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Assistant Control

He saw her out of the corner of his eye, a tall, slender woman with short dark hair and dressed in a well-cut business suit. She was headed toward the elevator that went to the suite of offices where the governing board usually met to decide major issues in the Company. She looked like she knew where she was going. Control stopped and questioned his secretary.

"Donna, who was that?"

"You mean that woman in blue?" his secretary responded. Control nodded. "I don't know. I've seen her in and out of the executive suites several times in the last couple of days, but I don't know why. Maybe she has something to do with your meeting today."

Control turned away with a troubled feeling in the pit of his stomach. He wasn't used to asking questions about what was happening. Most of the time, the questions were being asked of him. The hastily called board meeting this afternoon had him a bit worried. They had just had a board meeting last week. The normal period of time between meetings was two to three weeks. Control chewed his lip and tugged at his bow tie as he pondered the situation. Well, he thought, I'll find out soon enough. The meeting is only two hours away. He dismissed the problem from his mind and concentrated on the rest of the morning news briefs that he received daily. Too many things were happening around the world for him to become distracted by one woman he didn't know.

When he entered the executive conference room, Control found he wasn't surprised to see the woman sitting in the first seat to the left of the chairman. She studied him coolly as he walked in and took his normal seat, three spaces down to the right of the chairman.

"Hello, Control," the chairman's voice boomed. The chairman was a tall white-haired man with a florid face and an expansive waistband. Control knew his tastes ran toward rich food, rich friends, and expensive cars. Control had some information on the chairman, but not enough for any leverage. He had enough leverage on the other members of the board, but it was useless for the most part if he could not force the director's hand against any one of them. Control sighed and leaned back in his chair.

"It's good to see you again," the director said as he rose to walk to Control's chair and shake his hand. "I trust everything is going well?"

"Yes, of course, sir. If it wasn't, you know I would notify you immediately." Control started to feel uncomfortable. Did this have something to do with the woman?

"I'm confident of that, Control. I know you are very good at what you do." The chairman moved back to his position at the head of the table as he paused. "Control, we believe the time has come for you to groom your replacement. I know that in the near future, perhaps the next two to three years, or so, you may either choose to retire or consider an appointment to the board. It is imperative that your replacement be able to pick up where you left off with no gap in knowledge, influence, or operation. We have chosen your replacement." The chairman swept his hand toward the woman to his left. "This young lady will now be known as Assistant Control. You will include her in every aspect of your responsibilities from this moment on. There will be an office cleared next to yours. Assistant Control will receive all the information you do on a daily basis. I expect you will update her on the ongoing operations immediately. Well, that's all, Control." The director rose, as did the other members, and started to leave the room. Control stood belatedly and started to speak.

"Mr. Chairman…" he began. The chairman paused only slightly to address Control.

"The decision has been made, Control. I shouldn't have to elaborate. You have the next three years to train your replacement. I expect she will become every bit as competent as her teacher. Good day, Control." The chairman continued his departure toward the elevators with the rest of the board following closely behind. Control turned an angry, frustrated face toward the woman across the table. He stared at her for a long moment before turning on his heel and leaving the room. In the back of his mind, he noticed she didn't protest when he left.

Control didn't exactly storm to his office, but those in his path could see in his face that he would not brook any interruption or distraction while on his way. He closed his office door behind him as he entered and sat down behind his desk. The bottle of scotch was in his left hand bottom drawer along with a couple of glasses. He pulled it out and poured himself a drink. The last time he had used this bottle was when Robert McCall had visited. That's what he would do. He would go talk to Robert. Control pulled on his overcoat and left, telling his surprised secretary he would be gone for the rest of the day.

The driver could sense Control's preoccupation and kept his conversation to a minimum. Control gave him the address and sat silently in the back seat. The car rolled smoothly along the streets and was in Manhattan before long. Control stared unseeing out the window as his mind turned the situation over and over. Why would they require a replacement for him so soon? Where had he proven to be inadequate? Control had no doubts that a woman could be a viable replacement, but was this one something more than she seemed? McCall's brownstone apartment building loomed into sight and the driver pulled to the curb in front. Control told him he would call when he wanted to be picked up and the driver pulled quickly away. Control walked dejectedly up the stairs and knocked softly on McCall's door. Seconds later it was opened and McCall invited his friend into the apartment.

