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Still pissed, Mickey kicked the door of his apartment shut behind him. I don't know why I let McCall use me all the time. It's nothing to do with him, who I sleep with. Jesus! And then he has the nerve to preach to me about it. I remember that job in South America in '84, he didn't mind getting involved then. But I guess it was okay because it was him sticking it to that hot piece Meredith.

He hurled his bag into the corner of the living room and went into the kitchen. Yanking open the door of the refrigerator, Mickey pulled out a beer, promising himself that it would be the first of many tonight

Taking the cold bottle back into the living room, he threw himself down on the couch and jabbed at the TV remote. The screen came alight with a basketball game and Mickey downed half the beer before settling back onto the couch to watch the game.

It didn't take long for him to realize that he wasn't going to be able to concentrate. Anger kept his thoughts whirling around in his head. Shit! It wasn't as though he planned to sleep with her. She came onto him first! And then McCall didn't even let him say goodbye to her, just threw him out of her apartment like yesterday's garbage. Well just you wait, Mr. 'I'm so perfect' McCall. Wait until the next time you need someone who is willing to stick his finger in the fucking fan. He said those guys who pulled that bump and run scam were in jail, but if anything happens to Sydney, someone is going to pay.

And then McCall had the nerve to turn on him and lecture him about bad timing. You bet your ass it was bad timing - yours, you son-of-a-... If you had arrived ten minutes later you would never have known that anything had happened between us. Mickey drained the last of the beer. I swear he expects me to live like a monk.

Mickey started to think. Maybe he could swing by the school when Sydney had finished her exam? He looked at the empty beer bottle. In that case he shouldn't drink any more. Hell, maybe they could go somewhere outside the city for a few days. He had vacation due and he sure wouldn't mind getting to drive her red beamer for a while. Mickey smiled to himself, that wasn't the only thing of Sydney's that he would like to get his hands on again!

When McCall had called this morning and told him he wanted him for a babysitting job for someone called Sydney, Mickey had naturally assumed it was a guy.

When he arrived at the apartment, complete with the latest model he was making from toothpicks and saw that Sydney was a woman and a real looker, he should have known then that it was bad news. One of these days I 'm gonna knock that smug, anal-retentive bastard, McCall, on his ass so hard he won't be able to get up.

After a fast introduction, McCall had left the apartment and he and Sydney had settled into an uncomfortable silence. She had started to study for her exam and he had looked round the apartment, checking that the windows and door were locked. Then he had begun to work on his model.

He had been aware of Sydney sneaking sly glances at him right from the start, but he had ignored her. Then, when she had come to sit nearby him and started to ask him question after question the floodgates had opened. It was obvious the girl was smitten with him. Heck he even got a little flustered! He made a mistake and told her he was working on a model of the Acropolis! He shook his head, Sydney was one piece of work. He had tried not to laugh when she called him a cowboy. Him a cowboy? Shit the closest he wanted to be to a cow was eating a twelve-ounce rare steak once in a while.

Later, Mickey had suggested that they go out and buy groceries for dinner. She had looked at him as though he was crazy at first, but when he had explained that she would be safe with him, she had agreed.

It wasn't far from her apartment to a really good Italian deli that Mickey knew and the stroll had relaxed her a lot. Sydney had let Mickey choose the food, because he had wanted to surprise her. But then her curiosity had got the better of her and she tried to look in the brown bags while they were walking to the nearby park. Somehow he had managed to keep her out of the bags but it had taken several friendly threats.

Back in her apartment, Mickey had put the meal together. Sydney acted like she was having a good time, she seemed happy, laughing and joking with him until they had finished eating. Then suddenly, she had started to cry, resting her head on his shoulder. When she had asked him why anyone wanted to do this to her, he had resisted the temptation to be cynical. In the world today, who needed an excuse? No one gives a shit about anyone apart from themselves.

But he tipped her head up and kissed her instead. He had only intended to comfort her. Her reaction to the kiss had surprised him because she had moved closer and kissed him back. He had tried to tell her it was a bad idea, but Sydney had covered his mouth with her hand, silencing him momentarily. "Please, Mickey. Don't make me stop. I want to be held and loved. I want you to make all the bad things go away for a little while." When he didn't answer, she had stood and taken his hand and led him into her bedroom.

