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Dangereux Amour

She felt her rushing blood, the trembling of her knees and thighs, the sweat dripping off her. But mostly she felt the pleasure building, building, spiraling outward from her groin as the teasing of her sex continued. It was taking over her mind and body. Yes, yes! He was going to permit her to go all the way to orgasm this time!

She knew she making keening noises, she couldn't help it. He had teased her all night, taking her to the brink of orgasm and then suddenly withdrawing, always just before she could achieve full release. But now, it was coming! She felt his lips and tongue lave over her clitoris, his fingers drilling deeper and faster in her vagina, his other hand brushing her painfully chafed nipples. Her thighs trembled with anticipation and fatigue. She was on her knees kneeling over his face and had been for God knows how long. If she rested her legs and lowered herself a little, he would stop, he had told her that. If she raised up a little to relieve the muscle's hard work, he wouldn't be unable to reach her and then the pleasure would stop. She knew that.

All she could do was groan with the effort and the desire . But she was coming, She started to pant, "Yes, Yes, Yes,"

Suddenly he moved out from under her.

"No! No! Not yet," she whimpered. He wasn't going to let her come again! The frustration overwhelmed her. "Please, Please," she begged, "Don't stop."

But she felt the weight of his body move on the bed as he got up. His bare footsteps sounded like he had left the room. She wasn't permitted to raise her head to look. He had warned her. If she changed her position at any time, the game was over for the night, and might be over forever. She couldn't chance that. She groaned again, close to tears.

How many time had he left her weak and frustrated that night? Four, five times? She couldn't be sure. There was no clock to check, so the time was unknown. All that was known was the frustration, the fatigue and pain of her overworked muscles and tied arms, and the misery of almost getting release, but having it snatched away at the last minute.

This was the best session they had ever had!

Sweat ran down her face, as she tried not to sob, (he said that if she cried, the game was over for the night, maybe over forever). Maybe if she wiggled her ass she could bring herself to climax? She dare not press her thighs together or lower herself onto a pillow to rub on it, that would be changing position, and would bring the session to an end.

She felt her own juices slide down her inner thighs. Maybe if she asked to go to the bathroom, she could do herself quickly and he'd never know! No, he'd know she had masturbated, he would see it in her body, in her lack of frustration and tension and then he might end the session for the night, or, her heart thumped, he might end their time together forever! No, she'd stay where she was, frustrated and in agony.

She had arrived at his apartment at six in the evening after spending an hour on the phone with him that afternoon. She had begged for him to permit her to visit that night. She had pleaded and promised him anything he wanted if he would only let her see him. Finally he had acquiesced.

Arriving at exactly six (he wouldn't permit her to be even a minute early or late) She had knocked on his door in the prescribed rhythm and he had let her in. Thrilled to see him, she had taken off her coat to reveal the plain and somber dress beneath it. (He couldn't abide a woman dressing flashy or like a tramp in public.) Approving her outfit he had smiled and nodded. Shivers of delight had coursed through her, he was in a good mood! Lifting her dress up above her head, she posed to let him see the outfit she had on underneath. It had been delivered that morning after being rushed ordered two days before.

He smiled at her again!

"Yvette, that's a wonderful outfit!"

Her heart was full. "Thank you, I bought it just for you." She made sure not to stare at him. He told her he didn't like it. Running her hands over the white lace and satin, Yvette knew she looked like a walking wet dream. The bustier was cinched tight so her breasts were spilling over the top. It made her waist even tinier and made the flair of her hips look even fuller, more womanly, more welcoming. A tiny pair of white panties peaked out from between her legs and white silk stockings were held up by a garter belt. She had bought a pair of three inch stiletto heeled shoes to finish the outfit off. Never had she worn a costume like that – never, and she was thrilled when he extended a hand to touch the lovely fabric.

She was startled when he grabbed the front of the bustier and roughly tugged it down, making her breasts pop out free. Within a second he had lifted one breast up to his mouth and had pinched the other nipple with such violence that her knees gave out.

He had her tied on her back to the bed for what seemed like a lifetime. Never touching below her waist for a moment (no matter how she begged) he had rubbed and sucked and pinched her nipples until she had, for the first time in her life, almost climaxed just from fondling. But he had stopped just before she had gone over the edge. And that had been the theme for the night.

