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Chapter Two

Three days later, McCall was on the front steps of Angeline's aunt's house. He was surprised to find the door answered by Angeline herself.

"Look at you! You must be feeling a lot better!" he exclaimed as Angeline waved him in through the door. "Let me take a closer look at you." He put his hands on her shoulders. "Yes, crutches, two in number; that's reassuring. I hope you're not pushing too hard."

"Now you sound like my aunt! Really, I only do what is comfortable. Pain is not something I enjoy." Angeline waved toward the living room couch with one of her crutches. "Come, let's have a seat. Can I get anything for you to drink?"

"No, no, I'm fine," Robert answered as he followed Angeline to the couch and took a seat with her.

"So," Angeline said, "anything exciting going on?" She dropped her crutches on the floor and placed her leg on a hassock. "I feel like I've suddenly dropped off the face of the earth. What's the news?"

Robert quickly updated her on all of the police information that he had come across in the last few days. Then, for the next two hours, they chatted about books, movies, firearms, and some of the most dangerous moments they had found themselves in. Robert found that Angeline was as interested in Civil War history as he was. He also realized Angeline was quite a bit of a daredevil. Her stories of pursuing armed criminals were hair-raising. As they continued to talk, they realized they were both born on the same day, only ten years apart. But soon, the time to leave arrived. There were still several things he had to do yet today and they couldn't put off. With reluctance, he informed Angeline he needed to go. They rose together and Angeline accompanied Robert to the door. Robert paused and turned to face her before opening the door.

"Angeline, I've really enjoyed this time with you. Can we do it again some time soon?" He held his breath in anticipation.

"I'd love to, Robert, I really would. Maybe next time we can get away from the confines of this house. What do you say? If I'm walking with a cane the next time, will you promise to help me escape?" Her eyes shone and she gave him that wonderful smile again; the one that made his heart pound and his breath unsteady. Robert placed a hand on her cheek and then let it slide behind her neck. He pulled her forward into his arms and captured her lips into a kiss. Angeline leaned against him as she lost some of her balance on the crutches. Robert thought he could feel her heart pounding as he held her. Regaining her balance, Angeline broke the kiss and looked searchingly into his eyes. She didn't say anything, so Robert pulled her into another kiss. As they separated once again, Angeline placed her head on Robert's shoulder. Her breathing was uneven.

"Robert," she whispered, "I haven't felt like this for a long time. But, are you sure this is the direction in which we want to go?" Angeline raised her head and once again, looked directly into his eyes. Robert felt as if she were looking into the depths of his soul. "We both live dangerous lives, it seems. Is this the right thing to do to each other?"

"Come, let's go back and sit down. I have something to tell you." Robert put his arms around her shoulders and led her back to the couch. Once she was seated, Robert sat so he could face her directly. "From the moment I first met you, I knew something was fated to happen between us. I had a premonition the morning of that surveillance at the school. I had seen you in a dream that night before and I knew the dream would come true. I already know you're a very special person, Angeline." He cradled one of her hands between both of his.

A light blush crept into Angeline's face as she regarded Robert and listened to his words. She studied their clasped hands for a moment before looking up.

"If we were in a singles bar, and if you didn't look so damned serious, that would be one of the greatest pick up lines I've every heard." Angeline dropped her head once again. "Robert, I've never been in a relationship that lasted for any time at all. There were always interferences from my life as a law officer. I would either not spend enough time with someone, or find that we really didn't have that much in common after all. Simple lust and physical desire are never enough." She raised her head and gave him that penetrating gaze once again. "Knowing what I do for a living, are you sure fostering more than a casual friendship between us would be the best choice?"

"I'm willing to give it my absolute best effort, sweetheart. I believe in fate. I think we've been brought together for a reason." Robert shifted on the couch and placed his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close into his embrace. As their faces came closer, Angeline caressed his cheek with the fingertips of one hand. Her other hand came up and she placed it on his other cheek, pulling him toward her. Their lips met and Robert couldn't help releasing a low moan of desire. She let his tongue explore her mouth and he pulled her tighter against him. Their kiss broke and Angeline placed light kisses along his jaw to his ear before dropping her head on his shoulder. He felt her trembling and held her snugly in his arms. After a moment, Angeline straightened.

