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A Ghost from the Past 

Robert McCall told himself he had come to terms with Erinís death. It had been a year ago, during the early stages of autumn, when Control had shown up at his door on that fateful evening to tell him she had been lost when the airplane crashed in the ocean. Robert had been completely devastated. He had been so happy just the day before, after asking her to marry him. Erin had accepted, of course, telling him he was her dear lover and most precious friend. Then after Controlís call, she told him she would retire, that she had too much at stake now to live Ďone day at a timeí anymore. Robert had never been so happy in his life. He couldnít believe he was about to completely possess this captivating, vivacious creature for his very own. And then she was gone, like it was all a dreamÖor a nightmare. His dreams of her had slowly diminished, he thought he could say. At least now, he could get through the night without waking, but memories of her hit him hardest in the morning as the shreds of his dreams stayed with him when he opened his eyes. There were still mornings he did not want to get out of bed to face the world. The memory that stayed longest with him was that last morning with her, watching her prepare for the mission. She had gone through her gear, methodically checking the deadly instruments of her profession before showering and dressing. He particularly remembered standing by the door to the weapons room, watching her as she stood naked with a pistol in her hands, working the slide and safety, and loading the magazines with ammunition. A short sword, a knife, and a collection of glitteringly sharp throwing stars lay in a heap on the floor. The dichotomy remained in his mind, such a lovely and giving woman, preparing her instruments of death and destruction.

McCall had returned the Equalizer ad to the paper a month ago. A couple of calls had come in, but nothing he could really immerse himself in. Maybe it would have helped, to get involved in someoneís problems, maybe not. He thought he needed the distraction because somewhere deep inside himself, something kept telling him she wasnít really dead. He couldnít dismiss the notion from his mind. She couldnít be gone without a single trace, he told himself. There had to be some evidence, somewhere. The search teams had come across the sad remains of Jacob Stock and the three other members of the team in the wreckage, but Erinís body was never found. McCall shuddered to think of all the possible reasons for the complete disappearance of her body, but a small part of him clung to the stubborn hope she could still be alive.

He went for long walks in the park a few blocks from his apartment. He and Erin had walked there often as she occasionally felt the walls of the apartment to be too confining. Robert stayed away from the secluded areas where he and Erin had playfully hidden, indulging in prolonged kissing and heavy petting like young lovers. But he didnít care to be among the carefree young adults and children frequenting the park, either, so he stayed on the fringes. He found himself looking for her face in the crowds, watching women or youngsters that had something of her agility and grace. Why tear yourself apart, day after day, he would ask himself. Whatís the point? But there was no answer, just the persistent feeling that everyone was wrong, that she was not dead, and that someday, she would return to him.

Control stopped by often on some trumped up excuse, but McCall knew it was to keep an eye on him. Mickey Kostmayer had the tendency to do the same thing. Even Scott, who had stayed a month with him after her death, called more often than ever before, asking if everything was okay. I should be happy that so many people are concerned about me, but it grates on my nerves, he groused to himself.

McCallís sixth sense told him someone was watching him. It had happened during the previous two days when he left the apartment on an errand or for a walk in the park. He looked around carefully. No one appeared to be looking directly at him and he did not recognize anyone from the previous two days when he had felt this same strange premonition. Yes, it was a premonition, rather than suspicion, he realized. He knew something was going to happen. No, itís just another stupid game Iím playing. Stop! He shook his head and took a seat on a part bench to study the small ripples in a nearby pond. Robert noticed a pathetically thin figure moving closer, limping badly on a cane. Sad, he thought. Her clothing flapped loosely in the soft breeze and short black hair ruffled and fell into her eyes. Yes, he could see it was a woman by the way she moved. A thin hand reached up to brush the hair out of her eyes as she drew closer and suddenly McCall saw Erinís eyes gazing at him sadly. No, he thought, it canít be. My heart wants it to be so, but my mind wonít believe it. They said she was dead. She stopped about twenty feet away and he saw her lips mouth his name. Robertís throat constricted with emotion and his body felt paralyzed with shock.