Now, wearing the bustier pulled down low, pinching her so she could hardly breath, he had her on her knees on the bed facing the headboard. The panties had been dispensed with long ago, but the garter belt and the white stockings were still on, as were her three inch stiletto heeled shoes. He had tied her elbows together in front of her. He explained that if he tied her wrists there would be telltale marks of her bondage and then she could only wear very long sleeves. The marks higher up on her arms by her elbows wouldn't be seen by everyone. Genius! He thought of everything! The ties were attached to a long chain that he locked low down on the headboard, forcing her upper body near the mattress.

That had been her position for the long amazing night.

Yvette was finally regaining her breath. Her clitoris and vagina were swollen with what he had put her though. Exquisite soreness and burning were the overwhelming sensations now that she could lean forward onto her bended arms to take some of her weight off her complaining thighs. She would have loved to sit down, but once he had positioned her knees far apart, with her ass in the air, he had told her that to change her position meant the end of the game for the night, maybe forever, and she just couldn't chance that!

She heard his footsteps on the wooden floor of the bedroom. Remembering to face the headboard and not look at him, she cleared her throat and somehow found her voice.

"If you don't let me come soon, I'm afraid that I'll lose the ability to climax tonight. There's only so many times I can respond and be frustrated before I won't respond anymore." She kept her had down, staring at the rumpled sheets of the bed.

"Has it happened so far? Haven't I made you crazy every time tonight?" His voice was light, good natured.

"I'm only afraid I might not be able to finish when you want me to."

"Don't worry." He moved closer to the bed, "I know what I'm doing Yvette, that's why you begged me to let you visit tonight. Right?"

Without looking directly at him, she smiled and nodded, now letting her head fall onto the mattress.

"This will be our last session anyway."

Her heart jumped! "What?" He voice came out in a shrill whine. Heart thudding, Yvette nearly forgot herself and looked at him, but stopped just in the nick of time.

"I have to leave on a job tomorrow, out of the country. It'll last three weeks. Since your trip to New York to visit McCall and Scott will be finished by then, you'll have returned to Quebec by the time I get back to the States."

"No!" she cried, "It can't be the last time, I couldn't stand it if it was the last time!"

"Don't cry." He mover closer to her and she felt his hand brush over her exposed rump. Then he spread her cheeks and she jumped when she felt something metallic and cold pressed up against her anus.

"I brought you a beer," he smoothed the chilled can farther in-between her legs pushing it onto the opening of her vagina and clitoris. The cold felt delicious on her irritated skin.

She moaned, "You can't go. We've just started seeing each other. No, don't go. Not yet!"

"Look Yvette, its not my fault you didn't come to see me earlier. We might have had more time if you did."

She kept still. It was true. She had forgotten him once she had gotten back home to Quebec. Later, after trying to find her way on her own after her father was killed, she hadn't even thought of him. And for the first weeks she had been in NY to visit Robert and Scott, it wasn't until Robert reminded her that she never thanked him for looking out for her and watching over her during that terrible time, did she even think of seeing him.

"I'm sorry, but Robert and Scott kept me so busy that I didn't contact anyone."

His voice sounded content, calm, "No need to apologize. We've had two fun weeks. How many times have we seen each other?'

"Eight times," she answered immediately. She had listed them in her mind over and over, thinking about what secret pleasures he had shared with her. "The first time I thanked you and we had dinner. Then we had another dinner date and you took me to the sex shop where you bought me my first gift." She smiled, remembering how he had been studying her, watching her reaction when he suggested they visit the sex shop next to the restaurant. She had been nervous but yet, there had been an overwhelming urge to venture inside the shop. He had been pleased by her interest and led her inside. Never had she seen such things. Never had she been so filled with anticipation and desire.

When he had picked out a huge, dark red dildo and bought it for her, she had accepted the gift, thrilled.

When during their next date she had seen that the dildo was the twin of his own weighty penis, all her inhibitions evaporated and they had started on their journey together. It had been the best two weeks of her life.