"I think I'm willing to believe there is a reason for feeling so strongly about you in such a short time, Robert. I hope you will be patient with me. I have never experienced the give and take of a lasting relationship." Robert felt as if his heart would burst in joy, listening to her. He pulled her into a great hug and kissed her cheek.

"Angeline, you make me very happy. I believe this can be the right thing for us." Robert slipped his arm behind her and around her waist, pulling her as close as possible. They leaned together, listening to each other's breathing, lightly caressing each other's hands, and enjoying the physical closeness. After a few moments, Robert pulled away from Angeline and placed both of his hands on her cheeks.

"Sweetheart, I do have to go. But I want to see you again as soon as possible. Can we spend the day together sometime soon?" He searched her eyes for an indication of doubt. He was overjoyed to see it wasn't there.

"That would be very nice. I look forward to it." She kissed his cheek and Robert guided her face so that he could kiss her lips again. His hand caressed her neck and his fingertips felt her rapid pulse, just under the skin below her jaw. He released her and grasped her hands in his lap.

"I hate it, but I do have to go," he said sadly. "But I promise I'll call later to decide when we can spend some time together. Maybe we can even get you out of here for a while."

"Would you! Oh, that's fantastic!" He rose, helped pull Angeline to her feet, and handed her the crutches. They walked slowly to the door once more.

"Until then, dearest," Robert whispered into her hair as he embraced her again. As he stepped away from her, he saw Angeline's eyes were bright with moisture.

"I look forward to it, Robert. Take care." She caressed his arm as he stepped through the door. Robert heard the door close softly behind him and a surge of energy ran through him. He had the impulse to leap in the air in happiness.



It was Monday, two days later, when he pulled onto the street where Angeline and her Aunt Ellen lived. He had impulsively decided to drop in on Angeline without warning. But now McCall saw the streets were lined with police cars and a crowd of people. He had to park the Jag a block away to walk to the house. As he neared the perimeter of the area the police had roped off, he spotted Angeline sitting on the hood of one of the police cruisers. He moved as closely as possible to hear what she was saying. Angeline was focusing all her attention on the police sergeant who was evidently taking her statement. Robert stood patiently until it appeared the police officer was done talking with her, then leaned between a couple of bystanders and against the crime scene tape to wave. Angeline noticed him, slid off the car, and limped with her cane toward Robert.

"What happened? Why are you out here?" Robert asked incredulously, watching her progress with the cane. He lifted the crime scene tape and helped her away from the crowd. They sat on the steps of Aunt Ellen's house to talk.

"There was a collision between those two cars," she said pointing toward the street. "The man that was hit attacked the man who had caused the wreck with his fists. The other one pulled a gun and shot him. I had heard the collision, and then the gunshot. I grabbed my Glock and managed to get outside to see what was going on. The one man was down and the other was walking around, shouting at him. The guy on the ground must have been conscious and talking, because I heard the one with the gun say, 'Oh, yeah?' and point the gun at the guy on the ground again. That's when I called out, identifying myself as a police officer and told him to drop the gun. He fired at me and ran away. I'm lucky he was such a lousy shot."

"And you without a bullet proof vest, too," Robert observed, shaking his head. "That was quite a risk. What would you have done if he wouldn't have calmed down and attacked you, too?"

"I don't know, but I couldn't just stand there and watch him shoot the other guy in the head. That's where he was pointing the gun, right between the other guy's eyes. I had to do something." Robert put his arm around her shoulders and Angeline leaned into him gratefully.

"Are the police done with you?" he asked looking at the commotion that was taking place in the street.

"Yes, I think so. Why don't we go inside? I need to sit down and relax for a few minutes." Robert helped her to her feet and opened the front door.

"Where is your aunt?" he asked as they entered the living room.

"This is her day to volunteer at the hospital. She goes in about nine-thirty and stays until three. I'm glad she wasn't here today. She would be extremely upset that something like this happened in her neighborhood and so close to her house. It's better she hears of it second hand. And of course, she would be all over me for getting involved." Angeline dropped onto the couch and placed her wounded leg on the hassock.

"I wonder if you made that start bleeding again," Robert mused, looking at the pallor of her face. She was terribly pale at the moment. "Do you have any extra gauze pads and bandaging?"

"Yes, the hospital sent some home with me. They're in my bedroom on the dresser."