"Robert," she said softly, "Darling, donít you recognize me? Robert, itís Erin!" She painfully moved a few steps closer. "Robert?" He saw tears coursing down her cheeks. McCall leaped to his feet and bounded toward her. He caught her up in his arms and crushed her to his chest. Oh so painfully thin, he realized, as he hugged her. Erin had dropped her cane as Robert embraced her and now leaned against him as he gently released her.

"Erin, how can this be? Everyone said you were dead! How did you get here?" Questions poured from his lips as he grasped her shoulders and looked at her with disbelief. "What happened to your leg? Oh, Erin, are you alright?"

Erin wrapped her arms around his body and held Robert closely. He picked her up and carried her to the park bench. Robert held her on his lap like a small child and hugged her closely, oblivious of anyone looking their way. Erin pressed cool kisses against his face and neck as he hugged her. Robert placed his hand on her face and turned it to him to kiss her. She felt all his grief and sadness pour out of him through his kiss, and the desperate joy he felt with her return. She returned the kiss with all the tenderness in her soul. Robert broke the kiss and stroked her face. She was terribly thin and the delicate bones of her cheeks stood out starkly.

"Tell me everything," he said, pressing kisses against her forehead and caressing her hair. "How long have you been in New York? How did you know where to find me just now?"

"This is my third day. I met a woman on leave from the Navy who offered to help me find you. We drove up from Norfolk and have been watching for you to leave the apartment so I would have a chance to approach you. I didnít know who might be watching or visiting, so I couldnít just knock on your door. Robert, the company thinks Iím dead. Control thinks Iím dead. Iím free!" She framed his face with both hands and kissed him lingeringly.

"Tell me what happened? How did the airplane go down?" Robert pressed, holding her face and staring into her eyes.

"I donít know why the plane went down. I think there was an explosion in one of the engines. The pilot was unable to slow the descent and we went down nose-first, very deeply into the water. All I know is that when I finally came to the surface, I could see no one and my left leg was badly broken. I found a seat cushion to hold on to and floated for possibly ten or twelve hours, or more, I donít know. I must have been in a current, because when I was conscious enough to notice, I was drifting away from the wreckage very quickly. By sheer chance, a fishing boat found me because they had spotted the bright orange of the seat cushion. They picked me up and took me to their home on a small island. It was extremely primitive. They cared for me as best they could, but after a couple of days, I was running a bad fever and my leg was infected. I donít know how they did it, but somehow, a man claiming to be a doctor showed up and gave me some strange, bitter concoction that reduced the fever and the swelling in my leg. After a couple of more days, the swelling was down enough for him to attempt to set the bones. Oh, God, Robert," she pressed her forehead to his cheek, "I have never screamed so much in my life. They did their best when I passed out and got a splint tied on. It was weeks before I was able to move out of the bed. My leg has healed, but it is constantly painful and the bones have healed crooked. But there was nothing I could do until I could get back to the states and I wanted to find you first. Oh, Robert, I am so happy to have finally found you. These last few days were terrible! You were so close, but I couldnít contact you until now."

"Thatís why I felt like I was being watched! Itís good to know I havenít lost that with age! But I wish I had seen you sooner, regardless of who might be watching. Erin, I felt like my whole world had crashed down around my ears when Control told me you were dead. Something, though, wouldnít let me completely believe you were gone. I had cursed God when I thought you were dead, but maybe thatís why I couldnít really believe it. He hadnít really taken you away from me!" Robert hugged her tightly again and then looked carefully around them. He saw a woman in a dark coat sitting some distance away, watching them intently. "Is that your friend?" he said nodding his head in her direction.

"Yes, thatís her." Erin waved her hand to motion the other woman closer. Robert gently placed Erin on the park bench and stood to meet the approaching figure. He extended his hand as she drew closer.

"My name is Robert McCall and I am forever in your debt for helping Erin come back to me. Please let me reward you in some way, to reimburse your expenses and your time, to let you know just what a valuable thing you have done for me."

"No, Mr. McCall, seeing Erin reunited with you is enough," the woman said with a strained voice and tears forming visibly in her eyes. She stood to leave. "Take care, Erin. I wish you both all the happiness in the world."

