perhaps now that should change." Robert reached out and took Angeline's hand to hold in both of his. "I want to know you, and I want you to know me. I don't want you to ever fear me or be afraid of my condemnation. Perhaps… perhaps this was all meant to happen the way it has, because it has pushed me to realize something…that I've fallen in love with you." Robert's throat tightened as Angeline allowed a few tears to fall, tracing narrow lines down her cheeks. Her eyes softened as she regarded him, smiling slightly as he placed a box of tissues in front of her. She took one and dabbed her eyes as she spoke.

"Robert, you must be the most understanding person in the world. I…I was certain everything was over for us. When this Williams fellow…"

"You can call him Control," Robert interrupted. Angeline smiled again.

"When Control started questioning me about the IRA, the thing that passed through my mind first was that everything was finished for us and I would never get the chance to tell you that I had also fallen in love." Angeline dropped her head, her chin on her chest for a moment. Then she looked up at Robert with pain in her face. "Can we start the evening over again? Can I go freshen up and we'll just pretend nothing bad has happened?"

Robert rose and pulled Angeline to her feet. He hugged her closely for a moment before releasing her and gesturing with his hand toward the living room.

"I think that would be a wonderful idea, darling. See, I have champagne chilled for us." He guided her toward the bedroom with his arm around her shoulders. "And, see, candles set for soft light around the bedroom. I would love for us to have the evening that we had both had hoped for. Yes, go take care of yourself. I'll open the champagne and will be waiting for you." He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, released her from his embrace, and stood watching as she limped toward the bathroom. Then Robert's eyes narrowed as he remembered Control and his parting words. This was going to be a very difficult situation. He was going to have to ask Angeline's permission to relate her story to Control. Well, there's time now to deal with that, he thought.

Angeline returned to the living room with shining eyes and a bright smile. Robert felt his heart tighten as he gazed at her, knowing now of her love and devotion. He was seated on the couch and held his hand out, beckoning her to sit beside him.

"Here, darling, I've poured some champagne for you." He ran his fingers through her hair as she faced him and held her glass. "A toast…to an extremely enjoyable evening ahead of us and happiness in the future." They touched glasses and sipped their drinks. Robert drained his quickly and reached to pull Angeline closer to him. He took her glass from her hand to place on the side table before caressing her cheek with the backs of his fingers. Angeline's eyes locked on his and he pulled her forward to meet his lips. He kissed her with all the tenderness in his soul and when he released her, he saw Angeline had closed her eyes and her face appeared to be completely contented and happy. She opened her eyes to look at him and Robert felt as if she could see to the depths of his soul. Her eyes were so penetrating, and now, so lovely. And when she smiled, he felt as if his heart would burst with happiness.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered, stroked the hair away from her brow, and placed his hand on her waist. "I love the way you've dressed. The outfit is very attractive. May I have leave to explore its intricacies?" He leaned forward to lightly kiss her forehead.

"Ahh, lover," Angeline said, tipping her head back as he kissed her cheek, and then her throat, "I dressed with you especially in mind. Yes, I would love to have you explore. I hope you're pleased with what you find. I suggest you work from the bottom, up."

Robert regarded her with an amused grin and reached to lift the hem of her long skirt. She was wearing silk stockings and he slowly ran his hand up her calf, enjoying the warm smoothness. He lifted the material higher and leaned forward to kiss just above her knee. Angeline moaned quietly and reclined further along the couch. Robert felt her hand in his hair as he continued lifting the soft material. He pushed the hem higher along her legs and discovered the garter belt clips that held up the stockings. He knelt on the floor to part her legs, his eyes locked on the yet unrevealed darkness beneath her skirt. He kissed her inner thighs through the stockings, listening with satisfaction to her gasps of pleasure. Robert pushed the skirt's hem all the way to her waist, revealing her bare hips and genital folds. He licked lightly across her smooth mound and ran his fingertips along her shaven pussy.

"Angeline, my darling," Robert murmured against the skin of her stomach as he pushed his hands under her to hold her buttocks and squeeze them gently. He ran his lips along the skin of her leg to her inner thighs again and pulled his hands from beneath her to gently push her thighs widely apart. He licked quickly along her pussy lips, teasing the sensitive skin and feeling the excited tensing of Angeline's thighs. He glanced up to see her watching him, her eyes wide and her lips parted, taking shuddering breaths of excitement. Robert stood and pulled Angeline to her feet, crushing her to his chest, and burying his face between her neck and shoulder.

"Oh, my dearest, you are so sweet, so desirable," he whispered against her cheek, one hand holding her face against his, while the other grasped a handful of her butt. They pulled slightly apart and Robert captured her lips into a long, deep kiss. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, holding her tightly. Then he separated from her embrace, grasped her shoulders, and gently pushed her toward the bedroom door. Angeline looked over her shoulder to grin at him and laugh at his impetuousness.