"Control, to what do I owe this honor? Is something going on?" McCall asked heartily, happy to see his old friend.

"Does there have to be something wrong if I decide to visit?" Control snapped. But as he saw the confused and slightly angered look on McCall's face, Control quickly softened his words. "Wait, Robert, I'm sorry. Yes, there is something. I just wanted to talk with you for a while."

"Well, come in, let's have a drink and you can tell me what's been happening." McCall led the way into the den and poured two glasses of scotch. Control threw his overcoat over the back of the couch and sat heavily into one of the overstuffed chairs. He studied the liquid swirling in his glass for a moment. McCall waited silently, knowing his friend would start talking when he had collected his thoughts.

"You know, I didn't think the day I would consider retiring would come so quickly," Control began. "My replacement has been chosen. Period, end of story. I am supposed to train her and include her in my every thought and action from this day forward."

"Her?" McCall asked. "That's interesting. And they expect her to shadow you for how long? Years?"

"I don't know, old son, I don't know. Since she was assigned to me today, it's either from now until I retire, or until I get appointed to the governing board. The chairman mentioned three years. That seems like a long time for someone to be underfoot, learning the business." Control shifted in his chair and swirled the amber liquid in his glass again.

"So, what's she like?" Robert asked with an upbeat tone to his voice and taking a sip of scotch himself. Control was starting to relax, he saw. Good, he'll think more rationally now.

"Assistant Control? That's what she's to be called." Control snorted softly with laughter. "She seems to be quiet, confident, evidently patient. I was rather rude, I must admit. I didn't even speak to her. She just sat there and watched me as I got angry and left the room. It looks like it takes a lot to ruffle her."

"Those seem to be admirable qualities, to me. Is she attractive? McCall asked.

"Well…yes, she is. She's tall, at least my height. Slender, short dark hair… quite attractive, come the think of it," Control said slowly. He looked at McCall with a shocked expression on his face. "Whose side are you on?"

"Do I have to be on a side, Control? Look, it doesn't seem like such a bad situation. You get assistance, which you can certainly use, and the fact that she's good looking, capable, and…" McCall added with emphasis, "…patient, seems to make it a win-win situation. Is that so bad?"

"I don't know, Robert, you…you are right, I suppose. I'm just getting old, I guess. I'm not looking at the larger picture. I've been used to having to protect my position for so long it got to be habit. Maybe it's a bad habit."

"Well, I wouldn't be too hard on myself, if I were you," McCall said softly. "Why don't you join me for dinner at Pete's? A good meal will improve your outlook on life."

"Okay, Robert, I'll take you up on the offer. Maybe I am taking things too seriously. Yes, let's go."



The next morning, Control arrived at his office at the usual time to find Assistant Control already set up in her office to the right of his. It was neatly arranged with the computer on the left side of the desk and a locking filing cabinet against the wall to the right. She had a small conference table near the door with two substantially comfortable chairs. Her lanky frame was curled into one of them as she studied the morning briefs. Her clothing today was quite a bit more casual than yesterday's. Control paused at the open door and softly cleared his throat.

"Uh…good morning. Look, I want to apologize for walking out on you yesterday. The whole affair caught me off guard. It's nothing against you, I assure you."

"Thank you, Control. I was concerned our relationship was starting out on the wrong foot. It would have made learning from you very difficult. I appreciate your apology." She smiled at him and Control felt a warm feeling swirl around in his chest. McCall was right; maybe this wasn't so bad.

"Why don't you come to my office and we'll go over these briefs together," he said, feeling more comfortable by the minute. Then he had a sudden thought. "Have you had your office swept for bugs?"

"Oh, yes. I did it myself. I would have done it anyway after the office was set up, but there was some gnome skulking about, giving me dirty looks and keeping an eye on my every move. I left for a moment, just to see what would happen. Don't worry; I secured the briefs in my safe. When I came back, he was just leaving the area. I swept the office again and found two bugs. Who is that guy? Curly hair, thin shoulders and chubby through the middle."

Control laughed and said with an evil smile, "That's the guy gunning for either of our positions. His name is Masur. You characterize him nicely, a gnome." She has a lovely smile, he thought as he watched her pick up her stack of reports. Robert is probably right; this should be a win-win situation. I wonder what it would be like to make love to a woman as tall as I am. Long, long legs wrapped around my waist. Wait now, he told himself, don't go in that direction! Still, though, the thought was intriguing.