"Thank you so much, Dawn," Erin said in a raspy voice, overcome with emotion. "Iíll never forget you." The woman turned and walked quickly away. Robert turned back to Erin and lifted her from the bench.

"Youíve lost so much weight, youíre like a feather. You must not weigh more than eighty pounds," he said as he snuggled his face against her neck. "Can you walk to the car, just over there?"

"Iím sure I can," Erin said as Robert helped her stand and retrieved the cane.

"Weíll have to get that leg taken care of immediately," Robert observed as she leaned against him to walk. He held her closely to support her as much as he could.

"First things first," Erin said with a smile. "All Iíve been thinking of since Iíve been back is sleeping with you again. I so badly missed feeling your arms around me and listening to your heart beat as you slept. I missed the touch of your skin against me and the sound of your breathing. Losing that was more painful than this." She gestured toward her leg. "I just want to spend some time being back to what was pleasant and normal for us, as much as can be. I wish our life could just pick up from where it was."

Robert swung her into his arms again and carried her the last few yards to the car. He had taken that space of time to control the emotions that were threatening to boil over within him. He couldnít let go here in public. He placed Erin gently on her feet and hugged her closely again before opening the car door. "Letís go home," he whispered hoarsely against her hair, and helped her into the seat.


"We need to tell Control right away," Robert said much later that evening as he held Erin tenderly, seated on the couch in the den. She had just finished relating the entire story of the crash and her subsequent series of rescues. Erin turned a troubled face toward him. "There are a number of reasons," he continued. "We need his help to get your leg fixed by a top-notch surgeon who wonít ask too many questions. But most importantly, Control has been carrying around a lot of guilt, feeling it was very much his fault that the aircraft went down. Logically, I know, and he knows, that it wasnít his fault, but he still feels badly." Robert cleared his throat and paused a moment. "Control was in love with you." Erin looked at him with surprise in her face. "He told me when we came to get you out of Da Nang. It would be very cruel of me to keep the information from him, even if we didnít need his help for anything else."

As Robert finished speaking, Erin thought about Controlís actions toward her and his intense protectiveness. It all makes sense now, she thought. There were some very affectionate moments, like the time he had me use his thigh for a pillow on the plane, which I just brushed off as nothing. I should have been more perceptive. She tilted her head and looked at him from the corners of her eyes.

"And you had no feelings of doubt with me spending so much time alone in Controlís company, knowing that he had such strong feelings for me?"

Robert smiled as he answered, "I think I know you well enough to realize you could not give to two men the same intensity of love and devotion that I believe, and will continue to believe, you gave entirely to me. I know Control perceived the depth of love and affection you expressed toward me. I know he would not compete with me for your affection." Erin sat quietly for a moment as Robert caressed her hair.

"How are you going to tell him? When are you going to tell him?"

Robert frowned as he mulled several ideas over in his mind. "I think the best time to tell him would be now. Iíll try to get him on the phone and ask him to come over." Robert stood and crossed the room to the telephone on his desk. As he reached the desk, there was a soft knock at the door. "Who in the world would that be at this hour?" With a puzzled glance at Erin, Robert left the room and headed for the entrance door to the apartment. He looked through the peephole and studied the figure outside. "I should have known," he mused quietly to himself. Robert opened the door. "Control, I was just going to call you. Come in." As Control removed his coat and laid it on the living room couch, Robert placed his hand on his friendís shoulder. "Control, I have something to show you. Get a grip on yourself." Control favored his friend with a confused, but somewhat condescending gaze.

"Get a grip on myself, what do you mean?" Robert only gave him a sad smile as he led the way to the den. Great, Control thought to himself and followed his friend through the kitchen. McCall wants to play silly games. I didnít come here for that. He walked into the room and watched McCall help a small figure to her feet from the couch. She stood awkwardly on her own and turned to face him. My God, Control thought to himself, Iím dreaming. His throat constricted suddenly and he felt his eyes fill with moisture. Itís not possible. It canít be! "Erin," he choked, "HowÖI thoughtÖThey told meÖ" He felt his knees start to give way and put his hand against the wall for support.