"And we've only had six sessions together, including today." Her need became urgent. "Please! We've only just begun to know each other. I need you to teach me more! Only six times isn't enough. You can't leave me just as I've found you and begun to live!"

He appeared at the head of the bed where Yvette had now pressed her forehead onto the mattress.

"You're not crying?"

"No!" He had warned her that she must not cry, or the game would end. She lifted her head to show him her dry eyes, in that moment she got a glimpse of his penis, semi erect, inches from her face. Her mouth became dry with the desire to taste it. She licked her lips with the yearning.

She heard the top of a can being zipped off. "Here," he held the can with a straw inserted in it in front of her lips. "Take a sip. You look thirsty."

She smelled beer and shook her head. "I don't want any, thank you. I don't like beer."

"I'm sharing one of my beers with you, and told you to drink and you refuse! Is that any way to act to me?" Angry now, he pushed the straw between her lips. "To make up for your insult, you'll drink half the can right away. Now!"

Horrified at the idea that she might have displeased him, she sucked on the straw and gulped down swallow after swallow of the cold bitter brew. It nearly came back up. She hated the taste.

"OK," he said, his voice mild again, "When you have to pee, tell me."

"I would like to go to the bathroom now, to wash my face." She'd wash her mouth clear of the vile taste too.

"You have to pee already?"

"No," she said, hoping it wasn't the wrong answer.

"Tell me when you have to pee, I have a special glass table inside. I want to teach you how to share golden rain."

Still upset, but suddenly excited at the prospect of learning something new, Yvette looked at him, "What's that?"

"Good thing I'm leaving!" he shouted, his voice and face contorted with anger, "Damn! What an infant you are! You can't even follow my orders!"

That's when she realized she was looking him fully and she snapped her head away to look at the mattress. "I'm sorry. I just don't know what golden rain – "

"Coddled, spoiled little rich girl!" His voice was deep, rich with emotions. "You don't know anything but being catered too all your life. You don't know a thing about anything, do you?'

"Please", Yvette whimpered, "I'll do anything you like."

"I told you to think twice about getting involved with me, I gave you every opportunity to not see me but you insisted. Do you have any idea what your father would do to me if he knew what we've been doing together?"

Her mind clouded. But her father was dead. Oh! Then she realized he was talking about Robert.

"Robert's just my birth father. I don't really know him, don't even consider him my father."

"Well, he sees you as his daughter. He originally sent me to look out for you, and he really, really hates it when any agent fucks with his charges! What do you think he'd do to me if he saw you, his angelic daughter, right now, tied and squirming on my bed?"

Yvette didn't know what to say. All she wanted was for him not to be angry with her. She kept still.

"No, you don't know or care," she heard him walk behind her and thought she heard a drawer open then slam shut. "Robert's been a good friend to me, we worked together for years and now I help him part-time in his role as The Equalizer. What do think would happen to our relationship if he found out about us? Answer me!"

She still didn't know what to say. "I don't know."

A sharp pain exploded on her buttocks. Yvette screamed. She nearly collapsed face down onto the bed, but she managed to keep her rump high in the air. The biggest shock of the pain subsided, but her ass still throbbed.

God, it was wonderful!

She felt a tapping on her bottom. "Don't act like you're a stupid girl." His voice was again mild. The tapping continued upwards from her ass to her hip onto her back and finally to her shoulders. From the corned of her eye she saw him approach her. "Look up Yvette."

She moved her eyes a little to her right. There was his hand holding a small riding crop. He had struck her with it! Her ass still throbbed. Oh he was magnificent!

"I know you aren't stupid, so don't act like you are. It makes me annoyed."

The riding crop began to tap her ass again, but this time it struck her skin with more resolve.

The pain was exquisite. Yvette began to pant, moaning with each flicker of the whip on her body. She began to quiver with pleasure, jumping as the crop hit her over and over.

Her mind was not longer functioning at anything higher than an animal pleasure. She began to write in agony and delight, her groans sometimes giving way to shrieks. Then suddenly the pain stopped and Yvette nearly choked with dissatisfaction.

"More, oh God, please, PLEASE!" She somehow was able to grab her own hair and pull at it out of disappointment. "I can't take anymore, please, don't stop!"