"I guess we should decide what I should call you," Control said as they seated themselves at his conference table. "Assistant Control is quite a mouthful to say a couple of thousand times a day." She smiled that wonderful smile at him again.

"You're right. My given name is Carrie. I expect that will stay between the two of us. But I have no objection to you using it." Her eyes are hazel, Control realized. And there is just a touch of gray running through her hair. Making her what, thirty-five? Forty? She looked like…early thirties. Her hands looked strong and slender with long delicate fingers. I'll bet she has slender delicate feet, too. Control pulled himself back to reality, sternly. Stop, he told himself.

"You realize you will have to shadow me daily for a long time in order to keep up on the current operations and developments, don't you?" he asked.

"I have no problem with that," Carrie responded. "I'm used to being flexible. I just like to get about four to six hours of sleep each week. I'm a wreck, otherwise," she added with a straight face. She watched Control's face to see if the attempt at humor had penetrated. He looked at her for a long moment before giving her a quick smile. Good, she thought, I can reach his sense of humor. I think we're off to a good start.


Neither Control nor Assistant Control found the shadowing to be a burden at all. In fact, their days together were quite enjoyable. Control found Assistant Control to be a very quick study. He didn't have to repeat himself or explain things twice for her to fully grasp the situation or problem they were addressing. Her insight into political matters spoke of a well-rounded education and appreciation of the political realities in the world. Overall, Control was impressed. It bothered him, however, that he knew nothing about her, other than small incidental things he found out through their daily contact together. She preferred Irish crème flavored coffee and whole grain bagels for breakfast. She enjoyed the same brand of scotch that he did. She would not eat fish or shellfish. Her apartment was in the same building as his, owned by the Company, and one floor higher. He had been invited in once, after a two-day marathon of meetings and extensive supervision of covert operations, for a cup of coffee to revitalize them for another few hours before they could call it quits. Her apartment was comfortable, as he expected a company residence to be, and immaculate. Like him, she did not spend much time there. Months passed like this. He found Assistant Control was efficient, responsive to his requests, appreciative of his analysis of political trends, and able to offer truly educated insight that he realized made his job easier. But she was an enigma and that grated on his conscience. Every time he asked her something about herself, she steered the conversation back to him.



It was winter again and Control was beset with a bad case of the flu. This was a terrible time to get the flu with operations going on in the northern European theatre. Jacob Stock had a team in East Germany and Mickey Kostmayer led a team to Finland. Stock's team was very close to exposing a terrorist network, which required daily supervision, and reporting to the board. But today, Control wasn't sure he could even get out of bed. He was running a fever and hadn't kept anything down for the last eight hours. Assistant Control was due any minute to accompany him to the office. Her soft knock sounded a few minutes later. Control attempted to call out a greeting, but his sore, hoarse throat muted his voice to a scratchy hiss. He heard a key in the lock and the electronic beep of his alarm being reset. Assistant Control appeared hesitantly at his bedroom door.

"Are you alright?" she asked softly with a concerned look on her face. Control motioned her near the bed and forced a whisper.

"I have a bad case of the flu, it seems. I think I'm running a fever and I'm so dizzy I can hardly sit up. You're going to have to take care of the meeting with the board and supervision of the teams today, and maybe for a while. I don't think I've been this sick for a long, long time." Assistant Control smiled and put her soft, cool hand on his forehead.

"You certainly are running a fever. I'd say it's about a hundred and three. No wonder you're dizzy. I have an herbal preparation that is very good for reducing fevers and getting rid of the flu. Will you trust me to give it to you?" She framed his face with both hands. "You are very sick."

"My life is in your hands," Control managed weakly with a small smile. Assistant Control quickly left the room and returned moments later with a steaming cup of brown liquid. She sat on the side of the bed and held the cup for him to drink.

"It tastes pretty crummy, but will do you a lot of good. It will ease your sore throat and bring the fever down in about an hour. It will also help ease the body aches I'm sure you have with such a high fever." She gently offered the cup. Control used one hand to tip the cup to his lips as she held it for him and sipped the liquid hesitantly. She was right. It had an unpleasant taste, reminding him somewhat of licorice. But, his sore throat was already being soothed. Control managed to down half the cup before lying back on the pillows to rest. Assistant Control remained seated on the bed, smiling solicitously at him.