Robert quickly retrieved the bandaging and sat next to Angeline to examine the wound. He was right. Once he had taken off the gauze and sterile pads, he could see fresh blood oozing from the stitches. He quickly opened fresh pads, applied them to the wounds, and rewrapped her leg with gauze. As Robert finished and stole a look at Angeline's face, he was happy to see the color coming back into her cheeks. He gathered up the used gauze and disposed of it in the kitchen trash. He had a sudden thought as he returned to the couch.

"Would you like to spend some time with me at my apartment? It's likely to be quieter than it is here," Robert asked as he took his seat with Angeline again. He felt she would relax better somewhere away from the scene outside.

"That would be great," Angeline answered, turning to smile at him. "Let me get a bit freshened up and we can go. I can hardly wait to get out of this house." Robert helped her to her feet and watched her progress as she limped to her bedroom. A few minutes later, Angeline returned, having changed from the athletic warm-ups she had been wearing to slacks and a velour pullover. Robert caught his breath as the sun sparkled red through her freshly brushed hair.

"Has anyone told you lately that you're beautiful?" he asked, rising and walking towards her.

"Ha!" Angeline said as she reached around Robert's waist to aid her balance. "I thought you were English." She affected a heavy brogue. "You sound more Irish, mouthing all that blarney." They laughed together and left the house.



Robert and Angeline spent several happy hours together. Robert fixed lunch and later prepared dinner as Angeline sat at the kitchen counter mischievously providing 'help' with the cooking. Robert almost added the chili pepper she handed to him to a white sauce before he realized she was teasing. He got even by having her taste a spicy pepper when she was expecting a sweet one. They found themselves laughing together quite frequently.

When dinner was over and the dishes put away, they relaxed together on the sofa in the den with after-dinner drinks. Robert put his arm around Angeline's shoulders and she leaned comfortably against him. They sat quietly contented for a few minutes.

"How are you feeling now? Does your leg hurt at all?" Robert asked, turning his head to watch her answer.

"Oh, I'm doing okay. The wound stings a little and aches when I flex the muscle, but not bad. I'm not on pain killers anymore, so I can't complain." Robert reached with one hand to caress her cheek. Angeline colored a little, but didn't move away. As she turned to look at Robert, he put his hand under her chin and brought her forward into a lingering kiss. Angeline returned the kiss with more passion than he had felt from her before. She lifted her hands to place one on his cheek and the other to stroke through his hair and caress his neck.

"Angeline," Robert whispered as he kissed down her chin. Angeline tipped her head back and gave him full access to her throat, where he nibbled and kissed the delicate skin. Her quiet moans of pleasure and excitement thrilled him and he felt a rush of desire through his body. He pressed kisses back up to her cheek and they leaned together, forehead to forehead, catching their breath. Robert ran his hand down from her shoulder to her hand, then back up to her shoulder before letting it drop to lightly caress her breast, discovering she wasn't wearing a bra. Angeline moaned again and arched her back, pushing her breast against his hand. Robert was delighted with that encouragement and continued to gently massage and play with the tender flesh beneath the cloth. He kissed her deeply again and let his hand slide to her waist to find its way under the velour top. He ran his fingertips lightly along the waistband of her slacks, sending her into ticklish spasms. Then Robert lifted the velour top to reveal her small breasts. He cupped one in his hand and leaned forward to take the erect nipple in his mouth, rolling his tongue around it and gently sucking. Angeline's hands caressed his hair, neck and shoulders as he continued his attention to the other breast.

"Oh, Robert," she whispered, "oh, that feels so good." Her gently exploring hand moved to massage along the inside of his thigh and soon discovered his erection pressing urgently against the cloth of his trousers. Robert quietly moaned against the skin of her breast as she caressed him. He released her breast and captured her lips in a kiss once again. After a moment, he broke the kiss, pulling her tightly against him.

"What do you say to someplace more comfortable?" Robert whispered against her hair.

"I think that's a good idea," Angeline said as she pressed kisses against his cheek. Robert stood up, offering his hand to assist her in rising from the sofa. With Robert's help, Angeline stood up and looked for her cane. Robert saw it lying of the floor near the couch and retrieved it for her. He then put his arm around her waist and led her to down the hallway.