Once inside the bedroom, Angeline took control and guided Robert to sit on the bed. She framed his face with both hands and leaned forward to give him a lingering kiss before straightening and stepping away to slip off her shoes. With her eyes locked on his, she began to slowly unbutton her blouse. She swayed slightly to the rhythm of the soft music Robert had playing in the living room. Robert was entranced, watching her slender fingers loosen each button. When all the buttons above her waist were undone, Angeline reached behind her and freed the catches of the skirt, guiding it down over her hips and letting it drop loosely to the floor. The tails of the blouse covered her groin and upper thighs. She stepped aside and bent over, leaning away from Robert. The blouse shifted toward her waist and gave him full view of her buttocks and her pussy between her slender thighs. Angeline straightened and lifted the skirt to toss it casually on the dressing table chair. Robert gazed with lustful appreciation at her small butt and those long, long legs. She then turned back toward Robert and loosened the remaining three buttons on her blouse, pulling it apart to reveal her small high breasts, flat stomach, slender hips, and that wonderfully bare snatch, framed by the straps of the garter belt, before letting it drop from her shoulders and to the floor. Robert shifted back and forth on the bed, his erection pushing uncomfortably against his trousers, his breathing uneven. Once again she bent over to pick up the item of clothing from the floor, her butt toward him, bending at the hips with her legs straight to show him as much of her cunt between her thighs as possible. Robert held himself motionless with great effort. Angeline walked closer to stand before him with her legs spread apart over his knees, her hands on his shoulders, and her pelvis thrust forward. Robert lifted trembling hands to caress her hips and grasp her butt. He pulled her toward him and pressed his face against her stomach, slipping his fingers down the seam between her cheeks before gently thrusting them into her hot wet cunt. Angeline moaned and undulated her hips toward him, moving them to meet the in-and-out thrusts of his fingers inside her. She stepped away and put her hands under Robert's arms, gently lifting to signal her desire for him to stand. Then with soft, light kisses, she unbuttoned and removed his shirt, tossing it aside, and loosened his trousers to seek his erection. Robert felt chills run through his body as his clothing slipped down and her warm hands grasped his aching cock.

"Oh, Angeline, you are so sexy, so hot. I love your hands on me. Angeline." Robert let his voice go deep and rough, and entwined the fingers of both hands into her hair, kissing her deeply. He broke the kiss and gazed at her face, realizing this was exactly the appearance of his premonition. Her unruly hair framed her face and those incredible eyes were locked on his. Yes, he thought exultantly, this was meant to happen!

Kicking off his shoes and stepping out of the pile of clothing, Robert guided Angeline to lie on the bed and he ran his hands up and down her legs. His caress lingered momentarily where her stockings covered the bandaged leg wound.

"Are you doing okay?" he asked, concern in his face, worried that she might be in pain.

"I'm doing fine, Robert, really," Angeline answered with a smile and held her hands out to him. Robert smiled in return and as Angeline caressed his face and neck, he knelt on the bed to put his hands behind her and release the catch of the garter belt. He pulled this and her stockings carefully off her legs. He was about to position himself between her legs to lick and tease her pussy, when Angeline reached to pull him forward.

"Robert, darling, it seems like I've been waiting for hours on end to feel you inside me." As Robert moved to cover her body with his, she whispered in his ear, "I just want you to fuck me. Fuck me now, lover, fuck me now." Chills and tingles down his back preceded the hot rush of desire that raced through him. The thought of sinking his hard cock into that hot bare cunt consumed him and he quickly moved his hips between her widespread legs and thrust deeply inside her. Oh, so good…incredible! A feeling of total sexual arousal and lust overcame him and he pounded relentlessly against her. After what seemed like only a few moments, he found to his satisfaction that Angeline was already writhing in ecstasy. She was so exciting! Robert closed his eyes for a moment as his pent-up passion kept him driving his cock deeply into her. He was dimly aware that Angeline was into yet another orgasm. Yes, he was ready now! Robert let himself go, his mind and body consumed in total abandon, shooting his load of sperm into the slender body twisting and moaning beneath him. He gasped his exhilaration.

"Oh, Angeline…oh, darling,…oh, you are so good, so exciting! Ahh…I love you so much!" He let himself relax on top of Angeline, his face nuzzling her neck, delighting in the feel of her hands stroking his back and shoulders.

"Robert, my incredible lover," her arms wrapped around him and hugged him tightly, "I love you with my heart and soul. I don't want this to ever end. Please!" Robert raised his head to inspect Angeline's face. She was looking searchingly into his eyes and small tears were running away from the corners of her eyes.

"You don't have to worry about me, darling. I want to keep you as close to me as possible. Sshh-relax, and don't worry." He stroked the hair away from her face. In a moment, Robert moved from on top of her and pulled the blankets over them before tightly wrapping his arms around Angeline. He guided her head to rest on his chest and shoulder. He whispered loving things to her and before long they were both slipping into quiet slumber.

Chapter 4