"Finish the cup and you'll be asleep soon. It's the best thing for you. I'll take care of things today; don't worry. Just get better and I'll fill you in on everything when you can manage." She held the cup for him to finish. When Control lay back again, she studied him for a moment before leaning forward to place a light kiss on his forehead. He hardly noticed her with the effects of her herbal medicine visibly relaxing his muscles and easing the aches of the fever. In moments, he was very close to sleep. In the recesses of his remaining consciousness, he heard his apartment door close and knew she was gone.

Control woke much later and sat on the side of the bed, feeling a little weak but definitely better. The fever and body aches were gone. His stomach rumbled with hunger. Incredible, he thought. I know a fever like that would have set most people back for days. I actually feel pretty decent. What time is it? He cast his eyes about the bedroom to find the alarm clock and saw it read 4:00 AM. Four in the morning, Control thought wildly. I slept almost around the clock! He reached for the phone on the nightstand and dialed Assistant Control's apartment phone number. There was no answer. Well, maybe she's at the office. He dialed the number quickly, a feeling of panic beginning to rise in his chest. He heard her voice on the phone.

"Carrie? What's going on? I slept for almost twenty hours. What has happened?"

"Relax, Control. Everything is under control, or maybe I should say, under Assistant Control." She chuckled softly. "Oh, sorry for the weak humor. Stock's team identified the terrorist group and assisted the local police in the raid. There were no injuries to the team, but a couple of the terrorists were killed. The police have no problem with the deaths. They will take care of everything. Jacob and his people are on their way back. Kostmayer's team is still snooping around, trying to find the links to the cell in East Germany. No luck so far. And I think with the cell exterminated in Germany, the link from Finland will dry up. We might as well bring Kostmayer back in another couple of days unless something unusual comes up. Otherwise, all is well. The gnome has been snooping around outside your office, but I sent him packing. He found out he shouldn't shake his finger in the face of someone who knows small circle ju-jitsu. It's enough to say he won't be using his computer keyboard with his right index finger for a month or so."

Control sat back, chuckling to himself, imagining about Masur jumping about with a broken finger. The image was absolutely priceless.

"I wish I could have been there to see it," he said, laughing into the phone. "Well, it looks like you have everything well in hand. Will you stop by this evening to give me your update?"

"Sure, I'll be there around seven," he heard her say. There was a small feeling of excitement and anticipation tingling down his back. It has to be chills from the recent fever; he told himself, that or I'm just weak from hunger. But the tingles continued as she spoke again. "Do yourself a favor and have something to eat. You'll probably sleep deeply again, but I'll wake you when I arrive if necessary. Take care, Control." The phone was hung up quietly. Control found himself smiling, thinking about how pleasant it would be to have her wake him. He could imagine her soft hand stroking his shoulder and relived the dream from yesterday when her pretty face leaned near to him to kiss his forehead. Foolish old man, he thought, but the image of her face remained in his mind.



Control was still dreaming; he was sure. She was stroking his cheek, the irresistible aroma of her perfume permeating his senses. He pulled her hand from his face, kissed her palm, and placed it back on his cheek.

"You must have given me an aphrodisiac with that fever medicine," he said. "I haven't been able to get you off my mind since you left. I want to make love to you so badly."

"Ssshhh," he heard her say. "Sleep again for a while. There's plenty of time." Sleep again, he thought. Was I awake? I thought I was asleep. His eyes drooped and he felt himself ready to slide into darkness again.

"Sleep with me, at least," he begged. "I want to feel your body next to mine. Please." He pulled her arm toward him. She smiled and kissed his forehead.

"Okay darling, if it will make you feel better." She stood and drug her pullover sweater over her head. Her small breasts swayed with her movement. Her skin is like ivory, he thought, so pale it's almost translucent. She pulled down her jeans and underwear and sat beside him to finish removing them. He reached out to caress her back and hip.

"Enough of that, boyo." She intercepted his hand and guided him onto his right side so she could cuddle against his back. "Sleep now." It was as if her command made it happen. He was instantly asleep. That's why he was so sure it was a dream.