Hard hands grabbed her buttocks, pulling them apart. She gasped as she felt something shoved into her rectum. The pain exploded through her body. "Yes!" she grunted triumphant when she realized that he was already thrusting inside her at the pace that he normally used just before he came. He was pounding into her with short piston-like thrusts and Yvette felt her elusive climax rushing at her with the speed of an oncoming train.

Her whole body was vibrating with the sting of the riding crop, the pain of her bound arms, the distension of her rectum and the fatigue that tightened the muscles of her thighs and rump. She gave herself into the pleasure. He wouldn't stop again tonight, he just couldn't.

With that he withdrew, and Yvette screamed in frustration.

"Quiet," he demanded and, using all of her resolve, Yvette became silent. Soon only their ragged breath could be heard in the room.

He had moved to stand near her head and she kept her face pointed away from him, afraid that he might see the tears that she couldn't stop this time. She felt his hands roving over her breasts one at a time, gently rubbing each one in turn. She kept her head down, hardly feeling what he was doing. Without a warning tremendous pain screamed at her from her nipples. Her eyes flew open and she was amazed to see black nipple clamps attached and hanging like obscene nursing animals from her breasts.

Before she could react, he had again gotten on the bed and entered her. This time he was in her vagina, sliding in and out, his weight making her thighs almost give way.

The crashing mountains of pain and pleasure broke throughout her mind. Each movement brought such overpowering sensations that she lost herself in the screams of her body's physical reactions. She couldn't think anymore, just mewl and grunt and feel.

Her body had entered the point of ecstasy and she felt her eyes begin to roll up into her head as the room became black. Suddenly her orgasm whipped through her. Spasms like nothing she had experienced before wracked through her body. She was aware that she had nearly collapsed onto the bed, but her heroic lover was now clutching her hips, keeping her upright. He was pulsating her ass against his member, working her body for his own climax.

The peak of her orgasm lasted forever, she rolled on wave after wave of exquisite agony. Pain and bliss intertwined until the darkness that has been at the edge of her consciousness poured over everything. Satiated finally, she fell into its welcoming grasp.



She heard her name as she lifted through a muddy darkness. Soreness and pain throbbed throughout her body. She didn't want to do anything to change that.


The voice was louder then. And when she realized who was calling her, she forced her eyes to open. She was lying on her back on the bed, her arms were untied, loose by her sides. She could feel that the bustier had been removed. The same for the garter belt and stockings and shoes. Her naked skin was exquisitely sensitive. The blanket that had been tucked around her was rubbing on her nipples with each breath she took. She breathed deeply and luxuriated in the sensations on her skin combined with the twinges and aching that buzzed between her legs.

"Good, You're finally awake."

She sighed with contentment and nodded, making sure not to look directly at him. "I'm awake."

"I've got to leave soon."

That's when she remembered that he was leaving. He was going away!

She closed her eyes as the tears began to flow. If he was leaving her then she didn't have to hold back her emotions anymore. If he was leaving her without him, she couldn't hold back the despair.

"Come on sugar, don't cry. You know I don't like to see women cry,"

"How can I help it? You mean so much to me and now you're leaving," she opened her eyes and turned her head towards him. His face looked so sad. Her tears were really bothering him.

She wept harder.

He rolled closer to her on the bed. He had the blanket pulled up to his hips, and his naked chest and abdomen rested against the bare flesh of her arm. She basked in the warmth from his body.

"Aw Yvette don't."

"I can't live without knowing I'll see you again." She cried as hard as she could.

"Aw, honey, I have to go, I'm working. It's a matter of National Security, I can't blow it off."

She half turned on her side, rolling against him and then she tucked her body into his and cuddled. She wept harder, letting him feel her body quake as she sobbed.

"Oh, shit," he sighed, "You're not going to make my leaving you easy – are you?"

"No," she whimpered, lifting her tear-filled eyes to his. She knew she looked pitiful and sweet. Then she pouted, the hurt expression that had worked on people all her life, "I need you, I can't let you go." She threw her arm around his neck, remembering to make sure the blanket was down so her naked body now touched his.

"I told you from the start this wasn't a long term deal." His tone was gentle.

She loved the sound of his voice.