Once inside the bedroom, Angeline sat on the bed and kicked off her shoes in preparation to start removing her clothing.

"No, dear, please wait," Robert said, his voice hoarse with desire. "I want to undress you." Angeline smiled back at him shyly. Robert took off his shirt and once again reached to help Angeline stand. "Not meaning to be insensitive about this, but do I need to worry about protection?" He pulled her against him and caressed her cheek.

"No," Angeline said sadly, looking down and placing a hand on her abdomen, "a bullet ricocheting around in there laid waste to any hope of children for me." She looked back up at Robert who immediately put his fingers under her chin and pulled her forward to kiss her deeply. Then, as she stood close to him, her arms around his neck and snuggling kisses against his neck, Robert found the button and zipper to her slacks and opened them to let the garment fall loosely to the floor. Angeline leaned against Robert to step out of the pile of cloth and then held on to his arm while he bent to pick up her slacks and toss them on to a chair. Then he turned back to Angeline and ran his hands over her hips and buttocks, tracing the edges of her lacy underwear. Her skin felt so smooth and warm to his hands. He could feel the ripple of muscles along her thighs. A rush of lust swept through him and he grasped her buttocks to pull her pelvis tightly against his groin. He buried his face against her neck, feeling her soft hair sliding across his nose and cheek. He slid his hands up her ribs to her shoulders and slipped the pullover off over her head to toss on the chair as well. Robert gently guided Angeline to recline on the bed and stretched out beside her. He placed his hand on her waist, let it slowly glide up to her chest, and caressed her small, delicate breast. He watched her close her eyes, loving the passionate expression that formed on her face. Then he leaned forward and kissed her deeply, feeling her hand rise to caress his face. She returned his kiss with intense passion, moaning quietly. Robert broke the kiss and placed his hand on Angeline's cheek.

"You are so beautiful, my darling," he whispered and let his hand trail down her chest and across her stomach to trace back and forth along the upper edge of her underwear. Robert saw her glance at his face and smile before watching his questing hand lightly slip under the waist of her panties and his fingertips start exploring the soft flesh underneath. He was delighted to feel the soft, smooth skin keep going and going into the folds between her legs. No hair at all met his fingertips as they slipped along her bare pussy lips and toward her wet vagina. Oh, she will be a joy to go down on! Then he felt her hands pulling at his trousers, freeing the button and finding the zipper. Robert watched her rapt expression as she loosened his clothing. Her fingertips finally touched his hard member and he pushed against her hand, hardly able to control his excitement. Angeline grasped him through the fabric of his boxers and he felt her explore the length of his erection, creating exciting tingles through his cock and into his groin. Robert moaned quietly and captured her with a kiss again, pushing his hand between her legs and gently thrusting a finger inside her wet cunt. Angeline lifted her knees to accommodate his hand between her legs and Robert plunged a second finger inside her. She moaned against his lips and he felt her slipping her underwear further down, pushing it off her legs with her foot, making more room for his hand to move between her legs. She arched her back and spread her legs, moving her hips to meet his hand as he slowly thrust his fingers in and out of her.

"Robert!" Angeline gasped, breaking the kiss and covering Robert's face with kisses. "Oh, yes!" Robert caressed the inner lips of her pussy, seeking her clitoris. He felt her tense and heard her breath hitch. Yes, that was the spot. He wanted give her clit plenty of attention before going down on her. He listened to her gasp as his fingers brushed back and forth against it. Yes, now would be the time. Robert slowly moved his hand from between her legs, caressing her hip as he moved, and stood beside the bed to remove his trousers and underwear. His erection waved rigidly in front of him. Robert smiled to himself as he saw Angeline's eyes glued to the sight of his cock, all nine erect inches of it. Yes, she looked ready. Robert knelt on the bed and caressed the insides of her thighs with both hands, gently bending her knees and pushing them apart. He leaned forward and over her to kiss her stomach, pushing his tongue into her navel and licking down her bare mons. He moved to his stomach as his attentions reached her clitoris and labia, pushing his hands under her buttocks and raising her pelvis slightly. Angeline was gasping and trembling as he ran his tongue in long strokes along her soft pussy lips. She spread her legs widely, pushing down with her feet, and curved her back to allow him more access to her cunt. Robert licked up and down her slit, pausing to suck on the swelling head of her clit and darting his tongue back and forth across its tip. He listened Angeline's excited gasps and moans with immense satisfaction. She was tensing her leg muscles and moaning louder. He redoubled his attention to her clitoris and felt her excitement gathering. Suddenly she tensed her entire body and he felt her climax take her with wave after wave of intense pleasure as he kept his face buried between her legs.