Erin watched the play of emotions on Controlís face. Yes, I should have known, she thought. I should have seen it before. She limped slowly toward him, Robert following protectively in case she should lose her balance. Control watched, disbelieving, as she approached. He gawked stupidly at McCall as she wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head on his chest. Then his arms wrapped around her shoulders and he laid his cheek on the top of her head.

"Oh Erin, I thought you were gone. This is a miracle. How did you survive?" His voice broke and he cradled her head, caressing her cheek and kissing her hair. Then, suddenly self-conscious, he froze and looked at Robert. Robert only smiled sadly at his friend.

"Why donít we all sit down?" Robert said as he moved toward Erin to help her back to her seat on the couch. Control stepped uncertainly toward a chair and sat down. Robert sat down next to Erin and placed a protective arm around her shoulders. Erin sketched through the story of her rescue and recovery, followed by her discovery on the island by missionaries. The missionaries helped her locate a Navy ship that transported her to the states. There, a young yeoman, headed for leave in New York, offered to help her locate Robert. Control asked her to relive the final moments of the flight, promising himself to compare Erinís story to the official records of the crash.

"Control," Robert began as Control sat silently, absorbing all the information Erin had given him. "We need your help in getting Erinís leg set properly. Are there company facilities and doctors that can do the necessary surgery without questions?" Control sat forward in his chair with a happier look in his face as he answered.

"Yes, donít worry, I will make all the arrangements as soon as possible. Itís the least I can do. Youíll be here if I call tomorrow?" Robert nodded his ascent. Then Controlís face took on a more serious cast. "I remember you saying Erin wanted to retire, that you were going to get married. I will do what I can to get her moved to the inactive list. You realize, donít you, that she canít continue as being missing. There are too many people in your lives who will realize sheís back. The only thing I can do is have her classified as inactive. Sheíll have to be classified as Code Two, just as you are, Robert."

"Control, I sincerely appreciate anything you can do," Erin said, her voice tight with emotion. "Thank you."

"Yes, thank you," Robert said as he leaned forward to shake Controlís hand. He held the grip just a second longer, wanting to portray his gratitude to his old friend. Both men stood together with their hands clasped.

"I want to tell you that I am extremely happy for you both," Control said as he released Robertís hand. He walked to where Erin sat on the couch and gently ran his hand through her hair as he addressed her. "I will do everything I can to ensure your separation from the Company and whatever it takes to get you solidly back on two legs." Erin grasped his hand as it moved to caress her cheek and held it against her face for a moment. She smiled her thanks at him as a few tears fell. Control cleared his tight throat and said, "Well, I need to get going. Robert, I will call tomorrow and let you know what I will have gotten arranged." Control looked lingeringly at Erin once again and turned to leave, slipping his hand from her grasp. Erin smiled again and nodded at him. Control turned to McCall and shook his hand once again before leaving.

Robert returned to sit with Erin after showing Control to the door and bidding him goodbye. He pulled her into his arms and traced her facial bones with his fingertips. He lifted her chin and kissed her upturned face gently before capturing her mouth in a lingering kiss.

"There was a time I thought I could never do that again," he said, his voice hoarse. "Or this," he unbuttoned her shirt and cupped her bare breast. Erinís eyes filled and she nuzzled her face against his neck.

"How can I be attractive to you right now?" she whispered. "Iím so thin from being laid up for so long."

"Erin," Robert said remonstratively as he framed her face with his hands and looked directly into her eyes. "Thereís so much more to my love for you than my appreciation of your physical beauty. Remember what youíve been through. Youíre going to get well again, I promise. The perfect beauty that I always thought you had will come back. Donít be so hard on yourself." He released her face with a caress on her cheeks and pulled her tightly against him again. "I just want to caress you in the wonderfully intimate way we had before you left. Ssshhhódonít cry, donít feel self-conscious. I love you. Iíll always love you. Oh, darling!" He kissed her tears away. "Can you sleep comfortably with the condition your leg is in? Do you need something for pain?" He rose to pick her up in his arms and carry her to the bedroom.