"But I can't lose you so soon!" She made her intonation childish. Men loved that. "If you leave me now, part of me will die."

"Sugar, you know how dangerous our relationship is to me. I'm risking my life every moment I'm with you."

She rubbed his stomach and chest with her hand and slid it down to grab his penis. He was flaccid, but he wouldn't be for long. She had ways.

"Stop that!" He reached over and slapped her face, hard. She let go of him. Her eyes watered with the blow. "I'm discussing something important with you. Pay attention."

Happy that he had smacked her, Yvette smiled and nodded.

"I work for your Godfather, a hell of a dangerous man. He wouldn't think twice about torturing and offing me if he knew we were seeing each other."

It was true, her Godfather would do anything to protect her. Screwing her was a dangerous thing. It made meeting her talented lover even more thrilling to know his life was on the line each time they were together. It was so gratifying to know he might be killed for fucking her.

Yvette sighed with contentment and cuddled against him tighter.

"And as for your father . . ."

Yvette started, "But my father is dead."

"Robert McCall," he said with some exasperation in his voice.

"Oh him, right, my father."

"Robert would peel the skin from my hide inch by inch – literally – if he knew what I was doing to you."

"I need you and you need me too. You said yourself that I'm a good learner and have a real talent for taking what you can shell out to me. I want you to use me however you want. I need you to. Anyway, who cares what Robert McCall thinks?" she muttered.

He shifted in the bed, "I care, dammit! I care how badly he'd make me regret ever touching you. Look Yvette, we had our little fling, but now it's over. I'm leaving later today and that's that!"

"No!" her own ire was burning in her. She wouldn't give up the joys of the S&M lifestyle that she had just begun to experience. "If you refuse to see me, I'll…" she looked directly into his big beautiful eyes. "I'll tell Robert and my Godfather all about us!" Maybe if she scared him, he wouldn't dare to leave her forever.

He rolled away from her and out of the bed. She loved to see the way his body moved when he walked. Every part of him seemed to have a mind of its own.

"Don't be ridiculous," he said, his voice showed no upset or emotion. "If you told them both, I'd be dead in a week and then you would have accomplished nothing. You'd really never see me again."

"Please, PLEASE," she begged, the truth dawning on her that the session was over and that it might really be their last. "Maybe we can work something out so that you'd be safe but we can still see each other. PLEASE!"

He turned around and presented Yvette with a black box. "Here, I bought this as a gift to you."

"If it's a good-bye gift I don't want it!" She began to cry again, she needed him to get back into bed next to her. He was too far away from her, too calm for her to get him to agree to what she needed from him, a promise that they would continue seeing each other.

"Look sugar," he sat back down on the bed and opened the box for her to see the contents, "I bought this just for you to use and remember when I'm not with you. It's a keepsake."

Yvette managed a peek into the box. She couldn't help herself and squealed with delight. "For me?" He had put the nipple clamps he had used on her into a box to give as a gift. Taking them into her hands, she was surprised to see that they were the same clamps she had admired on their last visit to the sex shop. Quality black onyx with a silver design and a long silver chain that connected them together. It had cost a fortune.

"You do care about me, don't you?" she smiled at him as a few tears slid down her face.

His expression melted.

Yes, she got him!

"Maybe, oh God," his shoulders slumped with resignation, "maybe I can visit you in Quebec after my assignment."

Her heart soared!

"Oh yes, yes," she wept with gratitude. "No one will ever find out about us there. I promise. We will be safe to be together, for me to give you pleasure and for you to teach me more."

In her mind, she had already begun to redecorate a room in her house. Black with leather furniture. Maybe a hidden closet like he had to hold her own collection of sex toys!

"I can make us a den of pleasure!" she gushed. Then she looked straight into his eyes, so big and brown and filled with emotion. "I swear, I'll make sure you never regret any moment we share together."

Then she jumped on top of him, bringing him flat on his back on the bed. She climbed up to straddle him, grunting with the exertion. Her muscles and twat screamed in protest from the earlier workout as she opened her legs as wide as possible to encompass his girth.

"Make me black and blue, make me bleed, make me beg. I'm yours to do with what you want! Oh Sterno, you've made me so happy!"