After that? Well, heck he was only human. And she hadn't been shy either.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Sydney stripped, abandoning her clothing on the floor. And then she attacked him, pulling his sweater off and throwing it on the foot of the bed.

She had barely given him time to get his pants off and the rubbers out of his wallet before she had pushed him down. Before his head had hit the pillow she was kneeling astride him guiding him into her body.

She had moved over him like someone possessed until they had climaxed together in a frenzy of sweat and tangled limbs.

Afterwards Sydney lay on her side, facing him, running her hand up and down his body. "That was wonderful, Mickey. You are very special, you know that?"

He had laughed, "Me special? Nah, not really."

Sydney's hand stopped on his left nipple and she pinched it hard. Mickey heard himself let out an involuntary groan of pleasure. So she wanted more? Sure, he could do something about that.

Pushing her over onto her back, Mickey covered her body with his. He took his time, kissing her slowly and deeply, letting his tongue meet her lips and then the roof of her mouth. He could feel her hands on his back as she ran her fingers over his skin slowly, exciting him.

Kneeling over her, he moved his hands on her breasts, stroking upwards with firm but light touches. Swollen and erect, her nipples poked from between his spread fingers and he took one into his mouth. As he sucked and licked she moaned loudly, "I want you, Mickey. Do it now."

While he found another condom, Sydney rolled onto her elbows and knees, and raised her ass towards him.

"You want doggy style?" Mickey asked, kneeling behind her, his knees between her widely spread ones. He let his fingers trace her crack, stroking gently until her body started to vibrate with her need.

Sydney nodded breathless , "Yes. Doggy style? Is that what it is called in this country?"

"Yeah." Mickey sighed as he positioned himself and thrust, sliding his cock deep inside her. Resting his hands on her hips he pulled her back firmly until their bodies touched and she writhed with pleasure. Pumping slowly, he slipped one hand between her thighs. When he found her clitoris, she almost purred. As he rubbed the slick bump she began to move faster, meeting his thrusts with ones of her own. Her cries and moans of pleasure continued on and on, covering even the harsh sound of his breathing.

He thrust harder and faster until, with a squeal, Sydney came; then a surge of pleasure shuddered over him and Mickey came too, collapsing on top of her. He felt his cock slide out as he, still panting, rolled onto his back and snugly pulled her body against his. Curled around her protectively he held her until she fell asleep, then he got up, covered her with her robe and went to take a shower.

McCall had been at the door ringing the bell while he was still in the bathroom, before he had finished dressing. On his way to get it, Mickey saw that while he was in the shower Sydney had slipped into her robe. But now she was sleeping soundly.

You could have knocked him down with a feather when McCall had followed him back into the bathroom and got so bent out of shape over them being together. Mickey told him that Sydney was special to him, that he hadn't taken advantage of her, but he kept harping on bad timing, bad timing. Christ - no one broke in and murdered us while we were screwing! What the hell did he want?

Anyone would have thought that McCall had his own eye on her. She was only a couple of years older than Scott. Mickey shrugged, that had never stopped the old man in the past. It must be the British accent, but there had never been a shortage of women wanting to climb into McCall's bed.

Now Mickey paced in his apartment, he couldn't sit still he was so pissed at McCall. He looked at his watch again. The last couple of hours had gone quickly while he had been daydreaming. Nearly time to go to surprise Sydney and meet her at her school. He decided to take a cab uptown and then they could drive in her car to her apartment. Mickey grabbed a handful of bills from his safe.

Just then the phone rang. "Hello?"

McCall's voice sounded terse, "Mickey they're out. Meet me at Sydney's"

Jesus Christ how did that happen? McCall told me the cops had the bastards locked up for good.

Mickey focused on the matter at hand, "She's not there, McCall. She's in school."

"Then go to the school as quickly as you can. I'll call the police and meet you there."

Mickey looked around for his sweater; damn he must have left it at Sydney's. Grabbing another from the closet he bolted for the door. He had got to get to her before those animals put a finger on her. If they touch her I swear I will gut them and strangle them with their own intestines.

He feet hardly hit the stairs as he flew down to the street. He couldn't believe his luck when he spotted a cab right away. Yelling the address at the driver, he promised him a C note if he got him to the school right away.

He had to get there in time.