"No, Iím fine. Robert, Iím sorry for being so silly," Erin laid her head against his cheek as he held her in his arms. "My emotions have been all mixed up lately." Robert laid her gently on the bed and kissed her forehead before going into the bathroom to prepare for bed. Erin waited with her arms tucked under her head and surveyed the room. She fondly remembered the wildly exciting times theyíd had together making love as well as those most tender loving moments, snuggled together. Oh, Iím so happy to be home, she thought. There were days I thought Iíld never make it back. I couldnít stand the thought of losing Robert forever.

After Erin had taken her turn in the bathroom, they lay together, her head on his shoulder and her cheek against his chest. He held her closely as she traced aimless patterns through the hair on his chest. Robert reveled in the feel of her next to him again and the exciting tingle of her caresses. Her hand roamed across his chest and stomach and swept down his hip to softly cup his testicles. Robert moaned his pleasure as she gently fondled each sensitive egg. Then her hand moved upwards along the shaft of his penis and curled around it, stroking along the length, up and down.

"Oh sweetheart, how Iíve missed the way you touch me!" Robert whispered. Erin supported herself on one elbow and leaned forward to take his cock into her mouth. She moved her head up and down, her teeth dragging along the length of his penis. Robertís excitement was increasing moment by moment. It had been so long. He watched his cock move in and out of her mouth. She let it slip out of her mouth and slide along her cheek, then back into her mouth again. Sheís doing it again, he thought excitedly, sheís letting me fuck her face and mouth, just like before. That time had been so wonderful, so exciting. I had never been so hot, so full of sperm. "Yes, sweetheart, yes," he crooned to her. Then he was coming, all over her face, in her mouth, dripping down her chin. "Erin, Erin! AahhhÖYou do such wonderful things to me. I love you so much!" He reached for the damp towel he had left at the bedside and wiped away the cum from her face and lips. Erin smiled lovingly at him and he pulled her face to his, kissing her and thrusting his tongue into her mouth. And as with the last time, he tasted the bitterness of his own cum in her mouth. Erin stretched out beside him, raising her arms over her head and stretched provocatively, smiling widely at his intense gaze. She arched her back as Robert stroked her breasts and caressed long sweeps down to her mons and the inside of her thighs. Excited goose bumps rose on her skin. Then Robert leaned forward to take a nipple in his mouth to suck and slid his fingers between her legs, gently thrusting them into her very wet cunt. He spread her moisture to her clit and gently rubbed back and forth on it, returning them to her vagina occasionally to thrust deeply inside. Erin had forgotten how intensely pleasurable that feeling was. Her body tensed and she was coming before she knew what was happening.

"Robert, Robert!" Her voice choked with emotion as tears came from nowhere. She turned to bury her face against his chest and wrap her arms around him.

"SsshhÖ love. Youíre home again. RelaxÖrelax and rest. I love you. I will never lose you again." Robert stroked her hair and tightened his arms around her. Erin relaxed and gave in to the utter fatigue she had been fighting for the last few hours. Robert watched her fall asleep, her breathing becoming deep and regular. "Thank you, God, for bringing her home. My life is complete once again."



They rose late the next morning, each refusing to let wakefulness intrude on the wonderful feeling of lying closely together like they had months before, warm skin on warm skin, her buttocks snuggled into his groin, her back against his stomach. Robert ran a lazy hand over her hip and gently pinched her butt.