Control woke once again to the aroma of her perfume and was dimly aware of a warm figure snuggled against his back. I must still be dreaming, he thought. No, he looked at the clock. It read 10:00 PM. He had slept another three hours. But what…? Control felt her shift against him, her warm body delicious against his skin. My God, she was really there. Suddenly self-conscious, Control slipped quietly into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Returning to the bed refreshed, he told himself he couldn't believe his eyes. She was still there, sleeping in his bed in the nude evidently, as her bare shoulder protruded from under the blankets. Still naked from his shower, Control carefully slipped back under the covers and pulled her into his arms. She roused and opened her eyes to give him a sleepy smile. His heart melted. She was so beautiful. He softly kissed her forehead and then pressed kisses to her eyelids, cheeks, nose, and finally her lips. She had chuckled softly as his lips moved over her face to capture her lips. She moaned softly as he thrust his tongue between her lips and his hands swept down her back to her hip and buttock. As they broke the kiss, he looked wonderingly into her eyes.

"How did you get here?" She dropped her eyes for a second before answering.

"You asked me to sleep with you. You told me you wanted to make love to me."

"I thought that was a dream!" He leaned down for another long kiss. His hands moved to explore her face and body. Her cheek was sleekly soft with the jawbone finely sculpted over the curve of her neck. He traced her collarbone with one finger and then dropped his hand to cup her tiny breast and tease the nipple. "I want to see you, all of you," he whispered into her ear. His hand swept the covers away to reveal her slender pale body. Her skin was exquisitely soft and milky white. A small patch of pubic hair stood out from her mons, the lips of her pussy shaved. Her arms, hips, and legs were softly rounded, but long, slender, and muscular. Long, long legs wrapped around his waist, he remembered and felt a sudden passion rising within him. He wanted to bury his cock deep inside her. He wanted to hear her cries of ecstasy. "Carrie," he whispered in her ear, "I want you. I want to ravish you. What was in that medicine you gave me? All I can do is think of making love to you."

"Magic," she said softly, her voice lower and rough with desire. Control pulled her on top of him to lie along his length and stroked her back from her shoulders to her buttocks. She kissed him deeply, moaning softly as his hands parted her buttocks and his fingers started to explore the vertical crease between. She spread her legs and knelt astride him to rub her tiny breasts against his chest as they kissed. Control caressed the soft, smooth lips of her pussy before he found her wet, wet cunt and thrust two fingers inside her. She gasped and undulated her hips as he thrust his fingers in and out of her vagina.

"Control," she whispered against his lips.

"Ross," he whispered back.

"Ross," she said. Her hand found his cock and caressed him gently. He bucked his hips against her hand and she increased the urgency of her motions. With one hand, Control pushed her body upright and held his cock away from his body. She understood he wanted her to take him inside her and moved to position her vagina over his throbbing member. He felt her moisture cover the head as she slowly descended, impaling herself on his length. "You're so big, Ross, you feel so good," she moaned as she completed the descent and rocked her hips back and forth, luxuriating in the fullness. Holding her hips in his hands, Control watched as she gained excitement from his penetration. Her eyes closed and she arched her back. Her hands swept up her ribcage to cup her breasts as she grasped him with her vaginal muscles. Her cunt was tight and hot, slick with the moisture of her passion and excitement. He felt himself throbbing inside her. She brought her hands back down over her ribs and to her thighs before leaning forward to kiss his chest. Her warm wet tongue licked circles around his nipples and her teeth nipped gently on the bare skin of his paps. He moaned her name as his muscles tightened and released in response to the exciting contact. She grasped and caressed his cock with her vaginal muscles, not moving up and down yet. Her hips ground and undulated deliciously. Then she sat up and started posting up and down on his cock. Control grit his teeth together as each movement sent wild tingles through his cock and into his balls. He knew he was breathing hard with excitement. Her head was dropped to watch his cock slide in and out of her body. Something about her watching herself get fucked with his cock wildly excited Control and he grasped her hips with both hands and helped her pound herself down on him. Her gasps and moans became more excited, louder and more highly pitched. Control released one hip and thrust his thumb between her labia where he thought her clitoris would be. She changed the undulation of her hips to push her clit against his thumb. Her vagina was throbbing and his incidental contact with her clit sent her into orgasm immediately. She slowed her up and down movement and sat on his groin, undulating her pelvis and grasping him inside as wave after wave of her orgasm swept through her. Her passionate movements and excited gasps lit a fire inside him and he felt his cum boil from his balls and through his cock to explode deeply within her. Her movements became slower as if her limbs were made of rubber instead of the hard bone and taut muscle he knew was there. Control pulled her head down to him and she stretched out on top of him, his cock still in her cunt. He stroked her body as she breathed against his neck and pressed kisses against his skin.