"Oh…oh! Robert! Darling! Yes, yes! Oh, God!" Angeline's voice was rising in pitch as each orgasmic wave went through her. Robert decided it was time to let her relax and started kissing her inner thighs. He continued kissing back up her body and stretched out beside her once again. Angeline immediately entwined herself around him and started kissing his chest. Robert relaxed and luxuriated in the feel of her warm lips and tongue on his skin. Her hand moved downward toward his groin and softly explored the tip of his erection, lying on his right hip. He felt her kisses moving downward as well, to the bottom of his ribs, then toward his navel, and finally toward his cock. Her tongue felt so warm and good, licking along the skin of his abdomen on either side of his erection. Robert appreciatively watched Angeline's slender naked body as she moved to her hands and knees to bring her head closer to his groin. He grasped her leg lightly and guided her to recline with her knees toward his head so he could caress her while she continued her ministrations to him. Angeline moaned at his touch and spread her legs to allow him to explore her intimate parts. Ahh…she was so beautiful…and so willing to receive his attention…and so willing to give back! Robert shivered as her lips surrounded the head of his cock, her tongue swirling around the glans, and then with the realization that she had let him penetrate deeply into her throat. Excitement raced through his groin and body.

"Yes, darling, that feels so good! Oh, yes!" Robert moaned as Angeline continued to suck on his cock. He felt himself ready to cum soon and put both hands on her head to gently push her away from his throbbing penis.

"I want to be inside you," he whispered harshly, "I want to feel you as close to me as possible!" He moved quickly between her legs, smiling at the intensely passionate look she gave him and the way she spread her knees so quickly apart for him. Her hands reached out to pull him toward her as he guided his cock into her vagina. So warm…and tight! Robert moaned as he felt her vaginal muscles grasp his cock and pulse against him. Her hands caressed his ribs as he supported himself on his elbows above her. Delightedly, he felt her lift her legs higher and wrap them around his waist. Wonderful tingles swept up his back as her hands clutched his buttocks; her short nails digging into his flesh as he drove his cock deeper and deeper into her. Her excited moans and gasps against his cheek ignited his passion further and he pounded harder against her. He watched with immense satisfaction as Angeline writhed into orgasm, her legs squeezing his ribs, her back arching and her pelvis pumping erratically against his groin. Oh, yes, now! He was ready! Robert felt the warmth of her body enveloping him, the excitement bursting from him.

"Angeline!" he exclaimed, as he pumped his seed inside her. "Oh, Angeline, you are so exciting! Oh, darling!" As his climax faded, Robert slowly relaxed his body on top of her, loving the feeling of her legs still wrapped around him. Her kisses were wonderful, warm against his cheek, snuggled into his neck. Angeline wrapped her arms around his back and hugged him tightly. Robert captured her mouth, holding her tightly, and let his remaining passion pour into the kiss. He felt Angeline arch her body against him, returning the kiss with equal passion. Robert pulled away from her, breaking the kiss as he ran out of breath.

"Angeline, you are magnificent! So exciting, such a wonderful lover!"

"I was thinking much the same about you, sweetheart," Robert heard her whisper against his ear as she pulled him down against her. But, his lower back was stiffening quickly and he loosened her embrace, reluctantly unwrapping her from around his body, and carefully avoiding her injured leg. Robert stretched out beside her, pulling her closely into his arms, and ran his hand up and down her body as far as he could reach.

"Can you stay?" he whispered against her hair, feeling its silkiness against his face and lips. "I want to make love to you again, as soon as I can. Would you like that?" He waited anxiously for her answer.

"That would be wonderful. How could I say no?" Robert hugged her tightly and pulled the blankets up around them, happy to give in to the drowsiness that was threatening to overcome him. Angeline curved her body deliciously against him and sighed deeply, evidently giving in to fatigue as well. The warmth of her body next to him filled Robert with happiness. He knew he would not be lonely again for a long time.

Chapter 3