"Wake up, wake up," he sang into her ear before kissing her cheek and neck. Erin roused slowly and turned over to face him. Robert kissed her forehead and eyelids while stroking her ribs and waist. Then he moved his caress to her breast, stroking the soft roundness and rolling the delicate nipple softly between his fingers. Erin started to squirm at the intense intimate contact. Robert leaned over her to take her breast into his mouth. His tongue circled her areola and flicked several times across the top of the nipple. His hand swept down her hip and under her buttock to gently squeeze the cheek. Erinís breathing was becoming more irregular as his attentions became more exciting. Her hands searched to find his cock. He was very hard, she discovered, with pre-cum seeping from the glans and spreading slickly across her palm. He moaned at her touch and pushed his hips against her, urging her to grasp and stroke his hard member. Robert slid his hand from her hip to between her legs and he caressed her, dipping his fingers into her warm, wet cunt and spreading the moisture to her clit. He stroked the vertical crease between her legs from her clit all the way back to her anus, running circles around the rosebud opening and returning to her now extremely sensitive clit. Erinís muscles tensed throughout her body as the electrifying tingles spread from her groin through her abdomen and into her chest. Her legs ached as the muscles tightened and released. The leg that had been broken throbbed with pain as the damaged muscles tried to tense, but the pleasure she felt from Robertís caresses far outweighed the pain in her leg. Robert licked swirling patterns on her chest and breasts, his tongue and lips warm against her skin. Suddenly the excitement focused in her groin and she came with a gasp, bucking her hips against his hand as each wave of the climax washed through her. She could never remember orgasms being so intense. She didnít want it to stop, feeling so wonderful and encompassing her entire body. Robertís gaze was focused passionately on her groin as he stroked her clitoris through her writhing motion. Then, as she tired, her movements slowed and Robert slowed his caresses, watching her tense as his fingers brushed across her clit, now overly sensitive from the passing orgasm. He turned to look at her face, seeing the intense passion drain from her as her body relaxed. He smiled and pulled her upper body on top of his chest as he lay back on his pillow.

"Good morning, love! How are you?" Robert snuggled his face into her neck as she answered.

"Robert, Robert." Erin whispered against his cheek. "You make me feel so wonderful. I am so happy to be home and close to you again." Robert rolled them both so she was on her back again and he was leaning over her.

"Do you think you can handle the good old missionary position? Will your leg be okay?" His hands caressed her thighs as he spoke.

"I think it will be okay. Letís try." Erin smiled, her desire for him evident in her face. Robert moved to kneel between her legs and guided his cock into her cunt, shivering with excitement as it slid against her warm moist tissues. Erin moaned with pleasure as his cock filled her completely, pushing against her abdomen. Robert started pumping his hips with a slow rhythmic motion, reveling in the closeness and the exciting tingles emanating from his groin. He started pumping faster as his excitement increased, his body tensing. Faster and faster he moved until the exquisite sensation centered in his cock and he felt his seed burst from him. Robert gasped and moaned as his climax continued, his cum pumping into her hot cunt. He laid his head lightly on her chest as the last vestiges of his excitement drained from him. Then, concerned for her comfort, he straightened, gently removed her legs from around him, and stretched out beside her. Erin immediately snuggled against him, listening to his heart slow from its rapid pace and feeling his breathing return to normal. Her leg ached intensely, but she wouldnít move from him now. She had missed his touch for far too long and would do nothing to stop it now. Robert hugged her wordlessly against him, catching his breath and reflecting on the intensity of his climax. It must be because itís been so long, he thought. Or maybe it really does get better as you love someone more and more. Suddenly, the phone rang and he reached to answer the bedside connection.

"McCall," he said, belatedly realizing his voice was still a bit strained.

"Robert, why are you out of breath so early?" Controlís teasing voice sounded through the handset. Control chuckled quietly at McCallís pointed silence. "Listen, I have made arrangements for Erin to have surgery today at five oíclock in the afternoon. The doctors say she shouldnít have anything to eat or drink from now on. Can you bring her to the Chelsea facility by three?"

"Yes, I can," Robert answered excitedly. "Weíll see you there." He hung up the phone and turned toward Erin. "That was Control. They can fix your leg today. He wants us there by three." He watched her face turn into a frown. "Whatís the matter, darling?"

"Having surgery is like leaving again and I just got back," Erin answered with a rueful smile. Robert slipped his arms around her and held her tightly against his chest.

"Donít worry, you may feel like youíve left, but I wonít. The only time youíll be far from me is while you are on the operating table, I promise!"

A few hours later they were at the company medical facility and Erin was being prepped for surgery. Robert had hovered closely, but disappeared for short periods of time, a conspiratorial smile on his face each time he returned. The nurse approached now to wheel her to the operating room. Robert stepped forward to stop her.