"You are the most exciting lover," she whispered. "Ross. Is that your real name?" She lifted her head to gaze directly into his eyes. He felt like she was looking into his soul.

"Yes, darling, it is. Scout's honor, cross my heart and hope to die, and all that. Believe me." He pulled her face to his with both hands on her cheeks and kissed her. His heart felt like it was bursting with happiness. Control rolled her onto the bed and raised himself on one elbow to gaze at her body. Her skin was so pale he could see the network of blue veins under her skin. He found the sight of her shaven pussy oddly exciting. She lay still under his inspection except for one hand that stroked whatever skin she could reach. "You're so beautiful," Control murmured as his eyes swept up and down her body. He saw goose bumps raise as she shivered in excitement. He ran the back of his fingers across her chest and down her stomach to her mons, swirled his fingers through the small patch of pubic hair for a moment before lifting himself to kneel between her legs. He pulled a pillow down to shove under her pelvis, lifting it higher to bring her cunt into full view. He caressed her inner labia with the fingertips of one hand, gently rubbing her clit and dipping his fingers into her vagina. "Are you ready for more?" he asked suggestively, bringing his other hand up to sink two fingers into her vagina. She closed her eyes and moaned. "Mmmm, I'll take that as a yes," Control whispered as he smeared moisture from her cunt to the rosebud of her anus. He worked a finger gently inside while the other fingers of the same hand moved in and out of her vagina. She shifted and moaned with excitement and growing passion. The thumb of his other hand found her clit and rubbed it gently, each movement making her muscles tense. She turned her head back and forth as her excitement increased and her breathing became ragged. Control slipped another finger into her anus so he was finger fucking her anus and her vagina each with two fingers of the same hand. She pulled her knees back with her hands and spread her legs as wide as possible. Control watched her pelvis rock with the timing of his fingers entering his body. Her gasps became quicker and louder and suddenly she cried out in ecstasy. As her orgasm slowed, she rolled off the pillow and straightening her legs, pinned his hands between them in order to catch her breath and let the racing blood slow in her veins. Control was ecstatic, his erection rising again. He pulled his hands from between her legs and caressed her buttocks. There was a bottle of lubricant within reach on his nightstand and he poured some of it over his fingers to smear across her anus. He turned her gently to lie on her stomach and pushed both pillows under her pelvis so she could lie with her legs widely spread and her butt in the air. One, two, and then three fingers he gently inserted inside her as he kissed and caressed her buttocks. She was forcing herself to relax, he saw, and pulled his fingers from her body. Then, positioning himself behind her, he poured the lubricant on his cock before gently placing the head against her anus and slowly leaning forward. Slowly, slowly, he told himself. I don't want to hurt her. She moaned with a slight panicked note in her voice and he stopped, letting her muscles relax again before pushing the penetration further. There, he was all the way in, encased in her body to the hilt of his cock. Oh, what a wonderful feeling! She was so hot and tight. He pumped his cock slowly in and out, letting her get used to the feeling of him inside her. She moaned and arched her back, indicating she was more comfortable and starting to enjoy the feeling. Control drove his hips against her buttocks several times, feeling his cock drive deeply inside her, before stopping and pulling himself from the warm recess of her ass. He lifted her from the bed.