"There is something special we have to do first," he said, putting a hand on the nurseís arm. He motioned down the hall and Erin saw an elderly priest step into the room with Control. "Erin, Iíve arranged it so we can be married now. This is Father Burns," Robert said with joy in his face. Erinís eyes filled with tears at the sound of his voice and all she could do was nod her acceptance. Robert moved to stand beside the bed and took her hand in his. His heart swelled with happiness and pride as the priest recited the wedding vows and asked the required questions. Erinís voice was choked with emotion when it was her turn for the ĎI doí. Control handed Robert a faded box that contained the wedding ring. Robert carefully placed the ring on Erinís finger before leaning over the bed at the priestís instruction to kiss the bride. He took her gently in his arms.

"This ring belonged to my mother," he whispered as he released Erin from his embrace. Control looked at Robert in surprise. He knew that Robertís previous wife had never worn the heirloom. Control stepped forward to shake Robertís hand and clap him on the back, "Congratulations, old son." He turned to Erin and placed a kiss on her forehead. "My most sincere congratulations, Mrs. McCall," he said with a smile. "Iíll see you both after the surgeryís finished." Control patted McCall on the shoulder as he left the room. Robert gave Erin another lingering kiss before allowing the nurse to wheel Erin toward the operating suite. Later, the nurses laughed among themselves that they almost had to physically pull him off of her to transport her on time to the operating room.


Erinís recovery was quite successful and Robert watched with joy as she returned to shining and exuberant health. She had become an increasing part of his Equalizer activities over the last few weeks. He was very pleased with her handling of prospective clients, the patience she showed, and her intuitive perception of their problems. Life couldnít be more perfect, Robert thought one late evening as they completed their plans to help a single mother regain custody of her only child. He looked at Erinís absorbed face as she gathered several papers with phone numbers and details of their case from his desk.

"I love you, partner," he said. Erin looked at him with her love quite evident in her eyes and stepped around the desk to kiss him.

"Partner, lover," she responded, whispering against his lips and running a soft caress across his groin. Robert stood to hug her tightly to his chest and then swung her into his arms. He carried her to the bedroom and gently laid her on the pillow.

"Let me undress you," he said huskily as he pulled his arms out from under her. Robert quickly shed his clothing and stretched out on the bed beside her. He saw Erinís face was slightly flushed and tense with anticipation. Robert slowly unbuttoned her sweater, revealing the lacy undergarment beneath. Her small nipples stood out in excitement against the silken fabric. Robert rubbed his face across her breasts and stomach, feeling the warmth of her body from beneath the silky cloth. "Beautiful," he murmured against her breast, "so soft." Erin stroked his hair and cheeks as his lips leisurely drifted across her chest. Then Robert found the button to her long skirt and loosened it from around her waist. As he pulled the skirt and slip out from under her, Erin sat up to shrug off the sweater. Robert traced the outline of the lacy teddy she wore with his fingertips as he snuggled kisses under her chin and against her neck. He carefully nipped at her neck, feeling her shiver as ripples of excitement coursed through her.

"Robert," Erin gasped in a low voice, "Oh, yes." Robert felt his erection bumping along her hip and leg as he moved to continue his caresses, sending tingles into his groin and up his back. He found the snaps to the garment between her legs and pulled them apart. His fingertips were immediately covered with the slick moisture of her excitement, seeping from her cunt as she writhed beneath his touch. Robert reversed his position on the bed and pulled her groin to his face. He plunged his tongue into her cunt, tasting her juices and listening to her passionate moans of pleasure. He found her clitoris and licked several times from its root to the tip, spending a moment darting his tongue across the tip of it. Erin shifted and gasped as his attentions became more exciting and her body quivered with tension. Robert felt her hand grasp his penis and pull him inside her warm mouth. He thrust his hips against her face, driving his cock into her throat as the excitement was too great to keep still. He reached with one hand to spread her moisture to her anus and slowly worked three fingers inside to thrust in and pull out as he continued to tease at her clitoris and fuck her cunt with his tongue. Her actions became more frantic and her sighs and moans of passion raised an octave. He felt her body tensing and shaking, becoming more rigid in excitement, and then suddenly she started undulating her hips against his face. She gasped her passion around his cock in her mouth, exciting him to the point where he almost came in her mouth. But he wanted to save it for something more, to fuck her hot little cunt and later ram his cock into her ass.

"Robert, Robert!" she gasped as he continued to tease at her clit, not letting her relax from the extremely exciting stimulus. His cock fell from her mouth as Erinís hands grasped at his head and carefully tried to pull him away from her groin. Her gasps became closer to shrieks as the second orgasm tore through her, making her arch her back and thrust her cunt against his face again. Her body tensed rhythmically as each wave hit her, the rise of her hips lifting his head from the bed. As he felt her tire, Robert slowed his attention to her clit and removed his fingers from her ass. Before her breathing had slowed, Robert rose to his knees and lifted her hips from the bed to guide her onto her hands and knees in front of him. Kneeling erect, he guided his cock into her dripping cunt and drove into her as far as he could, his arms lifting her knees from the bed as he held her ass against his groin. Erinís gasps returned to that higher octave as he pounded his hips against her, his penis throbbing as her vaginal muscles grasped him. She arched her back to allow him the fullest penetration. He felt waves of excitement coursing through his body and he watched his cock slide in and out of her cunt. Hotter, he thought, tighter! As he continued to pound his hips against her, Robert flipped open the top of a bottle of lubricant that had been lying on the bed and smeared some over her anus. He quickly pulled his cock from her cunt and placed it against her, pushing very carefully as the head entered the small opening. The incredible heat of her body warmed his penis and traveled down to his balls as he held still, allowing her to push slowly back against him, avoiding the intense pain of fast penetration. He could barely control himself as he watched his cock disappear between her lovely butt cheeks, sinking deep inside her. The sensation was absolutely exquisite. Erin started to pull away from him slowly and then pushed back again, signaling that she was past the point of pain and was ready for him to resume his movement.

"Oh, Erin, you are perfect! So hot, so sexy!" Robert gasped as he pushed deeper and deeper inside her. He felt his back tiring and moved Erin aside to stretch out in the middle of the bed. Erin leaned forward to kiss him as she moved astride his hips and guided his cock back into her ass. She posted slowly up and down on him, undulating her hips in circles and grinding her little butt against him. She straightened and increased the pace of her movements as he placed his thumb against her clit. Robert watched her breasts bounce and sway as she rode his cock, her voice rising in excitement again. Erin came quickly to orgasm again, her body tensing and pulsing with wild excitement. Watching her come swept Robert over the brink into his own climax, his cock swelling and bursting with sperm, spewing it into her hot ass. They slowed their movements together, Erin slumping down to sprawl on top of his body with her head nuzzled between his neck and shoulder, his cock still encased inside her. They lay together quietly, recovering their breath, enjoying the close and ultimate intimacy. Robertís hands drifted lazily along her back and caressed her butt, gently grabbing the cheeks, and returning to her shoulders.

"Mrs. McCall, you are the most wonderful wife, lover, and companion any man could want," he declared as he lifted her shoulders to gaze into her eyes.

"My husband," Erin whispered and leaned forward into a kiss. Robert, feeling his cock slide from inside her at her movement, swept his arm down her side to straighten her legs, and rolled to partially pin her underneath him.

"You canít escape," he said in a teasing voice. "Iíll never let you go."

"I wonít even try," Erin said in a breathy voice as his weight on top of her restricted her breathing. She tried to wriggle out from underneath him. "I couldnít get very far being squashed!" Robert laughed with her and pulled her onto her side against him, curling his body around hers.

"Goodnight, my love," he said, kissing her neck and shoulders.

"Goodnight, my dearest lover and most precious friend. I love you," Erin said and snuggled deeper into his embrace. Soon she was breathing deeply, fast asleep. Robert smoothed her hair and prepared himself for sleep. You are a lucky man, he thought as sleep descended on him, a very lucky man.