"Stand just a moment," he said as he moved to the chair that matched the dressing table and sat down. "Come here, love." Control held his cock steady as she positioned her ass to sit on his lap. The stretched muscles of her rectum easily accepted his big cock again and she wiggled in his lap to feel the total penetration. He caressed her breasts with one hand as she moved on his lap and rubbed her clit with the fingers of the other. As her excitement increased again, her movements became stronger and faster on his lap. He felt his cock squeezed and massaged by her inner muscles. She came again quickly, arching her back as she gasped his name and leaned against him. Control hugged her closely to him and kissed the back of her neck and shoulders. "You are wonderful," he crooned against her skin. Then he suddenly let her go and placed his hands on her butt in a lifting motion. "Escape," he said with urgency in his voice. She stood and looked at him with wide eyes for a moment before his intentions became clear to her. Then, she smiled mischievously and started edging her way out of the bedroom and into the living room. Control stood to pursue her. A few steps into the living room, he caught her, wrapping both arms around her from behind and bending her over the back of the couch. He thrust his cock into her ass and pumped it in and out a few times. "Get away," he whispered and stood slightly erect so she could maneuver away from him. She took a few quick steps away from him and he caught her again, this time bending her over a stuffed chair before burying his cock into her ass once again. Each time he released her; he glanced at her face to be sure he wasn't scaring her. Her eyes had a wildly excited look to them; she didn't look afraid. They played the catch and release game through the living room and kitchen before she dashed into the bedroom again. Control caught her and turned her to face him before bringing her down to the floor. She wrapped her legs around him and he plunged his cock into her ass again, moaning with wild desire as the feeling of deep penetration and her lovely long legs around his waist excited him beyond his control. "Carrie!" he gasped as release took him. "Oh, Carrie!" He emptied himself into her, his body tensing and twisting in pleasure, his groin on fire. "Oh, God, Carrie, you are fantastic!" Then, as his breathing slowed, "You were okay with the rough play?"

"I don't think I've ever been more excited, darling," she whispered as she kissed his face and neck. "You are a wonderful lover. It's going to be very hard to keep my hands off you in public, especially this." She reached to caress his cock as it slipped from her. Control rolled to his side and pulled her into his arms. He cradled her head under his chin as he spoke.

"You have touched a place in me that no one has for a long, long time. I don't mean because of the sex. I mean your willingness to share yourself and to give, your concern and affection for me. I feel like I want just to hold you tight and keep you only for myself."

"I am yours, Ross. I am your lover, your friend, your student, and your assistant. Ask anything of me. I want more than anything to please and satisfy you. I love you." These last words were spoken hesitantly. Control felt his throat tighten with emotion as he listened to her. He tightened his arms around her before suddenly jumping to his feet. He pulled her erect, lifted her into his arms, and swung her in a circle before collapsing together on the bed.

"Oh Carrie, I didn't know anyone could love me again. You make me so happy. I love you." He kissed her lips. "I love you," he said over and over, punctuating the phrase each time with a kiss until she broke into laughter, pulled his head to her chest, and kissed his hair.

"Ross, Ross, I love you." He felt her warm breath as she whispered her endearments to him.

"Tomorrow comes too soon, love. Let's sleep." He curled himself around her, holding her close to his chest, and pulled the blankets to cover them. This is where she belongs, and thankfully, where she wants to belong, he thought. Life is definitely looking up.



They rose quite early the next morning. Control felt some of the after effects of the medicine she had given him, some lightheadedness and fatigue. He had been right, she had administered a mild aphrodisiac with the flu remedy. She didn't like being so underhanded about getting into his bed, but she had been waiting months for him to make a move. She, as well as anyone else observing, could see that Control was quite taken with his assistant. It was just a matter of getting him to commit himself. For her part, it hadn't taken long at all to fall seriously in love with Control.

"Let's be sure we pick up breakfast on the way in, Carrie, sweetheart," Control said to her in passing as they readied to leave his apartment. "I feel a little tired yet, and something to eat may perk me up." She smiled and walked up to him to gently caress his groin.

"I'll perk you up again, if you would like," she whispered against his cheek. Control took a deep breath at the intimate contact and seriously thought about delaying their arrival at the office by another couple of hours. No, that wouldn't do, but he promised himself that as soon as the next opportunity presented itself, he would definitely take advantage of her willingness.

"No…I have to say with disappointment, we need to get to the office." Control pulled her into a bear hug and snuggled several kisses against her neck. "But the prospect of going to the office is a whole lot nicer than it's been before!" He released her with a laugh and caressed her arm as she moved away to pick up her briefcase and coat. Beautiful, he thought to himself as he watched her, so beautiful. Who would have known getting the flu would such wonderful results! Control extended his hand to her and they walked out together, hand in hand.